Sunday, July 31, 2022

Early to Town

 On Sunday 31.jul.22, early morning at 7.30 am, went to town to buy food from Win Heng Seng coffee shop in Imbi.

8.10 am - dry 3jc kway teow mix mihun with meatballs and deep fried meatballs. Now they have deep fried big intestines as toppings too but they only give 3 pieces. Also bought a soup mihun version. Total price is MYR 24 nett.

8.21 am - pork kway teow mixed mihun soup with extra livers and no kidneys at MYR 13 nett. Tasty.

1.36 pm - prawn big dumplings hot fun at MYR 11 nett. The soup is very flavourful. The Hor fun is smooth and thin.

2.20 pm - mini egg tarts and mini kaya puff at MYR 1 each. Mooncake dough pastry at 60 cents each. Two slices of banana at MYR 1 each. Easy-to-eat teatime snacks.

6.40 pm - his char siew wanton noodles at MYR 10 nett. Acceptable.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Simple Saturday

On Saturday 30.jul.22, went to Hiong Mei Chapfan eatery to buy food for the Elderlies and buy some food from two shops in the same row of shops namely Lucky Alley and Choy Kei coffee shop.

12.54 noon - wood ear fungus pork rice from Lucky Alley coffee shop. The seller says that there are only two pieces of pork left so the price is only MYR 5 nett.

2 pm - my portion of pork mihun from Desa Petaling coffee shop bought the previous day.

2.12 pm - two pieces of brinjal ytf MYR 2 each from Lucky Alley coffee shop.

1.30 pm - egg tart from Choy Kei coffee shop MYR 2.50 nett.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Long Fong Roast King

On Friday 29.jul.22, went to Desa Petaling to buy lunch and then buy Foodpanda delivery for dinner.

11.02 am - Long Fong Roast King stall in Desa Petaling coffee shop.

Looks like a new stall in the coffee shop.

His lunch - Roast chicken thigh, siew yuk and char siew rice MYR 13 nett. Taste fine.

Also bought pork mihun soup MYR 8 from the same Desa Petaling coffee shop for the next day's breakfast. Nice because this pork mihun has napa cabbages in it. Ok to buy it again.

Dinner - two dishes from Yan's Kitchen. Foodpanda PestaPanda promocode gives MYR 10 off.

There are 4 servings for each dish so it took us a few days to eat all of them. Both dishes are a bit on the salty side so can eat with many bowls of rice.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Tai Zi Ta Kuchai Lama

On Thursday 28.jul.22, went to buy lunch chapfan from Fatty Mixed Rice for the Elderlies and he requested for bak kut teh and braised pork knuckle rice from Alison coffee shop. The seller says that the braised pork knuckle is not ready yet after he took a chopstick to poke at the knuckles cooking in a big pot.

So bought pork knuckle vinegar MYR 17, bak kut teh ribs MYR 17 and one portion rice MYR 1 which he ate for two meals on two days. We also dropped by Kuchai Lama to buy mini tarts.

11.38 am - one mini tart costs MYR 1 each and we bought 10 mini tarts: egg tart, apple tart, coconut tart, pineapple tart and tuna tart. Very easy to eat - just pop the whole mini tart into the mouth and chew. Yummy! 😋 

10.30 am - Tai Zi Ta shop in Kuchai Lama. I just found out that there is a shop nearby so I quickly visited it. I have bought these mini tarts called Tai Zi tarts before from Win Heng Seng coffee shop in Imbi back in 2014. The box has the same design too so they are from the same brand. I understand that these mini tarts originated from a shop in Taman Muda which is still there in the original location but I have never been there. I am happy that they have a shop nearby now so I can always drop by to buy these mini tarts.

The tempting pastries counter.

Cross section of mini tuna tart.

Mini kaya puff MYR 1 and kaya puff at MYR 2.4 nett. Both taste good.

