Saturday, April 30, 2022

Scallop Shrimp Dumpling

On Saturday 30.apr.22, we ordered 2 Foodpanda deliveries, 1 pandamart delivery and 1 grabfood delivery.

2.30 pm - his lunch of wat tan hor. Quite ok.

The wat tan hor before pouring the gravy into the noodles. There were 3 egg tarts and 1 has been eaten. The pastry crust of the egg tarts tastes a bit savoury.

The scallop Shrimp Dumpling tastes of the sea.

Grabfood: On average MYR 8.20 for each item.

The elderlies' lunch of chicken thigh hor fun from Thong Kee coffee shop Sri Petaling at about MYR 9.36 per pack. We shared one pack of the Noodles for breakfast.

Two rice dishes for the Elderlies' dinner from Yan Kitchen Sri Petaling delivered directly to them at about MYR 14.43 each. They prefer fish fillets so next time will buy two sets of ginger onion fish fillets rice.

I received one salmon fillet and one salmon steak cut so I reported it and received one e voucher as compensation.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Tiramisu Twiggies

On Friday 29.apr.22, we just ate the food we bought on Thursday and didn't order any food delivery.

Light Snack - MYR 1.80 nett.

Jejari Span Berinti Krim. Chocolate Sponge Cake with tiramisu cream fillings. The tiramisu cream fillings taste of coffee. The sponge cake is light so it is very easy to eat. One is nothing.

My friend is looking after her husband who has gotten it and is having fever, cough and a million needles sore throat so I sent her some desserts via food delivery to try to cheer her up. After a few days of resting and fever meds, her husband has recovered now.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Spring Home Glutinous Rice Balls

On Thursday 28.apr.22, went out to buy food for ourselves for Thurs and Fri and for the Elderlies' lunch.

*** Frozen Tang Yuen ***

On Wednesday night, I suddenly feel like eating Glutinous Rice Balls but I don't know where to buy Glutinous Rice Balls like those mentioned here: that I ate in Taiwan.

Then on Thursday, I walked into the newly opened Mr. Farmer Grocer in Happy Garden to buy romaine lettuce and saw frozen glutinous rice balls in their freezer so I bought two different types of fillings to try. Tang Yuen is good enough to fill in the gap of my favourite Taiwan Glutinous Rice Balls.

12.28 noon - put the frozen Tang Yuen into hot boiling water and bring to boil again until all the Tang Yuen are floating in the boiling water.

Scoop them up and eat since I don't have a need for tong sui aka sweet syrupy water to eat them in.

I like the soft thick chewy skins. I prefer peanut fillings but he prefers the sesame fillings. Both fillings are nice.

The brand is Spring Home. I will definitely buy this brand again. Good quality 👍 at MYR 5.20 nett for each pack of 10 glutinous rice balls.

The frozen Tang Yuen are packaged nicely in a purpose-built plastic container with individual compartments.

*** Wawa Vege ***

I was instructed to buy romaine lettuce at about MYR 5 a pack but the lettuce are sold in about MYR 9 a pack so I bought Wawa vegetables MYR 5.50 instead.

Friday 29.apr.22 11.41 am - he boiled all the Wawa vegetables for our lunch and dinner.

*** Joy Cafe Kuchai Lama ***

3.30 pm - since we have 20 glutinous rice balls, I bought ginger syrup and red bean sweet soup for him to eat with the sesame glutinous rice balls.

Friday 1 pm - I ate this cold peanut paste from Thursday as my dessert after lunch. Delicious! 😋

Average price is about MYR 8.17 for each item. Worth it for a better eating experience.

*** Lucky Alley coffee shop ***

A portion of roast duck breast at MYR 7 and one braised egg and one braised tofu at MYR 1.5 each bought from Yuan Tastes Roast Chicken and Duck stall. The tofu is a bit sourish so I like the taste a lot.

Also bought a pack of braised pork and rice at MYR 10 from our regular stall. The ytf price has increased from MYR 1.80 per piece to MYR 2 per piece so I bought 4 brinjals ytf and 1 bitter gourd ytf at MYR 10 nett. We like the brinjal ytf from this stall because the brinjal cut is very thick but the Elderlies don't like them because due to too thick the brinjals didn't soak up the gravy thoroughly so they don't like this brinjal and I have to buy brinjal ytf from another shop for them as they like brinjal ytf pieces that have fully soaked up the gravy through and through.

*** Choy Kee coffee shop ***

Gave these two new gift bowls to the lady at the nasi lemak stall. Hope they are useful to her.

From this coffee shop:
1. Hot hainan coffee tea drink MYR 3
2. Two egg tarts and 1 kaya puff at MYR 2.30 each
3. 2 packs of 3jc noodles at MYR 7 each
4. 2 packs of sea food mihun at MYR 9 each. One pack is for the elderlies' lunch
5. For the Elderlies' lunch: 3 pieces of ccf, 1 bean curd sheet ytf, 2 brinjals ytf, 1 bitter gourd ytf, 1 bentong tofu puff ytf, 1 long tofu puff ytf and curry mix with brown gravy at MYR 15 nett.

