Thursday, March 31, 2022

Canai Roll Beef

On Thursday 31.mar.22, we went to Choy Kei coffee shop and Sweet Hing coffee shop to buy food and KK mart to buy bread.

*** Tue 29.mar.22 ***

1 pm - roti canai Roll Beef is a beef wrap using roti canai. It has a bit of beef with raw tomatoes and lettuce with mayo.

They put the whole roll in a box. I cut it before eating it. Quite tasty.

With this price, I could buy one beef subway roll I believe. Both taste good. 😋😋😋

*** Thu 31.mar.22 ***

11.40 am - seafood mihun from Choy Kei coffee shop at MYR 9 nett. Bought another exact pack for the Elderlies lunch.

Choy Kei coffee shop:
1. 2 x seafood soup mihun MYR 9 x 2
2. 2 ccf, 2 ytf brinjal, 1 ytf taopok, 1 ytf bean curd sheet, curry gravy, brown sauce MYR 9.50 for the elderlies lunch
3. 4 x egg tart x MYR 2.3
4. 1 pack hainan char MYR 3
3jc stall is closed because the seller went for cataract surgery. 

Sweet Hing coffee shop:
1. Wanton dry chicken feet mushroom MYR 7.5
2. Pork yimi soup MYR 7.5

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Kambing Bakar

On Wednesday 30.mar.22, ordered 1 food delivery for lunch and dinner. Then order 1 pastry delivery via shopeefood.

*** Tue 29.mar.22 ***

1.33 pm - nasi lemak basmathi kambing bakar. The kambing bakar is very flavourful, I could detect the rosemary herb in the lamb marinate. I ate a bit of each items and kept the bulk of it to be eaten the next day because he wouldn't touch lamb or mutton.

5.32 pm - roti canai and roti bawang telur aka onion egg flat bread with thick dhall curry and thick fish curry. We ate all for dinner.

Packaging for the roti canai and curry.

There are more than 2 Pak Ali e-stalls in the Foodpanda app and they all sell almost the same thing with different prices. I chose this stall because it has the lowest delivery fee but I forgot that this e-stall doesn't have pandapro discount so I ended up paying MYR 5.5 more than buying using another e-stall with almost exactly the same food but with pandapro discount as shown in the photo below:

MYR 5.50 lower and with almost the same food items.

*** Wed 30.mar.22 ***

12.13 noon - 3 types of roasted meat with one add on hard-boiled braised egg. The char siew is all fatty parts so we couldn't eat it. 

Other food items: one soup noodles for the next day's breakfast and one dry ribs noodles for our shared dinner.

Thu 31.mar.22 9.08 am - this is the soup noodles: soft yellow noodles, lettuce, small fish balls and small meat balls. I had to eat it with lots and lots of sourish sweet green chili in vinegar so that it is appetising. He asked me to eat it because I bought it without knowing in detail what soup noodles it is. He tasted it a bit and didn't want to eat it anymore. He then ate bread with bakwa. I finished eating the whole bowl of soup noodles except for the soup. Luckily the yellow noodles are soft so they are easy to eat. Luckily also the preserved sweet and sour green chili made the meat balls palatable. At least job done on my part.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Cheese Corn Sausage

On Tuesday 29.mar.22, bought 2 food deliveries, 2 food pickups, 1 shop delivery and also went out to buy bread and lunch.

12.49 noon - salmon fish cake, chicken curry puff and flaming triple cheese corn sausage bread roll on a skewer. The chicken curry puff is ok and the salmon fish cake tastes like fish cake, couldn't detect any salmon taste.

It is deep fried bread with a bit of cheese inside and cheese sauce and tomato chili sauce on top.

There is a sausage inside which only appeared after I have eaten almost one third of the bread roll.

Pick up order 1.

Pick up order 2.

Use up the last voucher for this month to buy bakwa for him. This time there are 7 slices of bakwa only.

11.27 am - bought economy rice MYR 6: celery, leeks, petola with one small portion of rice and one portion of siew yuk MYR 6 from Tien Yuen ice coffee shop.

The Elderlies requested for one portion of meal only so gave them: siew yuk one portion at MYR 6 and economy rice at MYR 6: egg tofu petola, tomato eggs, rice and bitter gourd for their lunch from the same coffee shop. Bought Joss sticks MYR 16.8 and one loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread MYR 3.6 for them too. The siew yuk has alternate thin layers of tender meat and fat so I believe the Elderlies would like it.

For dinner, we ate roti telur bawang and roti canai from a food delivery.

Monday, March 28, 2022

50 percent off

On Monday 28.mar.22, ordered 4 food deliveries just for ourselves.

11.45 am - 6 chicken tenders with sweet sour garlic dip from Jackson's Fried Chicken Tumiies and nasi lemak chicken thigh from Tambahlah Tumiies.

The chicken tenders are made from restructured chicken meat. It is tasty, softer than chicken nuggets.

The packaging.

Only ordered one item to maximize the pandapro and pandavip discounts.

Again only ordered one item to maximize the pandapro and pandavip discounts so each chicken tender costs about MYR 2 nett.

*** Shopeefood ***

Bkt for his dinner.

Ordered A&W again to make use of the MYR 12.50 off offer between 3 pm to 5 pm because I like to eat coney beef sausage roll.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Lavince Bakery

On Sunday 27.mar.22, it was our usual routine of going to Taman Desa to buy food.

Lunch from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop economy rice stall. The chicken thigh with rice costs MYR 5.5 nett.