Siew Bao at MYR 2.4 each. He says he tastes butter so I had to eat them but I didn't detect any butter taste. So must remember to buy mini tarts next time and not siew Bao.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

ChimiChurri Sri Petaling

 On Wednesday 27.jul.22, we stayed home and ordered 1 Foodpanda delivery, 1 shopeefood delivery and 1 pandamart delivery.

*** My food ***

11.23 am - a salmon bowl and a salmon wrap from ChimiChurri Sri Petaling using Foodpanda delivery app. It is mandatory to choose a sauce so I selected the option for ChimiChurri, lemongrass and orange thinking that it is just one sauce with all 3 tastes mixed into it but it turned out to be 3 separate tubs of sauce.

The wrap looks like the above when unwrapped. I ate it for lunch the next day.

The green tub is ChimiChurri sauce. It has a very refreshing green Herb taste and is not spicy at all so I like it. The yellow sauce that has separated from the liquid is orange sauce which tastes like sweet orange juice. I am not sure what the middle brownish sauce is. It is supposed to be lemongrass but it tastes more like ginger and it is sweet. I ate all 6 tubs of sauce so that they are not wasted.

The salmon seems to be poached rather than grilled but I still like it. Beneath the veges of lettuce, cucumber, corns, purple cabbage are pasta fusilli and cous cous. As they provided the sauce separately in tubs, the salmon and vegetables retained their own original taste which I like a lot. The portion is not big so it suits me a lot. I like this dish.

Thursday 28.jul.22 1.30 pm - very tasty salmon wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber purple cabbage, corn and carrots. I ate it without any sauce because I ate all the sauce the previous day and I prefer the natural taste without any sauce. The price is the same as the salmon bowl so next time I will only buy the salmon bowl because I think there are more salmon for the salmon bowl.

I ordered the wrap so that I can use the Ten promo code to get MYR 10 off on Foodpanda. Even with free delivery and after discount, the price for each is about MYR 18 which is a bit over my budget for one meal which I set at MYR 14 but the dish tastes good and is supposed to be healthy food. Next time I will buy using shopeefood so that I can redeem shopeecoins to pay part of it.

*** His Food ***

11 am - his lunch ordered using shopeefood. He kept a bit of each food item for me to eat.

This is a very good price. I don't think I can get this price for a walk-in purchase so this exact combination of food is in our to-buy-again list. The duck of this Long Fong Roasted Duck Rice in OUG tastes really good.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Hiong Mei Chapfan Eatery

On Tuesday 26.jul.22, went to Hiong Mei chapfan eatery to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies.

*** Hiong Mei Chapfan eatery ***

10.48 am - Finally I remember to take a photo of the chapfan eatery and saw that the name is Hiong Mei instead of Hong Mei. This shop is located between Choy Kei coffee shop and Lucky Alley coffee shop at Jalan lazat, happy garden. He bought 3 packs of chapfan for the Elderlies and himself.

*** Choy Kei coffee shop ***

2.50 pm - my lunch seafood mihun with very little soup as per my own request at MYR 9.50 nett. I also requested for half portion of mihun but I think they still gave me a lot of mihun so maybe I will request for no noodles next time.

6 pm - his dinner of siew yuk wanton noodles soup at MYR 8 from choy Kei eatery. Also bought 3jc mihun soup MYR 8 for his next day's breakfast.

*** More food ***

Soybar hot tofufa with ginger syrup MYR 3 as dessert. He wanted soybar cold soy pudding but it was sold out so I bought the hot tofufa instead with a bottle of dark soy drink at MYR 6 from 126 Kopitiam. Also bought 2 braised eggs at MYR 1.50 each from the chapfan stall.

Two siew baos at MYR 2.50 each from Ho Kitchen eatery. He likes the siew baos because they are smaller than the usual siew baos sold in eateries.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Special Prawn Mee

On Monday 25.jul.22, went to Mun Kee Food Court to buy food and later ordered one vege salad delivery from Salad Atelier.

*** Mun Kee Food Court Happy Garden ***

We bought food from 5 different stalls in this Mun Kee Food Court.

