Wednesday, January 20, 2021

December BKT Delivery

Last Saturday 16.1.21, we stayed at home all day so we ordered delivery from an unfamiliar bak out teh eatery in Sri Petaling because it was on Panda Box with a MYR 12 discount for purchase above MYR 30.

11.50 am - Dry Bak Kut Teh at MYR 17.90 with some okras in it. Not spicy. Taste ok.

Bak Kut Teh for 1 pax at MYR 16.90 with a sweet broth. I tested a bit of the broth and it tasted some what like Sarsi to me. I am not used to sweet broth like this.

4 pm - After he ate some for lunch, I kept the remaining portion in the fridge.

Pepper pork stomach soup at MYR 15.90 with just too many pieces of pork stomach though they can't be seen in this photo.

Keeping the remaining portion in the fridge and used it to cook Mee hoon for breakfast on 18.1.21 Monday.

The name of the eatery is December Bak Kut Teh.
Total price is MYR 44.83 nett inclusive of delivery fees after discount so it works out to about MYR 14.94 per dish. I ordered one portion of rice too.

All the food I ordered.

It was packaged like this.

6.30 pm - he stir fried the remaining rice with the remaining dry bak kut teh pork and another portion of rice with pork belly non existent salted fish from Friday so it was a huge portion.
We divided this huge portion into two equal portions and ate one portion each because I wanted to clear all the cooked rice from the fridge. I was very full when I finally ate all my share.

*** 19.1.21 Tue ***

10.20 am - not my early lunch of instant noodles cooked with the remaining bak kut teh from Saturday, 3 days ago with added siew bok choy.

9.24 am - my breakfast of a MYR 2 curry puff bought on Sunday from a stall in front of Sepetang coffee shop, taman Desa. It is surprisingly good because there are potatoes, a good size cube of chicken meat and a quarter full boiled egg in it.

2 pm - my lunch of an egg tart MYR 2 from the same stall as the curry puff. It has too thick almost uncooked salty pastry skin but the egg custard tastes ok so overall it is passable.

2.04 pm - I ate the 3 of 3 KR raisin muffin. I like the dense texture but it is slightly too sweet for me.

4.30 pm - a kaya puff bought on Sunday for my early dinner. I just realised I ate snacks for food the whole day except for a few slices of rainbow sprouted bread and a piece of pork meat with siew bok choy from his bak kut teh instant noodles. Tomorrow or rather today is another day for food, yay! Maybe eat snack the whole day again. 😋

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Shingji Noodle House

 I have bought takeaway from the new neighbourhood eatery named Shingji Noodle House on 9.1.2021 Sat mentioned here and I bought noodles again from them via food panda on 14.1.2021 Thu with no delivery fees.

10.15 am - the toppings are nicely arranged in top of the hot fun.

11.30 am - my portion. Just pour in the soup and eat in the same container.

I bought another pack of noodle - wine pork Mee soup - which we ate for breakfast the next day.
8.48 am on 15.1.2021 Fri, shared the above noodles for breakfast from Shingji with added kei ji and coriander. The default noodle given is yellow noodles mixed with hor fun.

9.45 am - my portion of the pork noodle from Shingji. There are 3 slices of liver in my bowl.
Total nett price is MYR 22 so it is MYR 11 per pack of noodle on average. 

The packaging - noodles in containers and soup in plastic bags. No spillage.

*** 18.1.21 mon ***
Food in reverse order.
5.24 pm - my dinner of the two remaining purple coconut Kuih direct from the fridge and one kaya puff.

1.30 pm - my portion of vege, wax sausage, duck meat and duck gizzard.

1 pm - not my lunch of one wok rice with duck meat from the day before, duck gizzard, wax sausage and coriander.

1 pm - I ate one KR muffin direct from the fridge. It was dense which I like and sweet. Quite decent for MYR 3ish.

The KR muffin is quite small.

12.30 pm - I ate the nasi lemak from the previous day direct from the fridge so the rice is crunchy rice.

8.40 am - my portion of vege, mihun, pork stomach with the remaining yam cake from the previous day.

