Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taro, peanuts, lotus seeds

 Another long queue outside this shop

 Making glutinous rice balls

 Clean counter showing the various toppings to be selected

Brightly lit display of the various toppings for the ice or sweet soup dessert 

I ordered this selection 3 days in a row: taro cubes, peanuts, and lotus seeds with shavings of ice without any syrup. I like this shop because most other shops give you the choice of less sweet, normal sweetness or very sweet but this shop has the selection of not putting any syrup at all. The lotus seeds have the natural sweetness of roasted chestnuts so they are very tasty. Three toppings cost TWD70 (MYR 8).

This shop is famous for their glutinous rice balls which do not stick to teeth yet are soft but chewy. I chose the sweet offering rather than the savoury one with seaweed. They give free hot tea to go with this dessert.

If you are interested, please check out their website:

Shuāng lián yuán zǐ tāng
(Shuāng lián Glutinous Rice Balls Sweet Soup)
(Nearest MRT station: Shuanglian Metro Station)
103台北市大同區民生西路136號 ‎
No: 136, Mínshēng West Rd, Datong District Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Opening Hours: 11am to 1030pm


  1. Oooh. I love glutinous rice but cant eat a lot. Bad digestion.

    Taiwan, always full of funny and creative food.

    1. One glutinous rice ball should be ok, right?

  2. I loves glutinous rice too, but my digestion not good, so like what Rose mention, can't eat a lot...

    1. I just ordered one to share between two persons so I think one glutinous rice ball should be ok.

  3. I love glutinous rice balls! Yummy!

    1. Then you should really eat this when you go to Taiwan.

    2. I mean from this shop as their glutinous rice balls are very tasty.

  4. Very unique. Usually it stick to teeth. I wonder how they do it.