Monday, April 6, 2020

Hofu Ebi Cheek Salted Egg

Saturday 4 April 2020, Not-My-Breakfast of Coffee and open faced sandwich of roast pork on little gem lettuce.

My breakfast of the 2nd pack of yogood muesli with added pecans, walnuts and almonds in plain drinking water.

Chocolate coated biscuit - quite messy to eat. Taste like Apollo chocolate wafer.

I have not used online delivery apps before last weekend which was the time that I started using them. For lunch on Saturday 4 April 2020, I ordered 2 set meals from Fu Hao restaurant in Kuchai Lama at 12.40 noon and received the food at 1.30 pm which is super fast as the food need time to be cooked.

Ordered two set meals  which includes a drink each. Deep fried wat tan yingyong beef noodles at MYR 16.90 nett and sweet and sour pork rice at MYR 12.90 nett.

Contactless delivery so I put a blue box for them to put the food in. The plastic bag was tied tightly so it doesn't look tampered.

They gave too much gravy for the yingyong noodle.  We shared the ying yong (meehoon, horfun) for lunch and ate the sweet and sour pork rice as dinner. The two drinks are lohongo and chrysanthemum.

*** Sunday 5 April u 2020 ***

More food deliveries. This time I used Grab app to order the food. Similar to Food Panda, the food is packed by the restaurant and the bag is tied tightly.

The riders placed my orders neatly in the blue box. No more foc masks and sanitizer when order myBurgerLab.

From myBurgerlab, OUG. Ordered at 1137 and received the food at 1222. fast. The burgers are in my fridge as I ate other food as lunch and dinner.

Ordered food from Mama Cooking, Kuchai Lama at 11.48 am and received the food at 12.15 pm. How could it be so fast? Doesn't Char Kway Teow need time to be cooked? Great service by Grab riders.

We ate some pop corn chicken from myBurgerlab as snacks and kept the balance in the fridge. very tasty. Although it is chicken breast meat, it is tender.

For lunch, we share the petai char kway teow. Too many petai so we kept half of the petai in the fridge. For dinner, we shared the above nasi lemak ikan kembong. will definitely order food from Mama Cooking again.

*** Salted Egg Ebi Cheek ***

High Calcium!

Must eat immediately after opening.

What is Ebi Cheek?
Ebi Cheeks are the lower parts of the Shrimp Head which as super crispy and full of calcium.
I think they just mean that it is the shell at the lower parts of the head.
I did not take photos of them because it just looks like crisps. Taste fine, with salted egg yolk taste and crispy. Expensive snack at MYR 16.90 nett for 60g of crisps. No wonder the cashier kept repeating the price to me and asked me you sure you want to buy this at MYR 16.90 nett? She must have thought I did not know the price and would later ask for a refund to return it after paying.

Bought these to use up a piece of MYR 50 voucher.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ham Luncheon Meat

What else, Instant noodles with KFC chicken, little gem lettuce again for lunch on monday 30 March 2020 (d13). This time two slices of "chopped pork and ham" are added which I tried a bit of. Very salty but with the expected taste of luncheon meat. The taste is fine, just don't eat too much because it is very salty.

MeiNing brand Chopped Pork and Ham at MYR 15.50 nett bought from Jaya Grocer, Midvalley Mall.

My lunch: no "Chopped Pork and Ham" because it is very salty. Just a small chunk of kfc chicken, little gem lettuce and instant noodles. I eat to live not live to eat, I guess because I can eat the same food for days.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Favourite Ice Cream Stick

*** Frozen McD Sundae ***
So for breakfast yesterday 3 April 2020 (restart d3), I ate the frozen McD Strawberry Sundae from my freezer. The Sundae has hardened but not solid hard like an ice cube but harder than normal ice cream though the spoon can still scoop it without exerting any strength so I like the hardened texture of Sundae more than its original smooth silky texture.

I enjoyed the Strawberry flavour though it is a bit too sweet for me. Nowadays I seldom eat McD Sundae, only McD ice cream cone but because I bought the set and it includes Sundae that I ate it. For lunch, we shared the nasi lemak and two pieces of chicken from yesterday McD. For dinner, we ate half of the McD Nuggets with slices of bread.

