Saturday, August 18, 2018

WG Eat In

Roasted Lemongrass Fish cubes, carrots, purple cabbage, green capsicum, roasted crushed peanuts, cilantro and sweet Thai chilli dressing which I did not use - MYR 22 nett. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

WG Tempeh Vegetarian Set

Weekly vegetarian set lunch (MYR 12.74 nett) again at Medifoods with Tempeh as one of the dishes accompanied by a bowl of vegetables soup (not in photo). As usual they serve papaya as the appetiser before serving the main meal. 

My friend gave all her Tempeh to me because she does not eat Tempeh. I guess for people who do not eat many types of items they should not order this set lunch because they do not know what the dishes are and there is a risk that some of the dishes included are not food that they eat.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Buy 3 Free 1 All Day Long

This bread is made with no egg, no milk, no butter and no seafood/meat so it is suitable for vegan but it is not gluten-free.  Lychee & Rose Bread - MYR 12.90 nett.

This Longan Bread - MYR 12.90 nett is also suitable for vegan but is not gluten-free.

I bought 2 of each to try because for 3 days of a new branch opening in Midvalley Mall, there is a buy 3 buns get the 4th bun free promotion. The buns are quite big for 1 pax portion as can be seen by the standard size table spoon next to them in the photo above.

There are many pieces of dried longan in this bun which has a springy chewy texture.

For the lychee and rose bun, I can smell the fragrance of lychee when eating it. It also has many pieces of dried lychee in this bun and the texture is also springy and chewy.

Buy 3 get another 1 free promotion at Hogan Bakery, Midvalley Mall so the total price for 4 buns is MYR 12.90 x 3 = MYR 38.70 nett.

On another visit, I bought 4 of this Walnut Cheese Bread and paid only for 3 (MYR 8.02 x 3 = MYR 24.06 nett) due to this promotion.

I like to eat this walnut cheese bread very much because the exterior is crusty and the inside soft and chewy - the freshly baked bread taste is so delicious!

Hogan Bakery at Lowerground floor, Midvalley Mall which has just opened on 3rd August 2018 (Fri). It is next to Mak's Chee Wanton Mee. Both of them are occupying the shop units vacated by Kenny Rogers Roasters

The "Buy 3 free 1" promotion is from 3rd August to 2nd September, 2018 for one whole month. So if you want to try Hogan Bakery's bread, now is the time.

This is the Hogan Bakery branch at Pavilion Mall.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ali Muthu Ah Hock

Brunch for 2 pax - Fried Chicken - MYR 7.70 nett, Chicken Rendang (2 pieces per portion) - MYR 7.70 nett, Nasi Lemak - MYR 5 nett, 2 half boiled eggs - MYR 2.80 nett, Cham Ice Drink - MYR 3.80 nett, Hot Lime Barley Drink - MYR 2.70 nett.

Total price - MYR 37.40 nett inclusive of a takeaway fried chicken leg (MYR 7.70 nett - the fried chicken is very tasty).

Please click on the above menu for a bigger image to read the food items and price which is quite reasonable.

Interior decor

After one has finished eating, one needs to go to the front counter to make payment.

Signboard with the name of this eatery.

A welcoming sign. There are many branches of this eatery in the Klang Valley but this one located at Jalan Balai Polis, KL City Center will take you back to times long gone.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Beef Tataki

From the previous visit to Rakuzen at the Starling Mall, we have a MYR10 voucher to be used so we went there again. This time we ordered a Saba lunch set (lightly grilled with salt) for MYR 29 nett and a piece of salmon also lightly grilled with salt from the ala carte menu for MYR 26 nett. 

Beef Tataki - MYR 17 nett. I found this explanation from the internet: "Beef tataki refers to a Japanese method of preparing fillet beef, where the meat is lightly seared, marinated, sliced thinly similar to sashimi, and served with a citrus-soy dipping sauce". From wiki, tataki (たたき) means "pounded" or "hit into pieces". 

The beef fillet in this dish is sliced very thinly and very lightly seared so it may appear to be medium rare so if one wants to eat beef that is cooked thoroughly to well done then stay clear of this dish. I find this dish very flavourful due to it being served in the citrus soy sauce.

I also ordered the Salad Roll that I had before in Kura, One World Hotel at the same price of MYR 13 nett because I like to eat avocado.

Total bill is MYR 85 nett for 4 food items and with the MYR 10 voucher, we paid MYR 75 nett.

After our lunch at Rakuzen, we walked out from Starling Mall to Tsujiri, Uptown because they are having a promotion of 30% discount for all desserts except for soft serve ice cream cones. We ordered the Chiffon Parfait O-Matcha at MYR 15.94 nett and Signature Uji-Kintoki at MYR 14.06 nett to share. These two cups of desserts are just as tasty as before.

With 30% off, we only need to pay MYR 21 nett from our total bill of MYR 30 nett so this is a very good deal. Too bad this promotion has ended on 31 July 2018.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mix No Rice

I ate this plate of mixed rice dishes with no rice at the Food Republic food court in Pavilion Mall. A big piece of Mackerel fish (tenggiri), potatoes wedges, and bitter gourd. Guess how much this lunch costs?

This is the stall I bought the lunch from. Can you see the name of the stall?

This is how much it costs - Mackerel fish - MYR 13.90 nett, Bitter gourd - MYR 3.50 nett and sambal potato wedges - MYR 3.50 nett. Total is MYR 20.90 nett.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

WG Hawthorne Sauce Fish

Since my friend wanted to drink soup, we went to Zun Express, Midvalley Mall. Both of us ordered the Fish with Hawthorne Sauce Lunch Set each which includes a dessert (jelly wolfberry) and a drink at MYR 24.80+ (10% service charge = MYR 27.28 nett). Both of us also selected hot Buckwheat drink from a list of 3 choices: Brown Rice drink, Buckwheat drink and Pu Erh drink. There were 6 slices of fish so I kept 3 slices and most of the rice for my other friend and ate the rest.

Total bill is MYR 64.70 nett because my friend ordered add-on soup (add MYR8+) and one herbal tea egg.