Friday 29.apr.22 11.20 am - our lunch of 2 packs of 3jc mihun and kway teow bought on Thursday at MYR 7 each.

*** Golden Chopsticks coffee shop ***

11.50 am - our shared lunch of chap fan: a small portion of rice, lots of yin choy aka amaranth greens, red dates, mushrooms with Kai choy aka mustard leaves, eggs with long beans, pumpkin and I couldn't help myself when I saw dry fried nam Yue marinated chicken breast meat so I took two pieces. Total price is MYR 9 nett. Good price for so much vegetables. I ate both the nam Yue chicken pieces, very yummy 😋 - definitely my favourite way of cooking chicken breast meat.

Also bought char siew wanton noodles dry for his dinner which I didn't eat because I ate 9 glutinous rice balls so I was very full. He ate 7 glutinous rice balls only. We kept 4 glutinous rice balls for the next day. I can't believe that I always go out of control when I go out to buy takeaway food. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Perfect Egg Texture

On Wednesday 27.apr.22, bought one shopeefood delivery and one grabfood delivery for his dinner but I ate my portion as lunch.

2.48 pm - two delicious meals. The egg texture is so smooth without any milk or any butter taste usually found in western style scrambled eggs or omelette so he likes this teriyaki chicken drumstick egg rice set a lot from Mr. Wu Taiwan Restaurant. Will definitely order it again if there are discounts available. The teriyaki chicken drumstick is tender and flavourful.

The Chatto Salmon pieces have crispy skins so I like the taste a lot and will buy it again if there are discounts available. I like the taste of the potatoes carrots curry too.

1.48 pm - ordered after lunch time for better delivery fees. Total price is MYR 13.40 only after all discounts. Very worth it.

2.20 pm - good price after all the discounts. Buy after lunch hours to get the discounts and because this dish was not available earlier when I checked the online menu in shopeefood at 10 am. Total price is MYR 15.40 nett inclusive of delivery fees.

2.28 pm - I like that they do not use plastic containers. Chatto has a hp app to join as member for members' benefits. I will get the app soon to evaluate it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Carpe Diem

On Tuesday 26.apr.22, we went to Taman Desa to buy cold cham drinks from the Pakopi drinks truck, lunch for the Elderlies and food for ourselves.

11.44 am - our lunch from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop. Siew yuk rice MYR 8 and economy rice MYR 13 : rice, minced pork patty, one braised egg, soyknot, egg tofu, okra, napa cabbages, and long bean. I feel the siewyuk is very tasty. Not much fat, crispy skin and tender meat, not hard and not dry. That's why I bought it for the Elderlies.

The Elderlies' lunch: siew yuk rice MYR 8 and economy rice MYR 8: rice, minced pork patty, brinjal and lettuce.

Also bought, a pack of dry wanton noodles at MYR 7.50, 3 siew baos and 1 egg tart from Sing Kee Kitchen coffee shop at MYR 2.20 each. From the drinks truck, bought 5 cham at MYR 3.90, 1 coffee jelly at MYR 4.90 and 1 coffee jelly gula melaka at MYR 5.90 so spent MYR 30.30 on 7 iced drinks which I think is equivalent to maybe 2 branded coffee drinks so I think these drinks are good value for Money but of course I could make my own drinks which I don't think will taste as good. Carpe Diem! My friend told me that her sister went to Spain with her ex university friends this week on vacation and to visit her children studying in London. Since I am not going anywhere, might as well just eat and drink anything I feel like having. 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Chatto Teriyaki Saba Bento

On Monday 25.apr.22, ordered one shopeefood delivery for lunch and one grabfood delivery for dinner.

12.41 noon - we shared the teriyaki saba bento while he ate all the 4 pieces of garlic soy sauce chicken drumettes. The teriyaki saba bento has lots of kimchi, so flavourful!

Shopeefood offer of MYR 12.50 off with free delivery by using vouchers for shopeepay.

At 2 pm, bought dinner using Grabfood delivery. At 10.30 am, the delivery fee is MYR 8 so we waited until 2 pm when the delivery fee is only MYR 4 to place our order. He ate some salted chicken with rice for dinner and kept the remaining for the next day. MYR 11.50 off by using grabfood subscription.

8.02 am Tues 26.apr.22, yee Mee minced pork from yesterday Chok Kar Chong eatery. He added an egg in it. I ate a small portion of this yee Mee and found the yee Mee to be very flavourful.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Lim Fried Chicken Delivery

On Sunday 24.apr.22, we ate the food from the previous day bought from Pudu ICC Food Court and ordered one shopeefood delivery for lunch.

