Monday, February 27, 2017

Small White Rabbit

Recently we were surprised to see that the Grand Shanghai Banquet restaurant at Sri Petaling which I have been to only once has been replaced with another restaurant.

What do you think of the name of this new restaurant?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Almond this time

When I bought the Nori Pork Roll, I also bought this Almond Pork Paper at the same price of NTD150 (New Taiwan Dollar) which is MYR20.58 nett at the exchange rate of NTD100 to MYR13.72 and there are about 6 pieces in one pack.  

There are almond bits and sesame embedded in paper thin pork slices.

Tasty thin snacks. There is a desiccant packet inside the pack to keep the snack dry and crispy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunway Velocity

Sunway Velocity mall has opened its door a few months ago but I was only able to visit it last Saturday and was surprised to see that they have not removed their CNY decorations.

Walked around the big new mall and saw this long queue.

Oh, it is for this egg sponge cake. The huge cake is being flipped over. I recognise this cake immediately because I have eaten it in 2013 when I visited Tamsui, Taiwan so I did not queue for it here. Best eaten immediately for its light texture.

Cutting the huge cake into smaller blocks for sale at about MYR18 for the original flavour and about MYR25 for the cheese flavour.

Original Cake is from Taiwan. There are still long queues at their stores in Taiwan.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Dispose or not

I like going to Ikea because they provide recycling bins for us to "dispose" of our unwanted items.

Items such as paper, batteries, light bulbs, light tubes ...

... plastic bottles, plastic bags and aluminium cans. Where do you throw your used batteries and light bulbs?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Rice Cake

Pork chop rice - MYR16.90+ (MYR18.60 nett)

Vietnamese rice cup cake at MYR7.90+ (MYR8.70 nett) for two rice cakes topped with deep fried lard, spring onions, crushed peanuts and some other items.

Vietnamese Prawns Salad - MYR15.80+ (MYR17.40 nett) - very appetising because it is sweet and a bit sourish. Vietnamese Iced Coffee - MYR7.90+ (MYR8.70 nett).

At Pho Vietz, Sri Petaling a few months ago (MYR53.35 nett for 2pax).

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thick skin

Early morning at 10 am, we wanted to eat at the newly renovated Sushi Zanmai at the Gardens Mall but there were only two chefs working and no waiting staff to be seen so we did not go enter the restaurant because the ambiance was not friendly at all. We ended up having dim sum at The Han Room which is located near to Sushi Zanmai.

Dim sum is served in The Han Room on Sunday and public holidays only. The waiting staff will push a cart with hot dim sum steaming away in bamboo baskets to your table for you to take your pick. There is also a menu for food items not served by the cart and you can order from that menu too.

From top clockwise: 1. Prawn dumplings - green for edamame, orange for carrot and yellow for sweetcorn. 2. Prawn dumplings with sakura prawn on top. 3. Century egg siew mai.
1 of the above costs MYR9.80 ++ (10% service charge and 6% GST) and the other two at MYR10.80++ each.

The prawn dumpling with sweetcorns in it has such a thick skin. The other two prawn dumplings do not have such thick skin so I wonder what went wrong with this one.

From top clockwise: 1. yam (taro) deep fried dumplings 2. deep fried prawn dumplings 3. siew mai (there are 3 siew mai and we have eaten one before the photo was taken.

1 of the above costs MYR11.80 ++ (10% service charge and 6% GST) and the other two at MYR9.80++ each.

This is one of the better wu kok (yam dumpling) that I have eaten because I can detect the taste of yam unlike some where the taste of 5 spice powder overpowered the yam taste. I am not sure whether it is chicken meat or pork meat for the meat fillings because there was no chicken meat and no pork meat taste and I did not ask the serving staff.

The items served from the push carts are priced at MYR7.80++, MYR8.80++, MYR9.80++, MYR10.80++, MYR11.80++, MYR14.80++ and MYR18++ per serving.

They serve refillable chinese tea from a metal jug carried around by a serving staff at MYR3++ per person. So for the two of us, having the chinese tea and 6 dim sum items from the push carts, the bill is MYR80.20 nett. With this price, I prefer to eat dim sum at Tim Ho Wan with items that are smaller with similar prices but the taste of the dim sum is better in my opinion unless you are planning to order from the menu and not from the dim sum push carts.

Monday, February 13, 2017

MRT station near eCurve

Back in Dec 2016, Phase 1 of the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) Sungai Buloh to Kajang (SBK) started operations and it was announced that commuters are allowed to ride on the trains and feeder buses for free for a month so we also join the crowd for this freebie. We parked our car in Ikea's car park as we wanted to shop in Ikea after our ride.

From Ikea, we walked to eCurve and saw the sign below in eCurve showing us the way to the MRT station.

You won't miss this sign.

This is how the MRT station look like from eCurve. The MRT stations are very spacious and look nicer than the current LRT stations.