Tuesday, February 20, 2018


On CNY Day 1 (16 Feb 2018 Friday), after visiting my in laws and my mother to "bai nian" (拜年) - a traditional practice of visiting relatives or friends during CNY with CNY gifts and to wish them all the best for the new year - we went to KLCC and Lot 10.

Suria KLCC: The entrance to a traditional village (same concept as the CNY decor at MyTown) - a gateway made of bamboo. This looks so much better than last year's CNY decor.

This is the centerpiece in this decor - the main traditional house with lanterns and two "Fai Chun" (揮春) - red banners with wishes - at each side of the wooden door.

Top View of the main house.

Top view of the whole village

Can you spot those rattan flat round trays with grains/seeds in them to dry under the sun as part of the decor?

Pavilion and houses on the right side of the village

Looking at the left side of the village

Large flowers made with rattan fans as petals hanging above the village. There are so many flowers that it must have taken a lot of effort to make these flowers.

Compare this huge CNY decor structure outside KLCC with the one last year. Which one do you prefer?

When I see this structure, I think of the queens in Alice in Wonderland minus the head.

Monday, February 19, 2018

WG Brussels Beef Cafe

Part of the set lunch at MYR 18.50 nett. A glass of hot lemon tea with unlimited salad from the salad bar - I just took some salad leaves, tomatoes, florets of cauliflower, corn niblets, and segments of pineapple rings from a can. Refillable mushroom soup is included too but I did not want any soup so I did not take any of it but my friend says that the soup is tasty.

My main dish in the lunch set - lamb chop - There are three thin pieces of lamb chops and lots of fries beneath the lamb. I like the strong lamb taste but I had to cut away the fatty bits. I kept most of the fries for my friend as I do not want to take in so much calories.

 My friend ordered the tomato beef pasta but replaced the beef with seafood (mussels and squids) as she does not eat beef. In a nutshell I would say that this lunch set is value-for-money at MYR 18.50 nett.

Update: I noticed that in another branch at Tropicana City Mall, simlar lunch sets are priced at a higher price at around MYR 21.50 nett.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Found it

Ordered the salted egg yolk prawns dish again because I think this is the prawn dish that I have been looking for. Price is the same as before at MYR 38+ (MYR 41.80 nett) and serving size is the same too - 10 prawns.

We also had a beancurd vegetable dish and a bowl of soup at MYR 28+ (MYR 30.80 nett) each.

Total Price for 2 pax is MYR 110 nett at Dragon-i, Midvalley Mall.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

GS Lap Mei Fan

As with previous years, we ordered the Lap Mei Fan (Waxed Meat Rice) special set for 1 pax from Zun Express during this CNY period to share between the two of us.  This set costs MYR 26.80++ (MYR 31.25 nett) which includes the rice with 2 thin strips of cured duck meat, 3 slices of liver sausages and 3 slices of red sausages; a herbal soup (select from 2 choices), and a wolfberry jelly dessert.

Refreshing wolfberry jelly dessert.

We also ordered a portion of yam bbq meat balls (2 balls) at MYR 4++ (MYR 4.65 nett). They cut each yam bbq meat balls in half.

I like the taste of yam here. Can tell that there is a lot of yam used in the paste to wrap the BBQ meat fillings.

Friday, February 16, 2018

No Meat Day

This is day 1 of CNY 2018! Happy CNY everyone! May all of you have wisdom, patience, peace, courage and strength in this new year.

On day 1 of CNY, many people have the practice of observing a no meat and no fish day so a vegetarian lou sang (prosperity toss) it is.

What is in this vegetarian dish? 1. carrot 2. pineapple 3. pomegranate 4. green mango 5. lettuce 6. beetroot 7. raw corns 8. purple cabbage 9. seaweed 10. pineapple 11. cucumber 12. pickled young papaya 13. baby tomatoes 14. daikon making this dish very colourful.

There are also packets of: 1. crispy dough strips 2. candied orange peel 3. peanuts 4. pickled ginger 5. pickled winter melon 6. plum sauce 7. citrus sauce (I think)

It is packaged nicely.

A sturdy box is provided too. This box - a portion meant for 3 to 5 pax - costs MYR 48.80+ (MYR 51.75 nett).

For size comparison. The green and red packets contain pepper and 5 spice powder which we did not use because these ingredients taste good without them too.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mango Snow Ice

We are back at Han Bing, Bangsar to try the Mango Ice at MYR 30.30 nett after the delicious Strawberry Ice. The ice is not too sweet so it is very tasty to me and mango is one of my favourite fruit so I like this ice.

My friend said it looks smaller than the strawberry ice.

We ordered this Injeolmi Ice again at MYR 25.65 nett. The soybean powder fragrant roasted taste is still as delicious as before.

Total price for 3 pax: MYR 55.95 nett.

Enjoy your CNY eve dinner for those who celebrates CNY!

******** CNY Decor at the Curve ********

I first saw the photos of this decor at Submerryn's post and then I got the chance to see the real setup yesterday. There is this arch with the title "Lady of Spring" to welcome you. They also have a performance of "Lady of Spring Dance Musical" as mentioned here.

After entering the arch, you will be in front of the platform where the dance musical will be performed and behind it there is a bridge. At both ends of the platform are a very colourful tree.

View from top: There are plum/sakura trees with lanterns and blooming with flowers.

Just ignore the permanent tall palm trees decor when looking at this CNY decor.

The two pavilions are quite big. I wonder whether the dance performers will dance until here.

Unlike the CNY decors at some other malls where no one is allowed to walk into the decor area, here you are free to cross the bridge and stand in both the pavilions.

Lady of Spring - I wonder who taught of this theme for this mall. So do you like this CNY decor?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bow wow wow

Finally a design with a dog in it. This dog looks like a product from those paper cutting craft patterns.

These dogs are cute!

Not dogs but food.

Merries (diapers) uses the two Merries bunnies in its design. This is quite misleading because at a glance, I though these are old packets from the year of the Rabbit.

A set of 6 cartoon dogs cny packets given foc by a beauty products company.

I believe children would like to receive ang pows with design like this.