8 am - not my breakfast of pepper pork stomach soup bought on saturday cooked with mihun, ginger, coriander and Vegetable lettuce to warm the stomach early in the morning.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Deep Fried Bananas

 Sunday is the day I do my lone quick grocery run for myself and my mom at De Market, taman Desa from 8.30 am to 9 am so on 17.1.21, it is the same. To minimize the number of people in the supermarket, I shopped alone while he waited in the parked car for me with the engine switched off.

There are very few customers and the shelves for fresh vegetables and raw eggs are almost bare. Brands of eggs such as Nutriplus and LTK are sold out. The rainbow sprouted multigrain bread is almost sold out compared to previous weeks.

I almost bought two large packets of Lays potato crisp to get free ang pow packets as mentioned by TM but after seeing the price MYR 12.90 nett for one packet, I decided I would rather spend that amount elsewhere so I didn't buy them.

After my grocery shopping, I went to the Sepetang coffee shop nearby to buy my favourite Nasi Lemak, 2 packets with a small portion of rice each at a total of MYR 14 nett for both.

10.30 am - not my breakfast nasi lemak. My nasi lemak is still in the fridge at this time of writing.

I bought a ji bao Kai aka paper wrapped chicken thigh at MYR 4.50 nett from the roadside stall that sells the purple coconut Kuih so it was eaten together with the nasi Lemak. He says the chicken is marinated with oyster sauce, bean paste tauchu, ginger and cooking wine before being wrapped with paper and grilled.

11.13 am - the 3 pieces of morsels are for me to try the taste. 😅

12 noon - ate one purple coconut Kuih. I brought my own container to buy these 3 kuih at MYR 1.70 nett each or MYR 5 for 3 kuih so I paid MYR 5 for these 3 kuih.

I also bought a pack of 3 crystal dumplings at MYR 4 and a pack of yam kuih aka wu tao ko at MYR 4 with the chicken thigh so the total is MYR 17.50 nett. 

12.12 noon - ate both of these deep fried bananas at MYR 1.50 net each, bought from the roadside stall next to the purple Kuih stall. The deep fried nian gao wasn't fried yet or else I would have bought that too.

There are two types of deep fried bananas I would say: those with firm bananas and those with sweet melting bananas. I like both types. This stall sells the melting type. Very tasty but not that healthy due to being deep fried. Sweet soft bananas encased in crispy batter.

12.30 noon - ate one piece of yam cake.

1 pm - ate all the remaining lamb shank from secret recipe bought on Thursday. Lamb jerky!

I also bought a pack of 5 mini kaya puffs at MYR 7.50 nett and a pack of 8 mini Hup Tow Sou at MYR 5 nett from a roadside stall in taman Desa.

1.45 pm - ate two to taste them. He says taste like sek Kai ma in cookie form meaning it has a light eggy taste.

3.30 pm - ate one piece of duck breast meat and that was all I ate on Sunday. No food after this.

I bought this from our usual duck stall which is next to the purple coconut Kuih. Quarter upper section costs MYR 14 and add on 6 duck gizzards at MYR 1 each so the total is MYR 20 nett.

Bought these Jongga radish kimchi for my mom to eat as she loves to eat kimchi.

These two napa cabbage kimchi packets are for my mom too. Bought from de market supermarket.

Priced between MYR 18.67 to MYR 21.50 nett. That was my Sunday. How did you spend yours?

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Roti Jala AMAH

He wanted to eat nasi lemak ayam berempah from AMAH so I ordered it on 14.1.2021 Thursday for lunch.

1.20 pm - I also added in Roti Jala at MYR 11.55 which includes some pieces of chicken in curry gravy.

12.42 noon. As we requested not to have sambal, he ate the nasi Lemak with the curry gravy that is for the roti jala.

There are a few pieces of potatoes in the chicken curry.

One of the best ayam berempah (deep fried chicken after being marinated in lots of herbs and spices) that we can easily get delivered to our place.

I like their packaging. Convenient and fuss free.

Total price for two food items inclusive of delivery fees is MYR 32.47 which is about MYR 16.24 for one food item on average.

I just love to eat roti jala, mainly for its texture and doughy taste.

6.30 pm - for dinner on the same day, he heated up all the remaining chicken curry with the roti jala to be shared by two pax.

6.40 pm - my share of roti jala with the curry potato. I used bread to wipe all the curry off the pan before washing it.