Friday, September 25, 2020

Baker Son

from Jaya grocer, two loaves of Cake - butter cake at MYR 12.90 nett and banana cake at MYR 6.50 nett. Both are acceptable.
Banana cake is soft and crumbly.

Another view of the banana cake. Banana taste is light.

Butter cake is dense and fine. Can taste the butter. After eating, the mouth will be buttery. 

*** Thursday 24 Sep 2020 d191 ***
7.05 am - O & S again. Chicken hor fun mixed at MYR 7 nett. Clear broth so this is a light meal.
Popiah again with takeaway nasi Lemak with chicken curry costs MYR 9.60 nett only. Good price.

12.30 noon - not my lunch of nasi Lemak Chicken curry has the taste of the curry of secondary school canteen 36 years ago. Sweet memories!

12 noon - My-dine-in 6 - okra curry, tofu in peanut gravy, two prawns and 12 tablespoonfuls of rice. I didn't take the bag if curry gravy for this prepacked meal and I ate all the rice and all the shells of the two prawns. MYR 3.50 nett as usual. Banana and kiwi are the fruits of the day.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Durian Dumplings

Saw this Durian Dumpling. MYR 6.90 nett for 3 and MYR 2.90 nett for 1 so bought 3 to see what this is all about.

Looks like deep fried sui gao.

The two sides stuck together after torn into half because the fillings are in almost liquid form but has genuine durian taste.

Ok, I pried the two sides open.

The fillings don't stand out because they stay to the sides.

Ate these 3 at 7.02 pm because they won't taste nice if I kept them to give to my friends to eat. Can try if one likes durian and deep fried crispy crunchy sui gao pastry skin.

I like this depiction of a lady who I think is Chang-er 

*** Wednesday 23 Sep 2020 d190 ***

7.33 am - early breakfast at Yong Len coffee shop, TTDI. Fish ball mix kway teow clear soup with seaweed at MYR 7 nett and champ hot at MYR 2 nett. Dine-in 22.

I ordered wanton noodles in soup for MYR 6 nett and both of us share the two bowls of noodles. Bought char kway teow at MYR 6.50 nett as takeaway not my lunch.

11.14 am - 4 lemon puff sandwich biscuits foc for fillers before lunch. Light lemon fillings taste so is nice.

There are other flavours with the same colour of packaging so need to check words on the package before taking the pack. I noticed corn biscuits. Wonder is it corn fillings? Will try it next time.

12.30 noon - ckt from yong len, not my lunch.

12 noon - the two choices are fish and chicken. Normally I would choose fish but this percik chicken is supposed to be very tasty so I tried it and it was delicious! My-dine-in 5. Finished the rice but didn't touch the small pack of curry gravy which was prepacked inside the rice pack. Dinner at 6.30 pm was one banana and a green apple. 9 pm - Finished up the remaining one fifth of a loaf of butter cake so one item cleared. Not my dinner was oats, nuts, cranberries in soymilk.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ah Mei Ho Po Lei Cha


My friend sent me these instructions after buying me a pack of lei Cha that she says is very tasty.
Strong or diluted Lei Cha broth is up to your individual preference.

Lots of veges.

The Lei Cha paste for the broth.

She also bought the rice roll which is called Ho Po Choy Ban Cheong Fun for me. Thank you my friend for introducing this delicious lei Cha to me. Not salty at all so I like it.

Then I found out that the name is this: 阿妹河婆擂茶

And for their online presence on fb and website, you can refer to the links below:

*** Tuesday 22 Sep 2020 d189 ***

Early morning breakfast at 7.36 am at Wah Cheong coffee shop at Section 17, PJ. Wanted to order 3jc but was told it is a long wait so order takeaway instead and ate this lor cham noodles at MYR 6.50 nett or is it MYR 7 nett. Takeaway 3jc and ckt, both at MYR 6.50 nett each.

My portion at 7.43 am. I am fine with the strong spice taste but I find it quite cloying. 

11.49 am - early lunch My-dine-in 4 of prepacked beef rice at MYR 3.50 nett (subsidised price). All prepacked rice boxes are sold at this price and there are two choices for each day - chicken or beef; chicken or fish; or etc.

The bag of curry gravy contains cauliflowers, very tasty. This time I forced myself to finish the rice but only managed to drink half of the curry gravy. I find the beef gravy to be sweet so I guess sugar is used to cook it.

11.55 am - not my lunch of ckt at MYR 6.50 nett, takeaway from Wah Cheong. Not my dinner is 3jc and my dinner is fruits as before. I think I will gain weight if I eat one prepacked lunch box every work day since I try to finish all the rice.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Reverse order


6.04 pm - my dinner of a pear and a banana.

Lunch at 1 pm - after pouring the green curry over the rice. I couldn't finish the rice, left two tablespoonfuls I think.

Before pouring, daging kuzi and bok choy. The egg is in the bag of green curry.

Not my lunch, takeaway nasi Lemak from village park nasi Lemak uptown. MYR 10.50+ 6% sst is MYR 11.15 nett. 

7.28 am - ended up at this coffee shop in ttdi because Annie 1 at Uptown only opens at 7.39 am and Yong Len coffee shop is closed on Monday.

My fish Mee Hoon at MYR 8.50 nett. I asked for no milk and less Mee Hoon but the Mee Hoon wasn't reduced so I left a huge portion not eaten. I forgot that this fish has lots of bones so I ended up spending a lot time eating the fish slowly to remove all bones.

Clear pork Mee Hoon at MYR 6 nett. Better price than Sri Petaling coffee shop. 

5.45 pm - not my dinner if the previous day braised pork with egg and rice. Added bok choy to it. The rice portion is half since the portion is eaten over two days.

So on Monday 21 Sep 2020 d188, these are our meals.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Local Flavours Buns


Saw this buns display in Aeon Supermarket two weeks ago.

7 types of local Flavour. Chicken rendang bun, lamb curry bun, chicken curry bun, sambal petai bun, pandan kaya bun, Kaya cheese bun, gula melaka coconut bun. Too bad only 3 types are available for sale on that day.

Sambal petai bun at MYR 3 nett. Bought two and gave one away. Everyone agreed that this bun is tasty.

Chicken rendang bun at MYR 3 nett. Again I bought two and gave one away. They put sweet mayo on top as many people like the taste of mayo but he doesn't so I ate the top and he ate the rest.

Lamb curry bun at MYR 4 nett. Bought two again and gave one away. I like this bun.

Ate it with rainbow sprouted grains bread because it is very flavourful so need more bread.

Cross section.

Ate with one additional slice of rainbow bread.

*** Sunday 20 Sep 2020 d187 ***

Takeaway food for Sunday. 9.42 am - Kai see hor fun at MYR 7 nett from million coffee shop. They gave too much broth.

10.52 am - my portion with one brinjal ytf MYR 1.60 nett bought from Lucky Alley coffee shop. He ate one okra and one butter gourd ytf. I ate this brinjal ytf with two slices of bread and then drank all the broth. A bit on the salty side but no MSG as I was not thirsty after that.

12.26 noon - not my lunch of braised pork rice with one braised egg. Is that a phoenix claw in the bowl?

12.50 noon - finished the remaining half of durian tart bought on Wed. I ate 3 for the past few days and gave 5 away so all cleared. If I know where NuxV is, I would have gave them to her as I know she loves durian tarts and at buy one get one free, it is so worth it.

5.44 pm - dinner of 3jc noodles (dry) bought on the previous day at MYR 7 nett from friendship cafe coffee shop.

5.54 noon - my portion. Very soft and a bit gooey which I like. So yummy! A typical takeaway food day.