Saturday, September 30, 2017

BMS Lei Cha

Finally I tried Lei Cha at BMS Organics, Midvalley Mall at MYR20.90 nett but I have forgotten to take a photo of the Lei Cha (green vegetables tea) itself but you can take a look at the Cha (tea) that I have eaten before at Ying Ker Lou and Noodle Shack. The green colour of the tea looks almost the same but each Cha has its own distinct "green"/herb taste which I find very delicious but my friend cannot accept this taste after trying some of the Cha from my meal. The Cha here is not bitter at all but very fragrant with mint taste.

As usual I kept half for my dinner. At first I was worried that the raw vegetables may be difficult to chew but my fears were unfounded as the multigrain rice and all the raw vegetables with various colours chopped into tiny pieces are quite soft. With all the colours, this meal looks pretty.

Price on the menu is the nett price.

Pretty to look at and delicious too. An acquire taste. While I was having Lei Cha there, I noticed a few other customers having Lei Cha too. The Lei Cha is also available as a soup on the menu, without the rice and the raw vegetables. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Hotpot Kitchen

This new eatery at the Midvalley Mall is similar to the eatery that Claire mentioned in her post here.

It is located next to Amarin Restaurant, occupying the space vacated by Manmaru Restaurant.

 You can take your pick of vegetables and meat. 100g of vegetables costs MYR3.99 and 100g of meat costs MYR5.99).

Nice display.

Healthy food.

Steps to get your food. 1. Pick your vegetables and meat. 2. Go to the counter to weigh your selection. 3. Choose the flavour of the gravy. 4. wait to collect your cooked meal. 5. Eat and Enjoy the food.

I won''t be eating here because I can't eat spicy food.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Smoothie Bowls

After eating the Golden Bowl at The Good Co, I wanted to try the other bowls so with 3 friends to share all my food, we went there again.

Ocean Bowl - MYR30 nett. The cold icy smoothie purplish blue colour is from the butterfly pea flower. Luckily the colour is not as blue as shown in the online shop menu. The taste of this smoothie is very subtle - honeydew and lychee with no indication of banana though it is in there. The toppings of orange, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, coconut, mint leaves and granolas add more depth to the taste. My friends prefer Ocean Bowl to Hana Bowl.

Hana Bowl - MYR28.90 nett. I would say that this smoothie has a tangy mixed berries taste since it is made up of strawberries, mulberries, raspberries. Similar to the Ocean Bowl, I could not taste the banana in it although it is there which is a good thing to let me enjoy the berries taste. Toppings are: a pretty mango rose, coconut, pumpkin seeds, granolas, mint leaves and dried cranberries instead of mulberries.

One day, I will be back to try the Acai Bowl (MYR25.90 nett) which is made of Acai Powder and mainly Red Dragon Fruit. If you feel like eating ice desserts and want a healthy version, go for these pretty yet very delicious smoothie bowls which is only slightly sweet.

Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil - MYR14.90 nett. I also ordered a Falafel Raita Wrap which I ate before to go with this soup. The Truffle Oil taste here is strong so for those who cannot stand strong smell like those of stinky beans or blue cheese, you must be adventurous enough to try this.

Total Bill for 4 pax is MYR86.70 nett.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Not for Me

Recently, I have been visiting all-day-breakfast places such as Wild Honey and Ra-Ft so when I read of another highly recommended breakfast and coffee eatery, I went there to try out the food with my 3 friends at 8 in the morning.

Since this place does not serve pork, I did not order its Full Breakfast aka Big Breakfast. Instead I ordered the Turkish Breakfast (MYR39.60 nett) which was given many good reviews. The description on the menu says: "Phyllo (filo) -wrapped soft-boiled organic egg, crispy feta, fresh cucumber and tomatoes, olives, hummus and pita bread". Honey was also provided.

Now you can see the egg and two small balls of feta cheese (too salty). I find the pita (underneath the greens) too hard for my teeth.

As we share all the food, my friend ate this soft boiled egg with its runny yolk.

As I love to eat the brioche french toast at Ra-Ft, I was very eager to try the Fluffy brioche French Toast (MYR29.70 nett) here as online reviews say that it is one of the best french toast in the Klang valley. It is served with vanilla ice cream, berries compote and maple syrup.

