Monday, September 3, 2018

New Eateries at Gardens

Last Friday (31 Aug 2018), I noticed that there is a new eatery launching at The Gardens Mall where Ticklish used to be located for about 2 years.

The name of this eatery is Wagyu More Shabu-shabu.

On this same day, I also noticed this new stall that has replaced Uncle Tetsu at Midvalley/The Gardens Mall. Uncle Tetsu occupied this stall for about 2 years too. Let us see how long this stall will be here.

This stall is called Dokodemo which means anywhere and it sells mini croissants with many types of different toppings or fillings and some hot drinks (coffee) and iced drinks.


  1. Are you going to try the food at these two new eateries?

  2. More to explore. We always stay at a hotel there and just go around all the places - no need to go out into the heat...and face the horrendous KL jam!

  3. The other day I went to Han Room at The Gardens.. it was on the 28th or 29th.. so I have missed this.

  4. Whattt... my girl was just talking about going to Ticklish. But it's the piggy deco that she wanted and not the food.

    1. Ticklish at PJ has the same deco too so can bring her there.

  5. Looks like you’ve got more food choices now, dear! xoxo

  6. Wow! I have not visited Gardens for months now. I actually love their spacious ambiance very much but I no longer live so close by.