Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Another Trotter

We ended at Pat Kin Pat Sun, Sri Petaling on another occasion due to having parked nearby again and also ordered another dish - Vinegar Pork Trotter - from the August promotion menu which gives 30% off so from MYR14.60 nett we only pay MYR10.20 nett. It did not come with rice so we had to order a bowl of rice (ala carte) at MYR2.10 nett.

The gravy of this vinegar pork trotter is thick and tastes sweeter than sourish. I think it is made from some type of dark thick caramel soy sauce with a little vinegar added to it. There is one hard boiled egg too.

The other item we ordered from the same August promotion menu is this "Sampan" (small fishing boat) porridge at MYR6.90 nett which we only paid MYR4.80 nett after the 30% discount. Total price is MYR17.10 nett for two persons. Good enough meals although we would prefer to eat at Tea Garden.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Trotting Mee

A wanton mee stall at Swee Hing offers its customers many choices of different type of ingredients to go with the noodles. One of them is this pork trotter cooked with ginger slices which is only available on certain days of the week. It is very flavourful, tasty for those who love to eat the soft yet chewy and springy thick pork skin. The whole meal above costs MYR7 nett only.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

With Love

A quick noodle meal prepared by my spouse for me.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Farmers Street

When we were at Jaya shopping center, PJ, we noticed that the Heritage Village eatery has been renamed to Farmers Street. The items in the menu look more or less the same.

The name is now Farmers Street. The layout of the eatery looks the same as before.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Swee Hing

This is a popular old style coffee shop in Sri Petaling near New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice. It occupies two shop units and has fully occupied tables most of the time that we were there. The reason that it is so popular is because it used to be located in OUG and has loyal customers living in OUG patronising it so when it moved to its current location in Sri Petaling, its customers drive all the way from OUG to Sri Petaling just to eat here.

One of the stalls in this coffee shop sells Chinese style pastries such as this egg tart at MYR1.70 nett.
The taste is on par with the egg tarts from TK which is a bit more expensive.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Soup Restaurant at Jaya

Soup Restaurant at Jaya. We have been to the one at One Utama in 2014. We were attracted to the lunch deal as advertised by the banner so we decided to eat lunch there.

The first item to be served. Braised peanuts at MYR3.20 + 10% service charge making it MYR3.52 nett. As we did not order this, we could asked for it to be taken back to the kitchen but we did not as we were hungry and wanted some titbits to eat while waiting for our food.

A glass of hot chinese tea, a small bowl of vegetables and a bowl of corn pork soup that came with the lunch deal.

Beggar Bowl Rice with minced pork lunch set - MYR17.80+ (MYR19.60 nett). The minced pork patty was not flavourful enough according to my eating companion.

I ordered this Beggar Bowl Rice with Chicken and Mushrooms (ala carte) at MYR10.50+ (MYR11.55 nett). The small bowl of vegetables came with the minced pork set and is in this photo for size comparison. The saucer of dark sweet caramel soy sauce is for the mushroom chicken rice. I did not request for it to be served separately so I was pleased that they did it this way and did not drench my rice with the sweet sauce.

Although the beggar bowl is shallow but there is still too much rice for me so I have to give some of my rice to my friend. The boneless chicken pieces taste slightly salty.

The chinese word for soup.

Nice paintings adorned the wall.

If you did not use the packets of towels provided, you could tell the cashier and have the cost of the towels (MYR1.05+ which is MYR1.15 nett each) removed from your bill. Our total bill for two came up to MYR36.95 nett.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Herbal Spring Village Chicken

We went to Tea Garden, Sri Petaling again for our meal. This time, we ordered the Baked Herbal Spring Kampung (Village) Chicken (half a chicken) with Rice at MYR17.20 nett to share between the two of us.

Closed up photo of the baked chicken. We could taste the herb - Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis) in this chicken dish. The chicken was infused with the taste of herbs so it was tasty.

We also ordered a bowl of Red Bean Sweet Soup (Tong Sui) with Glutinous Rice Balls (5) filled with sesame to share at MYR5.80 nett. It was only slightly sweet which I like.