Friday, January 31, 2020

WG Start Work Lunch 2020

Creative decor using crab shells and mandarin oranges wrappers on cactus plants by Green View Restaurant, PJ.

CNY 2020 Day 6 - start work lunch at Green View Restaurant, PJ for 5 pax.

Half portion jelly fish yee sang at MYR 55 nett. We couldn't finish it and just walked away.

Macadamia nuts mixed vegetables (medium portion) at MYR 45 nett. The deep fried macadamia nuts add a deep roasted creamy taste to this light vegetables dish.

X.O. Beancurd (small portion) at MYR 24 nett. The very flavourful gravy with the Bunapi mushrooms and tofu goes well with rice.

Deshelled prawns coated in Nestum flakes (small portion) at MYR 35 nett. Tasty dish but I prefer the shells at the tails be removed as well.

Zhe Jiang Pork Ribs (small portion) at MYR 21 nett. I took 4 pieces home as we couldn't finish the ribs. I am surprised that this pork dish has the lowest price of the 5 dishes that we ordered here.

Foc fruit platter of water melon, papaya and honey dew.

A pot of hot non-sweet (no sugar added) chrysanthemum for 5 pax costs MYR 15 nett so it is MYR 3 nett per pax for unlimited refillable drinks.

May year 2020 be a good and happy working year for all of us! May we be blessed with the courage and strength to waltz through it!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

CNY 2020 Day 5

Lions on display at Pavilion Dining Loft.

Purple dragon.

This is the Hakka Qilin.

More Lions.

The Fut San Lion and The Fut Hock Lion. The Fut Hock or Fut Hok is the combination of Fut Shan and Hok San.

Minnie and Mickey are still in Pavilion.

Walking around wondering what to eat. KFC White BBQ Crunch? But the queue is too long.

Pizza Hut Sweet and Sour Cheesy Bites - I could not finish one whole pizza on my own so I have to give this a pass.

In the end, I ate this bowl of beef noodles as my lunch at MYR 13.90 nett.

The kway teow or hor fun is the type that I like - those that taste like rice.

Saw this menu board and decided to eat this beef noodle.

From this Thai Cuisine stall in the Food Republic Food court in Pavilion by Rama 9.

Total price: MYR 13.90 nett.

2 hours parking at MYR 6 nett.

Breakfast for two pax in the morning: MYR 9.80 nett for one bowl of pork noodles with a cup of hot cham from a neighbourhood eatery.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Santan CNY 2020 Day 4

 Placed our order via the self service kiosk and collected our tray of food when our order number appeared on the screen.

 Nasi lemak fried chicken and roselle ice tea combo set at MYR 15.90 nett. The chicken is tasty and so is the rice except for a spot of rice that seemed to be not thoroughly cooked.

 Bill for lunch for two pax on a sharing basis at Santan Cafe at Midvalley Mall.

 Before that, we had breakfast at Honolulu Cafe, Midvalley Mall and order our usual food which is two egg tarts, hot cham and ...

 ... instant noodles with pork chop.

 Total price is MYR 29.15 nett for two pax.

 Dinner was at Teak Kee for 8 pax at around MYR 278.80 nett. Started it with half a portion of Jellyfish Yee Sang.

 Tofu with minced meat.

Pork belly with mantao.

4 vege stirfried with xo sauce.

 Choy sum stir fried with garlic.

Half a roast chicken. The meat near the bones is a bit raw. I think our usual dishes at Teak Kee tastes better.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

CNY 2020 Day 3

Angpow packets from Parkson.

How do you like these angpow packets from Watsons?
Each angpow packet has a voucher for a specific product.

This voucher deducts MYR 5 off when a customer buy MYR 60 worth of products from Colgate brand.

Breakfast on CNY Day 3. Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken, hot cham and roti telur bawang. Total MYR 12.95 nett but they asked for MYR 13 nett.

Rootbeer float indulgence from A&W on a two pax sharing basis.

Costs MYR 17.30 nett.

Bakwa with Guiness from the Beer Factory. 8 slices in a box costs MYR 68.90 nett.

 Home cooked meal by my mother.

Sour and Spicy soup's ingredients.

Monday, January 27, 2020

The Sphere

CNY Angpow packets from Aeon.

Dinner for 2 pax on a sharing basis.

A note on each table. I am not sure whether or not the mandarin oranges are foc and I didn't ask the staff, I just took their photo, that's it.

Total price for dinner is MYR 17.50 nett at A.M.A.H. at The Sphere.

Saw this Sarawak D'Light big menu board with many tempting dishes that I haven't tried before.

This is the stall at the food court at The Sphere. Maybe one day I will try the Tomato noodles and the kacang ma chicken dishes here.

The Farm food craft is open on CNY Day 1.

Red Lanterns at The Sphere

So is Rasa Viet.

Portofino is enjoying good business on CNY Day 1.

Lighted plants at The Sphere.

Walkway to The Sphere from The Vertical building.

Starbucks at Nexus building nearby The Sphere with a large seating area for gatherings.

Breakfast for two pax on CNY Day 2 at New Lian Hin coffee shop, Happy Garden which is open throughout CNY. Pork noodles cost MYR 7.50 nett, hot cham at MYR 2 nett and 4 pieces of stuffed items (yong tofu) at MYR 6.80 nett meaning it costs MYR 1.70 nett per piece.

We ordered this plate of roast pork and bbq pork too at MYR 9 nett so the total price for breakfast is MYR 25.30 nett.

Late lunch at 3pm on CNY Day 2 at childhood home. Lots of colourful bell peppers with a bit of K. thick glass noodles (chap jae) and two pieces of braised beef shanks of which one has been eaten.

So what did you all eat on CNY Day 1 and 2?