Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dec Special Sweets

Nana's Green Tea's Special Sweets for December 2016 which is based on berries with drinks based on white bean.

Matcha Chiffon & Berry Parfait (MYR25.90 nett) and Berry Chocolate Hot Cake (MYR20.60 nett). 

White Bean Sweet Soup with Matcha - Hot or Cold (MYR16.90 nett each). I am not familiar with white bean so I look them up and it seems that white beans are also known as lima or butter beans which I am also not familiar with so I wonder how do they taste like.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Honeycomb Crunch

 I read that this new Magnum Honeycomb Crunch ice cream is very tasty so I went and bought a pack of 6 mini magnum sticks. The usual price is about MYR14 per pack but when one buys two packs, the promotional price for both packs is about MYR24 so it is about MYR12 per pack which means about MYR2 for a mini ice cream stick.

Only 4 sticks are honeycomb crunch, the other two sticks in the pack are classic vanilla.

The mini ice cream is shorter than a teaspoon.

The honeycomb ice cream is very, very smooth and it is coated with milk chocolate with crunchy honeycomb pieces.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

You Braise Me Up

With so many choices in Ticklish, we decided to try the streaky meat simmered in a special sauce. This dish is named "You Braise Me Up". For the same price - MYR26+ 10% service charge (MYR28.60 nett), we could choose to have the meat with rice, pasta, salad or in a sandwich with charcoal, wholemeal or white bread and we chose rice for this time. The streaky meat literally melted in our mouths - I removed the bigger section of the fatty parts and braved myself to eat some fatty parts together with the meat just to test the taste. For someone who does not like to eat fatty parts, I must say that it tastes good so for those who loves the melt-in-your-mouth taste, this dish is a must-try. We plan to eat here again next time to try out the other dishes.

The dish above includes the above salad with a minced meat sauce. We also ordered a cup of hot green tea at MYR5+ 10% service charge (MYR5.5 nett). With the 3 pieces of ribs, our meal for two pax costs MYR59.40 nett.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Back in July 2016, I noticed that the previous Borders shop lot has been undergoing renovation in the Gardens Mall and will be occupied by two restaurants. One of them is Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches which is now open for business.

I ordered half a portion of their signature BBQ ribs (3 pieces of ribs) at MYR23+ (10% service charge) which is MYR25.30 nett with their special spicy sauce. The spicy sauce is very flavourful and it is only slightly spicy, more on the sweet side. The 3 pieces of ribs were served standing in a small container as shown in the photo above.

We moved the 3 pieces of ribs onto a plate. The ribs are meaty, very tender until they are falling off the bones. Next time we will order the full portion which consists of 6 pieces of ribs at MYR45+ (MYR49.50 nett).

Colourful interior decorated with many oink oink figurines and oink oink graphics.

Just look at the sign below the counter.

The entrance. It is located right next to The Han Room on the 3rd floor of the Gardens Mall, a few shop units away from Sushi Zanmai.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Organic Bread

Fresco Grano - MYR6.50 nett. I bought a loaf of organic whole meal bread with sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds to try. It tastes fine but I don't quite like the strong yeast smell so I don't think I will buy it again.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Never Been

This is the Han Room Chinese Restaurant in the Gardens Mall. I have eaten at this restaurant when it was at  its previous location in the same mall but not at this new location.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Paper Thin

Nori Pork Roll at NTD150 (New Taiwan Dollar) which is MYR20.58 nett at the exchange rate of NTD100 to MYR13.72 and there are only 3 rolls in one pack although the 3 rolls look like 4 rolls in the above photo. Very crispy and a very expensive snack. The nori is in wasabi flavour so it is spicy.

They were sealed in the silver packaging seen on the left in the photo above.