The veges selected are:
1. Pumpkin
2. Yin choy aka amaranth greens
3. Napa cabbage
4. Bitter gourd
5. Soy knots
6. Egg tofu
Without rice, the price is MYR 8 nett so the total price is MYR 13.50 nett for both containers of food from the economy rice stall.

I also bought:
1. 2 egg tarts and 2 siew Bao from sing Kee Kitchen coffee shop at MYR 8.80
2. 3jc mihun soup at MYR 7.50
3. 2 pieces of ccf, 2 brinjal ytf, 4 pieces of fried items with curry and brown sauce at MYR 11.50
4. 1 thick apam at MYR 1.50
5. 6 iced cham from Pak Kopi 1969 food truck at MYR 3.90 each

When in Taman Desa, I will walk past this Lavince bakery.

I have tried their egg tart, siew Bai and Osaka durian cake before. Tastes good.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Fish Burger

On Saturday 26.mar.22, ordered 2 food deliveries and 1 grocery delivery.

*** A&W Fish Burger ***

Sun 27.mar.22 0908 - I ate this fish burger for breakfast.

Good that it has vegetables.

The fish patty.

A&W fish burger. Easy and convenient to eat. Tasty too! 😋😋😋

*** Sat 26.mar.22 ***

Bought food from Good Taste eatery for the Elderlies lunch and for our 3 meals because this eatery has a variety of food. The allday promo code just covers the delivery fees.

Mushroom chicken feet wanton noodles and char siew wanton noodles for the Elderlies' lunch.

Bkt for the Elderlies dinner bought using shopeefood.

Bought gardenia wholemeal bread for the Elderlies so included vegetables for my friend as well.

All the vegetables ordered are available and the quality is fine and the celery is so heavy.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Bawal vs Kembung Fish

On Friday 25.mar.22, we bought 3 food deliveries just for ourselves because of the specific items that we wish to eat. Just indulge ourselves to eat the food that we wish to eat when we can still derive joy from eating affordable food.

1.20 pm - fresh deep fried pomfret fish and deep fried kembung Fish which I believe is a type of mackerel fish. Taste good. The kembung Fish meat is firmer and thicker compared to the bawal fish. I like both.

11.12 am - ordered many items but just one portion of nasi ambeng for his lunch. I am eating remaining food from previous days to clear them: ytf brinjal from Yang Kee coffee shop. He can't finish eating all these food items bought from Ayam Penyet Umi eatery in Taman Desa so I have to help him to eat them.

About MYR 29 for 8 items inclusive of delivery fees. The gravy of the chicken in the nasi ambeng is quite spicy despite being not that red in colour. The nasi ambeng also includes Kerabu and tempeh. Food from this eatery is tasty so we will continue to buy from this eatery.

One Bergedil is about the size of a table spoon.

It is made of mashed potatoes. Tasty.

Kerabu consists of cabbage, beans sprouts, 4 angled beans, long beans and kerisik which is toasted grated coconut meat.

Bought nasi lemak mcd because there is a piece of deep fried chicken from Ayam Penyet Umi eatery so he wanted to eat that piece of chicken with nasi lemak mcd for dinner. I changed the ice lemon tea to a large iced latte by paying more because I love to drink mcd iced latte in this super hot weather. The delivery fees in McDelivery app is lower but I was lazy to switch app so just use this Foodpanda app as I have a MYR 3 voucher from the points collected.

A big Thank you to PH who highlighted that shopeefood is giving MYR 12.50 off A&W from 3 pm onwards so I bought 3 items from A&W after 3 pm for his tea time and only need to pay MYR 15.40 inclusive of delivery fees which is really good value for money.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Noodlicious by 1977

On Thursday 24.mar.22, ordered 1 pandamart delivery and 3 food deliveries for the Elderlies and ourselves.

*** 1st time buy from this eatery ***

1.23 pm - shared this hokkien Mee by 2 pax. Quite acceptable but it doesn't have the fragrance of dried fish. The sambal provided taste fine too. Portion is enough for two very small eaters.

2.39 pm - I kept the balance of this Mee hoon for another day after using it to soak up all the remaining curry gravy from the nasi lemak Curry chicken bought on Tuesday from Tradisi Kopitiam. This Mee hoon did the job very well. With it soaking up the huge amount of curry gravy, I was able to finished eating all the curry gravy without a single drop left.

This noodlicious by 1977 eatery is operating within the same shop as Ipoh chicken rice 1977 in Sri petaling.

*** Swee Lian Ji Pork Noodles ***

His breakfast on Friday 25.mar.22 which is the next day. He said the herbal soup tastes good and the portion of mihun is huge so he kept half for me.

This stall is located in Fat Boy Coffee Shop which has another e-store in Foodpanda app where we bought ccf from previously.

*** Mart30 promo code ***

Bought gardenia wholemeal bread and tissue paper rolls for the Elderlies. The murcott mandarin oranges weigh 800g a pack and that weight is made up of 7 mandarin oranges. He doesn't eat them because he says that they are ?heaty? So they are for me as I find it more convenient to eat Mandarin oranges than navel or valencis oranges.

The list of items bought from pandamart.

*** Yang Kee Beef OUG ***

The Elderlies like the ytf brinjal from this eatery because they are soft after soaking up all the oil so they are very flavourful. This us still the eatery we buy from, for easy-to-eat tasty beef noodles. The chili dip is sourish and not too spicy so I like it. In a nutshell, we ate noodles for all 3 meals on this day.