Although it is soft and could be considered fluffy, as it was deep fried, I don't quite like the smell of oil on it. Its taste reminded me of those soft and fluffy deep fried doughnut.

I also tried the filtered coffee which was served in a bottle (MYR16.50 nett) with its name card (Ardi Sidama, Ethiopia) around its neck. Plain drinking water was provided foc for all.

This card describes the taste of the filtered coffee: fruit tones with floral and dark chocolate notes. Unfortunately as I am not a coffee drinker, I am lost here.

From 8 to 9.30 am there is a bakery promotion (mentioned on FB) - for MYR12+ (MYR13.20 nett), one can have a pastry with a coffee. The price for a pastry is about MYR8 and for a Flat White (coffee) is about MYR12 so this promotion is worth having. We ordered a cinnamon pastry that my friend doesn't want to eat because it is too buttery. To me, the cinnamon taste is stronger than the butter taste.

and a cup of Flat White. Do ask for this promotional price if you are dining there from 8 to 9.30 am.

Total bill for 4 pax is MYR98.99 nett (MYR99). I don't think I will eat here again as the food does not suit me and they were playing R&B songs and classic soul songs such as September by Earth, Wind and Fire (I think STP would know this song) so early in the morning at 8 when my ears are not fully awake yet.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sweet Bacon

Ra-Ft Breakfast - MYR32+ (with 10% service charge, the nett price is MYR35.20) - the price stated on the menu is inclusive of 6% GST. We selected pork sausage instead of chicken sausage and sunny side up eggs instead of scrambled eggs. The special Ra-Ft smashed potatoes do not taste like the usual soft smashed potatoes. This smashed potatoes have been compacted into a ball and then I think it is roasted so it is rather dry but still tasty.

Ra-Ft Tiramisu - MYR15+ (MYR16.50 nett) and Pancakes with Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup (provided separately in a small jug) - MYR20.50+ (MYR22.55 nett).

French Toast made from French Brioche Bread with Bacon and Maple Syrup (provided separately in a small jug) - MYR21+ (MYR23.10 nett). These bacon strips were not as crispy as those bacon strips with the pancakes but I just love to eat the french toasts with their soft texture and a bit of eggy buttery taste and not too sweet. This is the place to go for french toasts.

Bagel with Cream Cheese and Home cured Salmon - MYR21.50+ (MYR23.65 nett). I like the taste of the home cured salmon as it is not salty.

Pan Seared Salmon Fillet - MYR42+ (MYR46.20 nett) - Norwegian Salmon fillet served with seasonal vegetables, baby spinach and Green Pesto. This dish is available for breakfast too at 8 am.

The red drink is Liver Cleanser fresh juice drink - MYR16+ (MYR17.60 nett) - Orange, Beetroot, Carrot. Due to the beetroot, this drink has a earthy taste which I like. We also ordered a pot of hot Japanese Green Tea - MYR10+ (MYR11 nett) which turned out to be a very strong tasting and very fragrant Jasmine tea which we like as well. We were surprised that a small jug of honey was provided for the pot of tea but we did not use it. Lemon infused drinking water was provided foc as well. 

A cup of hot Flat White - MYR9+ (MYR9.90 nett) with a cute cat. 

Close up look at the tiramisu - it is served chilled and is delicious. One can eat the whole piece without feeling satiated.

Close up look at the 3 stacked up pancakes. We like the smokey taste of the crispy bacon strips.

The pancakes are stuffed with crispy bacon pieces too - when eaten with the maple syrup, this breakfast dish is perfect for bacon lovers who have a sweet tooth .

I like that this lovely eatery starts operating very early at 7.30 am and all the food items on the menu are available from this opening time onward. I also like that the food is not too sweet and not too salty - salt and pepper is provided separately for us to adjust the taste to our needs. We will definitely be back for the french toasts and to try the other food items such as fish and chips and pasta.

Total Bill for 4 pax is MYR205.70 nett. Please click on the above image to view the numbers. Limited parking spaces are available at the basement of this building. On Sunday and public holiday, the per entry parking rate is MYR6 nett.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Four at Kakigori

Last Saturday, I went to Kakigori, the Gardens Mall with 3 of my friends to try their desserts. We ordereed a bowl of Uji Matcha Kakigori - MYR17 nett - (shaved ice) which includes a small cup of kinako (roasted soy flour) milk and topped with a piece of warabimochi.