11 am - special prawns mihun soup with 4 prawns in shells at MYR 12 nett. This photo is taken before the soup was poured into the container. Tasty but the meat a bit firm and he says it takes effort to peel the shells off the prawns so next time will just buy the regular prawns noodles.

Hand torn pan Mee noodles soup. He ate it for both brunch and dinner. MYR 8 nett.

Pork curry nasi lemak with fried egg and long beans MYR 9 nett. The meat is tender enough and the rice has very fragrant pandan aroma. Will buy again.

11.02 am - we shared this bowl of pork curry nasi lemak for lunch and he ate the remaining nasi lemak during tea time.

Two pieces of taro savoury kuih. MYR 6 for two pieces. This dish is very popular and is sold out very quickly. There are pieces of taro in it and the toppings are very flavourful. That is why it is popular.

Tuesday 26.jul.22, Pork mihun soup MYR 8 eaten as breakfast the next day. I ate one small bowl and found the mihun to be very soft so I like it a lot.

10.19 am - this is the pork noodles stall. I almost overlook it because I thought it sells claypot noodles.

*** No meat ***

Bought shopeefood delivery from Salad Atelier because a voucher is going to expire.

No meat meal. I selected green vegetables as the base with beetroot, celery, sweet potato, pumpkin, and edamame. I selected the option for no dressings no sauces but the edamame itself has spicy sauce mixed with it and the celery has also been mixed with a sourish sauce. Next time I will choose carefully only those ingredients which has not been mixed with sauce.

Paid about MYR 14 inclusive of delivery fees after deducting all vouchers and redeeming all shopee coins.  Will order again when I have collected more shopee coins to redeem.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Make a Guess

On Sunday 24.jul.22, went to Taman Desa to buy food.

What is this?

11.50 am - chapfan without fan from tuck Tuck tei coffee shop MYR 9 for:
1. One braised egg
2. Green beans
3. Yin choy
4. Eggy tofu
5. Soyknots
6. Potatoes 

He also bought 2 packs of chapfan for the Elderlies from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop at MYR 16 nett.

11.49 am - one portion siew yuk from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop at MYR 10 and they cut it into 17 pieces. The skin is crispy and salty. Meat is tender. I spat out all the fatty bits.

Also bought 4 champing from pakopi drinks Truck at MYR 18 for one week. 

11.47 am - his lunch of a salty steamed chicken thigh MYR 5 from Tuck Tuck Tei chap fan; mihun egg ginger wine soup from Pudu ICC bought on Saturday and little gem lettuce from home.

Dinner for the Elderlies is chapfan from 126 mixed rice: 3 packs of chapfan for MYR 16.10 and 2 pieces of deep fried chicken from a pack of 3 pieces of McD deep fried chicken regular taste at MYR 17 after rounding up to the nearest ringgit by selecting to donate 80 cents which is an option in the self service ordering machine.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Two Popiah Stalls

On Saturday 23.jul.22, he suddenly suggested to buy food delivery from ICC Pudu Food Court. In the evening, went out to Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling to buy chapfan dinner for the Elderlies.

2 pm - these 2 pieces of Popiah are from different stalls but they taste very similar.

2 pm - I am not even sure which pack of Popiah is from each stall. The only difference in taste I can detect is that one has fried shallot one which is not detected in pack 2. Apart from that, they both taste the same, on the sweet side crispy deep fried eggs tiny pieces in them.

The two stalls in Pudu ICC food court are:
Auntie Mei's Crispy Popiah and Alice Crispy Popiah.

Delivery was arranged by the seller seamlessly via the easyeat app at MYR 9 and this timr they use lalamove transport service. Bought 10 food items of which 2 are for the Elderlies lunch as below:

Petai Ckt with mixed kway teow and yellow noodles.

Hot pepper pork mihun soup. The default ingredients are pork stomach and pork meatballs. The elderlies love these two Dishes.

Dinner for the Elderlies is chapfan from fatty mixed rice. The two packs of chapfan costs MYR 16 nett.