Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Long queue

 A long queue. Why?

To buy their breakfast of 燒餅 (Shāobǐng), 油條 (Yóutiáo), 豆漿 (Dòujiāng). Shāobǐng: Chinese flatbread, Yóutiáo: Chinese cruller, and Dòujiāng: Soya Milk.

 Preparing the dough for the Yóutiáo. See the Chinese crullers in the foreground of the photo.

 Deep frying the dough to make Yóutiáo

Making the Shāobǐng (flatbread).  

This was what I bought. Yóutiáo and omelette (egg with spring onions) wrapped in Shāobǐng. Two of the items cost TWD 13 each and one costs TWD 10 making a total of TWD 36 (MYR4). The Yóutiáo was a bit oily but the combination went well together.

This is a typical breakfast for people in Taiwan. I don't know the name of this shop. I heard it being referred to as "(原)西園橋下燒餅油條豆漿" roughly translated to the shop selling Shāobǐng, Yóutiáo, Dòujiāng  that used to be located under the bridge in Xiyuán Rd.

Anyway if you would like to try this breakfast that the locals eat, here is the address (nearest MRT station - Longshan Temple Station Exit 1):
No 242, Section 1, Xiyuán Rd, Wanhua District
Taipei City, Taiwan
From 6am to 12noon (closes earlier when the items are sold out)


  1. The youtiao very large. One if those can be 2 of ours.

  2. If for me to Q, have to depend on mood...

    1. Hope you are in the mood to q when it comes to food. :)

  3. well, i don't mind queue if the food is delicious, btw, i like your quotes about (Eat to Live) or (Live to Eat)~ I heard it from one of my europe trip coach, feel free to listen it at https://soundcloud.com/lonelyreload5/germany-tour-guide-story

  4. I would Q for it if time permits and food is good :)