*** Biscuits Biscuits ***

Last Friday night (27 March 2020 d10), I feel like eating chocolate biscuits but I just want to stay home so I thought of buying from supermarkets online delivery. The next day I went online and found that all delivery slots of the supermarkets that offer this service are full until further notice so I can't get my biscuits from the usual supermarkets like Tesco online, Jaya Grocer and etc.

So I went on Shopee to search and found this shop: Joe Meng Food Trading Sdn Bhd with a physical store located in Taman Melawati. I was too happy shopping away for biscuits until my online shopping cart is filled with biscuits and I bought them on Saturday itself. 

On Monday (30 March 2020 d13), they called me to say one of my item is not available and gave me a choice of two items to choose as replacement so I chose the Lexus vegetables crackers to replace the Lexus Chocolate Sandwich. Then the parcel was packed on Monday itself and collected by the courier JT Express (delivery charge is MYR 16.01) on Tuesday (31 March 2020 d14) and delivered to me on Thursday (2 April 2020 restart d2) so it took about 5 days from the moment I paid to collecting the biscuits - not bad. I would say good service from both the vendor and the courier though the box did sleep in two separate storage hub for one night each. From Gombak, it went to Klang for a night and then to Cheras for another night before being sent to me. As before, it was contactless delivery and they put the large box which weighs 18.56 kg on the car. As of 3 April 2020 (restart d3), I have not eaten any of the biscuits yet because I am occupied with eating McD. lolx!

18.56 kg of biscuits.

Contactless delivery, box placed on car. I am amazed by how the person packing my order managed to neatly put all the biscuits into one box without crushing them. The box was not big enough so they even use the flaps of the opening of the box as walls to make the box taller. Amazing! They are so skillful. To think they are risking their lives going to work daily so that I can get my biscuits.

I checked the expiry dates. Non are expired.

Top view.

I think I will have to take some to the office after 14 April 2020.

Spent MYR 130.80 nett on biscuits not including delivery charges. Staying home means online food shopping. As this receipt is not clear, below is the list of biscuits that I bought from my online shopping cart.

Tiger, Munchy Lexus, Oat Krunch, Captain Munchy.

One of my favourite biscuits - Julie's Cheese

The last item Lexus Chocolate Sandwich is the one not in stock and so was replaced by the Lexus Vegetables Crackers which cost the same.

*** Favourite Ice Cream Stick ***

On the next morning, continue to eat the balance of the large kfc whipped potatoes with sprouted grains bread from Rainbow bread. This time I tasted the whipped potatoes carefully, it is the whipped potatoes itself that is very salty when cold, not the gravy. The gravy is very peppery. I ate them all cold direct from my fridge as brunch on 28 March 2020 sat (d11).

More than one large scoop.

Ate a cold chicken drumstick from the fridge to mop up the gravy because I don't want to pour the gravy into the sink so I rather pour the gravy into my tummy.

Later in the evening on the same day, I ate my favourite ice cream.

 Solero Split at MYR 1.20 nett bought from 7-11.

On 25 march 2020 Tue (d8), my spouse went out alone in search of a loaf of bread but the 7-11 staff told him all sold out once the bread arrives at 11 am so he bought  pack of Mighty White Red Bean Buns instead and my favourite ice cream for me without me asking him to. So thoughtful of him.

Then my sweet tooth hit me so I rummaged my fridge and found two Chiate pineapple and salted egg yolk pastries I bought in Taipei in 2018 so I ate them both. They are still very tasty, the pastry is buttery, the pineapple filling has pineapple taste, just that the salted egg yolk has dried up a bit so it is crumbly but is expected since the best before date is 22 11 2018 which is 1 year and 4 months ago.

My sweet tooth was still not satisfied so I ate a pack of 4 Munchy Biscuits with Chocolate Cream sandwiched in between. (I suspect this was what triggered me to want to eat more biscuits) And ended my meal with half an orange.

This is brunch on 29 March 2020 Sunday (d12). The best before date for the ocean spray cranberries is 23 01 2019, which is 1 year and 2 months ago. This stay at home is helping me to clear my fridge. I must have better stock management so that I don't need to keep eating expired food. lolx!

