Monday, January 6, 2014

Sweet Potatoes Shoots Squid

We do not cook at home so we eat out all the time and so we have to find food that is not expensive but yet taste good. Of all the neighbourhood "coffee shop style" restaurants near our home, we only frequent a selected few that serve delicious food at an affordable price.

Since it is almost always two of us, we usually order a vegetable dish, a meat dish and one bowl of rice to be shared among us as I am limiting my carb intake for reasons unknown even to me myself. Once in a while, we will treat ourselves to "sinful" food - fried seafood with high cholesterol content (this treat may turn into torture later when we grow older and our arteries get clogged with plaque).

Two of my favourite dishes are 椒 盐sotong (Malay word for squid/calamari) and 薯苗- Sweet Potatoes Shoots (Leaves) - Pucuk Ubi (Malay word) but not many places serve them the way I like it.

Deep fried salt and chilli pepper squid (a small portion for two - MYR12). The squid pieces were lightly covered with a very thin layer of batter giving a crispy coating and the squid pieces were tender but yet chewy with body. When I eat them with the spring onions, red chilli pieces and fried minced ginger garnishing, the squid turned into a gooey ball in my mouth and the taste was just so good that I kept coming back for more despite the cholesterol. I think the reason it tastes so good is due to the fried minced ginger that goes well with the squid.

The only complaint I have is that this dish is a bit salty and I have tried asking for less salt but with a dish that is named salt and chilli pepper squid, the cook must have thought that I am a bit "off" for ordering a "salt" dish but asked for it to be not salty.

Stir fried Sweet Potatoes leaves with garlic (MYR8) is my favourite vegetable dish and I will order this once a week. The shoots are very tender and soft and that is why I like it. A plate of rice costs MYR 1.2 and a dinner for two for us ends up with a bill of MYR21.20 only.

And this is the place - it may be a bit run down but some of the food taste good. They give itemised receipts that are printed nicely by the cash register. No service charge and no government tax of course.

Ye Look Restaurant
8-1, Jalan Radin Tengah,
Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-90577692


  1. Same goes to me, i eat out most of the time, only cook when i have the mood, hehe...

  2. Yes have been around for more than 10 years. Food in this shop taste good. Many shops around this area had opened and closed but this shop remains :)

    1. mana subscribe via email tool bar? :)

    2. Hello Small Kucing,

      Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Not many French can afford to eat out everyday. So consider yourself and many Malaysians lucky. My husband once commented that how he wishes that he could just go pick up some roti canai and bring home.

    1. Thank you Bee Ean for dropping by and leaving comments. Yes, I guess we can consider ourselves lucky as although the food prices have increased, there are still places serving affordable meals.