I also ordered a plate of mixed warabimochi (MYR14 nett) - coated with kinako powder and matcha powder. Warabimochi a jelly like cube made from bracken starch. Bracken starch is made from the rhizomes (underground stems) of bracken which is a large fern. This warabimochi tastes almost like the ones I ate in Kyoto but is a bit more firm but close enough.

The cup of hot matcha at MYR5 nett is an add on to our other purchases. It is not sold on its own and is not very thick like other hot matcha that I have tasted.

The matcha taste is there but not very strong and it is slightly sweet. Within this huge ice shavings (I need 3 friends to help me eat it), there are hidden red beans. The roasted soy flour (kinako) milk tastes good with the fine shaved ice which is not as fine as the powdery bingsu at Hanbing but the texture feels fine enough on our tongues.

For those who do not like matcha, there are other flavours of kakigori too. All the other kakigori are as tall as this one.

A matcha softserve to share (MYR8 nett). It is topped with roasted puffed rice beads. The homemade cone is a bit too sweet for me. The matcha taste is not as strong as some other matcha softserve that I have eaten but meets the requirement of a nice authentic matcha taste.

Total bill is MYR44 nett. We will be back for their other desserts.

They have revised their menu to look like the above. Please click on it for a larger image.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Three tables of ten pax for this lunch (total costs about MYR1000 - MYR34 on average per pax). 

If I remember correctly, those are chicken meat with watermelon. This is a popular dish of this restaurant. 

Deep fried big prawns.

I did not eat any rice. Just this one plate of a spoonful from each main dish.

New Paris Restaurant at SS2, PJ. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Yam Cake Anyone

I was still full from brunch so I just ordered a snack at Annie One, Uptown. Yam Cake - MYR3.80 nett - very flavourful with many pieces of yam in it.

My friends ordered proper meals for their lunch so the total bill is MYR51.15 nett for 6 pax.

Friday, September 22, 2017


I have been reading about Sukiya on NuxV's blog. Finally tried it at Aeon MidValley Food Market/Food Street,  instead of IOI City Mall where NuxV had her Sukiya meals. I ordered a beef bowl set meal at MYR16.40 nett which is very good value for money because it has so many items in the set - chawanmushi, soup, okra in sesame sauce, pickled vegetables, a glass of cold green tea and the main bowl of beef rice. I shared this meal with my spouse.

So worth it.

Sukiya kiosk/stall/counter at Aeon MidValley Food Market/Food Street (Food court)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Meatless Healthy Lunch

Yesterday was day 1 of a new month in the lunisolar calendar (Chor Yat/初一) so my friend suggested that we have a vegetarian lunch and she brought me to The Good Co which is well known for serving healthy meatless food. Their tagline is "Nothing Beats Honest Food".

She ordered Vegan Chicken Rice - MYR20.90 nett and ate up every food item including the homemade chili sauce which she said was delicious. The monkey head mushrooms are the "chicken" and millet is the "rice".

She also had the Tomato Bell Pepper Soup at MYR14.90 nett which she drank till the very last drop and said that it was very tasty.

My food - Golden Bowl at MYR21.90 nett. This is a bowl of smoothie with mangoes, bananas, wolfberry, blueberries, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and granolas as toppings. The main taste of the smoothie is banana. The smoothie is cold, not too sweet, is tasty but a bit too much for me though I finished it all because it is easy to eat since it is like eating cold dessert. Would be perfect if I share it with another person.

I also ordered the Falafel Raita Wrap at MYR12.90 nett but ate only one segment and took the 3 remaining segments back for dinner because I was full from finishing the smoothie.

This wrap is made up of homemade falafel, cider pickled carrot, coriander, lettuce, kyuri and mint raita sauce. The wrap is very crispy. My friend said we will eat here again so I am studying the online menu to see what I would order on our next visit.

Total Bill for 2 pax is MYR70.60 nett.

Comfortable dining area with a high ceiling. We placed and paid for our order at the counter before taking our seats.

Just enter through the glass doors. The Good Co. eatery is located in this BON Estates building which is opposite Bangsar Shopping Center on Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. There is a limited foc parking space (about 6 to 10 cars) for customers of The Good Co. eatery at the side of this building.