Friday, May 29, 2015

Majority Rules

8 of us treated a team fella to a goodbye lunch. Ordered the following food for sharing and each of us paid MYR29.50 only.


Menu picture

Also MYR57.90++

Menu picture of the above

The description for the above two dishes

Starter - MYR22.90++

Picture from Menu

This tower of Mountain Dew is foc

Flaming MYR57.90 add MYR6 to change dory fish to cod fish

Menu photo

Choices to swap the dory with.

Store front

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Grind

Located on the same street as the pie shop is a burger eatery that serves pork burger so I went in to order a takeaway. As there were just too many choices, I just randomly chose a Jack Daniel burger and asked for the cheese to be removed because my spouse cannot stand cheese and the pork burger was for us to share.

The elderly man who took my order was kind enough to offer to add another piece of pork bacon to the burger since I requested for the cheese to be removed. I was not expecting it.

To my surprise it came with fries. The price inclusive GST of 6% for the above is MYR23 and the burger looks small to me.

Small but tall with the bacon on top of the patty. I prefer beef patty more than pork patty and I could not differentiate the Jack Daniel sauce with BBQ sauce. The fries were quite dry. Guess I won't be making a special trip just for this.

Cozy interior

Store front

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Banoffee Pie

I once read a review that says you can't call yourself a pie shop if you do not sell Banoffee Pies. Banoffee = Banana+Toffee. I was around that area so I went to buy one to try as I have never eaten one before.

This is the smallest Banoffee Pie - MYR12.50 each (nett price)

Top view

Cross Section view - The base is made from disgestive biscuits. The banana tastes a bit on the unripe side but still ok because there is no taste of the slight bitter tastes of tannins that are in unripe bananas. On top of the biscuit base and in between the bananas, there is melted toffee which is not very sweet. Then on top of everything I assume the white dome is made of whipped cream. It is just an ok sweet pie for me - I can't see what is the big deal about Banoffee Pies.

Store front.

The Humble Pie shop

Monday, May 25, 2015

Frame Thai

More photos for Frame Thai eatery.

Pork knuckle rice - MYR10 (nett price)

Thai Iced Tea - MYR5 - in fact all drinks are MYR5 each

Thai grocery items for sale

Other food available

More Thai grocery for sale

Grilled food on skewers

This is how the food is grilled.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ouch! Ouch!

Today I went to an authentic Thai eatery which also acts as a Thai grocery store. It has been around for many years now but it used to operate as an eatery during limited hours. Only recently it started to keep regular hours so here we are.

Long before the boat noodles appear on the local scene, this place has been serving Thai pork noodle. There are two sizes - normal (MYR5) and full option (MYR8). I thought full option means more ingredients and not more noodles so I ordered the full option. For the Thai pork noodle, there are 3 choices for the broth - hot and sour, thickened (dark soup), or clear soup.

And I made a mistake here. I thought since this is an authentic Thai eatery, must eat spicy food so I ordered the hot and sour although I can't take spicy food. Ended up my mouth was burning and water kept dripping from my mouth and eyes.  Ended up I ate only a few mouthfuls and asked my spouse to finish it.

For you who can take very spicy food, how does it feel like? Doesn't your tongue and mouth burn? What sensation do you feel in your mouth? I felt like I was being tortured, it burned until my mouth was so painful. So if I ever want to punish myself, I will eat this hot and sour Thai pork noodle again.

Hot and Sour Thai Pork Noodle - Full Option (MYR8). For the normal size, the noodle was served in a coconut shell. Next time I will order the thickened broth normal serving to show the coconut shell.

Closed up. Not red in colour but very, very spicy. Be warned.

As usual, you who like spicy, spicy food can add more chili to the noodle.

Thai Grocery Store / Eatery.

Frame Thai at Happy Mansion, Section 17, PJ. 
Will post more food from here in the next post.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Just as Tasty

We went to SS20 Fish Head Noodle again to eat our favourite fish slice noodle. The 4 of us ordered the same thing - a bowl of fine rice vermicelli (mee hoon) with a mixture of fried and non fried slices of Sang Yu (Ikan Haruan/Snakehead fish) that costs MYR13 each.

2 bowls with no milk in the broth. Each bowl contains 4 thick slices of fish and we requested for the ham choy (salted vegetables/preserved vegetables) to be omitted so the taste of the soup is just nice, not salty at all.

2 bowls with milk in the broth with no salted vegetable.

Only two of us ordered cendol. This cendol is as good as the Penang one except that there are no red beans in it. MYR4.5 per bowl, the price is the same as before GST. The bill came up to a total of MYR64.65 after 6% GST with no service charge. The food is just as tasty as before so we will be back!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Teh Tarik Place

Hot Teh Tarik - MYR3.45 and Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang - MYR10.55 - quite a lot of beef cubes in the beef rendang. They gave us a lot of sambal too which we only ate a bit so wasted. One of the better nasi lemak around. The prices stated in this post are inclusive of 5% service charge and 6% GST on top of the food and service charge. The price they put on the menu is only inclusive of the 6% GST.

I did not notice this eatery before at The Curve. Perhaps it is a new place? Or is it I am just too unobservant?

Unique chairs. I dare not lean against the back railing of the chair because it does not seem comfortable to do so.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Octopus on skewers - we were attracted to eat here by these.

There were 3 skewers with a total of 6. MYR8.98 - all prices in the menu are inclusive of GST 6%. The octopus is very fresh and tasty.

The name of the octopus dish is Tako Su-Miso

Prawn, avocado, mentaiko roll - MYR15.99 for 8 pieces. Very tasty without its taste being covered by strong tasting sauces so will order this next time.

This is how it looks like in the menu.

Mango and soft shell crab roll - MYR14.99

The presentation in the menu is different but it does not matter because it tastes good.

Buy 2 red plates (MYR4.99) get 2 red plates foc so we took 4 - 3 plates are grilled salmon sushi with mentaiko mayonnaise on them and these just melts in my mouth, almost as if there were no salmon on the rice. Hot Genmai drink - MYR1.99 each and we ordered 3 cups.

The other red plate is avocado, crabsticks (urgh), mentaiko, omelette and cucumber. This combination is tasty.

Shirauo Sushi - MYR4.98 - Shirauo is known as Japanese Anchovy. Due to not eating it immediately the deep fried Shirauo is no longer crunchy.

Deep fried salmon belly - MYR4.99
10% service charge with GST 6% on top of it making the total bill around MYR74 for 3 persons. This Sakae Sushi outlet is at the Curve. We also received the Free Voucher as shown in the banner so we will have to visit this outlet again before 30 June 2015, that is when the voucher expires.