Monday, November 18, 2019

Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang

My friend and I were at Mitsui Outlet Park, Sepang recently and ended up eating Ramen. We shared the above set.

We also ordered two skewers of grilled chicken from the ala carte menu. There was not much meat on the stick so we won't order this item again.

Total price for two pax is MYR 45 nett.

Bari Uma at Mitsui Outlet Park.

Bought one marble cake and one butter cake from Padi House, Mitsui Outlet.

I was happy to see the discount for buying 2 loaves of cake as I didn't know about it when I was buying the cake. Very buttery cake so good for those who love to eat strong butter cakes.

Shop front of Padi House, Mitsui Outlet, Sepang.

Bright sunlight from the skylight in the middle of this outlet.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ah Cheng

A glass of Cham Hot and Ah Cheng Assam Laksa with Fish (MYR 12.90+ 6% SST = MYR 13.67 nett) but where is the fish?

Ok, found it at the bottom of the bowl. It is only half a fish.

Two plates of Nasi Lemak Rendang (only chicken rendang is available). As mentioned before, this is our default place for nasi lemak chicken rendang at Midvalley Mall.

Total Price for 3 dishes and a drink is MYR 40.90 nett at Midvalley Mall.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Coffee Shop Meals

hainan tea which is more strong tea mixed with coffee at MYR 1.8 nett. Char siew and Chicken rice at MYR 7 nett. These are the lowest prices for food in coffee shops around the vicinity. Lucky the food is decent.

Friendship Coffee Shop at Esplanade bukit jalil - dry curry noodles at MYR 8 nett. The thick curry gravy tastes good but I don't like the style of this dish which is to mix oil and thick and thin soy sauce into the noodles resulting in the taste of the noodles clashing with the curry gravy but this is the way all stalls do it for dry curry noodle. 

O & S at Paramount Garden, PJ. Seafood noodles at MYR 6.5 or 7.5 nett (I couldn't remember) and Cham Hot at MYR 1.9 nett.

O & S - MYR 13 nett for 2 plates of Char Kway Teow and Char Yellow Mee - one plate each on 26 oct 2019 saturday. A bit on the oily and salty side.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Last for 2019

Top view. Mango Snowfetti from Snowflake, Midvalley Mall at MYR 33.90 nett. Mango ice shavings with jelly ai yu, sweet potatoes balls, taro balls, springy tapioca balls, and cubes of mango swimming in mango puree.

Side view showing mango cubes covered by mango puree and jelly ai yu. Tasty but best shared by 4 pax since the portion is huge.

I had it once in March 2019 at MYR 29.90 nett so it seems that after 7 months, the price has increased by MYR 4 nett (around 13% increment) to MYR 33.90 nett. So this is the last visit for me to Snowflake, Midvalley Mall for this year (2019). Wonder in 2020, when will I get the urge to eat ice at this eatery again.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

3 Course Ben Express Lunch

5 of us went to have Ben Express Lunch at the Gardens Mall again. This time we ordered one three-course set lunch at MYR 35++ (MYR 40.6 nett) and selected the following dishes: Ben's House Salad again - lettuce, arugula, avocado, cherry, tomatoes, edamame, walnuts, 7-seed mix with Ben's signature dressing which is a bit sweet, light and tangy.

Main dish - duck confit and sundried tomatoes. The sundried tomatoes are quite salty.

My friend does not like to eat arugula so I removed all the peppery nutty greens and add them to my salad.

A slice of Banoffee cake. Sweet but nice when each person eats a bit of the cake only. There is a layer of bananas which make the cake tastier.

Ala carte order: Magnum Iced Chocolate drink at MYR 13++ (MYR 15.08 nett). The drink is very rich and smooth.

Ala carte order: a slice of apple pie at MYR 14++ (MYR 16.24 nett) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cubes of apples inside the pie this time is not as soft as the time I ate it back in Sep 2019.

Ala carte order: Flat white at MYR 10++ (MYR 11.60 nett).

Total price for 5 pax is MYR 83.50 nett because we ate lunch elsewhere before having dessert here with another lunch to share.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

WG Aneka Sup

Soto ayam - MYR 6.50 nett. Peanuts, shredded chicken meat, compressed rice cubes are the main ingredients.

There are also glass noodles in the soup.

Aneka Sup stall at the 1st floor food court in Central Market, KL. This is the 2nd time that I ate soto chicken from this stall. Will eat the same dish again when I have lunch at this food court in the future because it is easy to eat and I like to eat compressed rice cubes.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

WS Tujoh again

I went to Tujoh Cafe again on my own.

Chicken Wrap Set Lunch at MYR 12 nett. Tastes decent.

As I was having lunch alone, I sat facing the green courtyard.

Then I went again with another friend and decided to have rice instead of wrap like the previous two visits.

 Sweet and Sour Fish (Perch) Rice Lunch Set - MYR 18 nett. Very appetising due to the sweet and sour sauce. I kept half the rice for later.

 My friend ordered the fish (perch) and sweet potato chips (MYR 23 nett) from the ala carte menu. Tastes fine.

Total Bill for 2 pax: MYR 41 nett.