10.50 am - one whole fried chicken leg with rice, cabbage and one hard boiled egg. In the photo of the menu, the egg shown is a fried egg. The skin of the chicken leg is very crispy.

Lim Fried Chicken packaging. Bought a coffee to reach a total of MYR 25 or more to be able to use the discount voucher.

This iced coffee has pieces of jelly konjac in it. Nice!

Free delivery with MYR 7.50 off. Also redeemed shopeecoins to make the total MYR 14.33 so it is a good price. Will order these 2 items again if there are vouchers available to redeem to lower the stated price on the menu.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Plain Rice Salted Egg

On Saturday 23.apr.22, ordered 2 deliveries, one to our place and one direct to the Elderlies.

12.45 noon - plain rice with one salted egg. So delicious! Just these two items to fully enjoy and appreciate the taste of the salted egg yolk and salted egg white. Must not have more items.

It was on one night while on the way to dropping off to sleep, the feeling of yummy salty egg taste with plain rice appeared in my mouth so I bought one boiled salted egg and cooked some basmathi rice to enjoy this yummy budget meal. 😋😋😋 Cravings satisfied.

Direct delivery to the Elderlies. They choose bkt as their dinner. There are bkt eateries with promo at better prices but they like this lucky bkt so we didn't order those bkt on promo because we won't know whether they will like those promo bkt or not. Better stick to this lucky bkt which they like.

For our 3 meals, ordered food from Pudu ICC Food Court again. The penang prawn Mee and petai ckt meals are for the Elderlies' lunch. Total price for 11 food items: MYR 130 and the app selected grab express to deliver the food at MYR 11.10 so each item on average costs about MYR 13 which is quite reasonable.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Repeat Buy

On Friday 22.apr.22, ordered one grabfood delivery and one shopeefood delivery for ourselves.

*** Tastylicious Dim Sum ***

12 noon - I bought the salted egg prawns again. Yummy! Tried the sweet sour chicken fried rice set. I like it because the chicken is dry and no fat so not suitable for the Elderlies due to not tender and smooth.

Grabfood subscription gives MYR 11.50 off.

*** Ruth coffee shop Kuchai ***

5.40 pm - bbq sauce kolo Mee. The noodles are firm. The sauce is sweet. Passable.

Shopeefood gives MYR 11.50 off also.

Thursday, April 21, 2022


On Thursday 21.apr.22, went out to buy food for the Elderlies and ourselves. Also to pick up food that we bought in error.

*** Tastylicious Dim Sum ***

Bought fish fillets rice from Tastylicious Dim Sum eatery again but with a different sauce. This time the sauce chosen is Rock Sugar Honey Sauce which taste richly sweet of honey. Instead of siew boh choy, they give corns as the vege this time. This meal tastes good so it got into our food list.

I was considering between grabfood delivery with MYR 8.50 off and pickup with 15% off when I press order instead of the back button so the order for pickup is submitted and couldn't be cancelled. The delivery promo is better than the pickup promo so I was going to switch to delivery but pressed wrongly to end up with a pickup order.

The salted egg buttermilk prawns rice about MYR 14.40 after 15% discount, is for the elderlies' lunch. They say it is ok, can order it again.

*** Golden Chopsticks ***
11.18 am - bought 5 dishes from the economy rice stall in golden chopsticks coffee shop: broccoli, yin choy, pumpkin, oyster mushrooms and petola without rice.

Bought rice, bitter gourd, petola and minced pork patty for the Elderlies lunch. Total price is MYR 11 for both items.

6.24 pm - a bowl of pork trotter vinegar MYR 7 from the same economy rice stall. Sweet, spicy and sour taste. Very appetising. He ate it for dinner.

*** Choy Kei coffee shop ***

11.02 am - shared breakfast of our favourite seafood mihun soup MYR 9 from Choy Kei coffee shop. Also bought 2 packs of 3jc mihun at a total of MYR 14, 4 x MYR 2.3 egg tarts and a packet of cold hainan char drink at MYR 3. Wholemeal gardenia bread at MYR 3.60 from KK mart and one whole cooked salted egg at MYR 2 from a nearby economy rice stall because a few days ago, at night, I suddenly feel like eating hard boiled salted egg so bought one.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

How Yee Kee BKT

On Wednesday 20.apr.22, ordered two shopeefood deliveries.

11.16 am - his lunch of a bit of rice and a bit of dry bkt. The dry bkt is very flavourful with lots of dried squid and fragrant thick dark soy sauce. The remaining rice and dry bkt is kept for dinner.

6.19 pm - bkt soup for dinner. This bkt soup has a light herb taste and naturally sweet from the herbs used.

11.13 am - packaging, received in good condition.

Redeemed shopeecoins. 

1.22 pm - my indulgence.

Good packaging.

Just one item with free delivery and MYR 2 off. My favourite beef coney gravy cheese fries.