Add two pieces of savoury crackers to the sweet and tart cranberries. I only added hot water to the instant Quaker Oats so the cranberries and crackers will be the ones giving flavour to the oats. Bon appetit!

Friday, April 3, 2020

KFC Popcorn Chicken

This is not my breakfast because I am wary of eating luncheon meat although this is named as chopped pork and ham from MeiNing Brand bought from Jaya Grocer for MYR 15.50 nett. Coffee with Bread, Egg and Luncheon Meat.

Usually this is my breakfast - yogood muesli with added pecans, almonds and walnuts soaked in plain drinking water.

Sometimes, the two of us share this bowl of dumplings (Ori Taste frozen sui gao) for breakfast but we usually eat them as dinner.

After buying roast pork and char siew from Boon Signature Roast Pork, this is not my lunch. A bowl of rice with little gem lettuce, char siew and roast pork. I cooked the rice using a microwave oven because our rice cooker is too old to be used anymore. As we don't cook, we did not buy a new rice cooker.

This is my lunch - cold kfc drumstick with a slice of sprouted grain bread from Adventist Bakery or now the bread packaging says "Rainbows sprouted Bread".

For dinner, I usually just eat a slice of bread with a quarter of an orange. Sometimes I just drink instant oats.

Yesterday 2 April 2020 Thursday (restart d2), we shared McD Nasi Lemak with 2 McD fried chicken mixed (one spicy and one regular). I wonder why this time the packaging is like this and not in a box like our previous order.

Nasi Lemak set or ala carte is not available at that time (1240 noon) using the McDelivery app so I searched for a lowest priced set with Nasi Lemak and bought it at MYR 66.03++ (MYR 74.95 nett is the total price after service tax and Delivery Charges). 

This Family Bundle B Mixed is meant for 3 persons (correction: I checked the McDelivery app and it says that this bundle B is meant for 5 persons) but we only ate one nasi lemak and 2 pieces of chicken and kept the rest. I changed all the soft drinks to bottled plain drinking water and change one sundae to apple pie. Unfortunately they forgot the apple pie. Seeing the situation around the world now, I am not going to complain about it. 

Then I notice that instead of 3 medium fries, there were 3 large fries and 1 medium fries in the bag. Perhaps they are 3 medium fries and 1 small fries because I am not sure what sizes are available for McD fries and how big the portion should be for each size. Update: After checking the McDelivery app, I confirm it is large and medium fries. No small size.

Contactless delivery - The bags are put on top of the car while I stand inside the house. The two sundae has one bag each. The largest bag contain 2 boxes of 2 fried chicken each and one box of 9 nuggets with 2 packs of sauce - bbq sauce and sweet sour sauce. I would have requested for no sauce at all if the app provides such an option. The medium bag contains 2 containers of nasi lemak and a bag containing 3 red packs of fries and 1 smaller white paper bag of fries. Then there are the 3 bottles of drinking water with Ice Mountain Brand by F&N. The two sundaes (one choc and one strawberry) are sitting in my freezer. I wonder how they will look like and taste like after being in the freezer for a few days. Never tried doing that to Sundaes before. So that was yesterday.

*** KFC Popcorn Chicken ***
Meals eaten on 27 March 2020 Friday (d10)

Breakfast - large kfc whipped potato from fridge and a slice of multigrain bread.

Just put one scoop on the bread and keep the other scoop in the fridge for another day. The whipped potato gravy is very salty when eaten cold (I later found out it is not the gravy but the whipped potato itself is very salty when cold).

Lunch: instant noodles, little gem lettuce and a piece of kfc chicken.

My lunch: dry instant noodles with little gem lettuce and kfc popcorn chicken from the fridge.

The popcorn chicken is made from chicken breast meat which I like and it is a bit spicy. I am very satisfied with a meal like this because I like to eat instant noodles without any broth, dry version.

Dinner: Cooked the frozen dumplings and some bok choy.

My portion of dinner - two dumplings with some bok choy, half an orange, two slices of multigrain bread, one cube of Lindt strawberry cheese chocolate and one munchy peanut butter biscuit as dessert.