Thursday, January 23, 2014

Korean Set Meal

Four of us were at KLCC on a public holiday and did not know what to have for dinner. In the end, opted for Korean food. Since I do not like BBQ, all of us ordered set meals, MYR 30 per set inclusive of 1 bowl of rice, 1 main dish and 5 side dishes. I did not note down the names of the set meals in Korean language.

If ordered individually, each bowl of rice costs about MYR 5 if I am not mistaken or it could be more. The rice is very, very sticky and soft.

Since we ordered 4 sets, there should be 4 x 5 = 20 small plates of side dishes but they gave us only one set of 5 side dishes and expected us to ask for refills. In the end, we did not ask for 3 more refills for each of the side dishes so this means they did not serve us all the 4 sets that we were entitled to.

Main dish: beef stew - a lot of beef slices in this rather sweet dish. I think we were meant to wrap the beef using the raw vege and put in the raw garlic and chilli bean paste into the vege wrap.

Main dish: kimchi beef. I did not taste this at all so cannot comment on it.

Main dish: Fried strips of Pollock fish cooked in cabbage, egg, tofu soup.

Main dish: Spicy shallow fried whole fish soup with clams and tofu and a few leaves of vege.

Drinks (not for me): Watermelon juice and diet coke (total MYR18)

This is the place: Koryo-Won.


  1. I not a fan of Korean food, but Japanese food, keke...

    1. Yes, I also prefer Japanese food to Korean food.

  2. It's been a long .....time I didn't eat korean dish. Huhu

  3. It's been a long .....time I didn't eat korean dish. Huhu