Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Golden Chicken

9.58 am - my breakfast on Tuesday 14 July 2020 d119. One pack of 4 Munchy's Butter Sandwich Crackers. I am surprised to find that they taste so much better than when I ate them previously. I guess I must be hungry so when one is hungry, food taste better than they usually do.

10.34 am - he went to a drive through to pick up the foc meds for the elderly folks. So nice of this university hospital to provide drive through pick up meds service. I hope they continue to provide this service even after all the mcos are over.

After reading the article Nux V wrote about Ayamas, I went to their website to search for the nearest branch and saw these two pop-up info ads that the 15th and 30th promos are not available.

30th promo is not available too. Since I found out that there is a branch along the way to pick up the meds, he did a pit stop to buy one ayam percik for old time sake because back in 1994, both of us used to devour one whole ayam percik in one sitting, just the two of us but then we were so young at that time.

11.39 am - Eh, what is this? Not a cardboard box like back in 1994?

One whole Ayam Percik with bones at MYR 26 nett. He requested it not to be cut to lessen the packing time.

12.03 noon - the chicken is tender so we tore it apart with our bare hands just like barbarians do.

Can't finish the whole chicken now that we are 26 years older so kept this much for the next day.

He also did another pit stop to buy 3 packs of rice with meat (MYR 29.50 nett) for the elderly folks but they say they did not want the rice so he brought all 3 packs home. This lean char siew rice is kept for the next day meal. I have removed the siew yuk and cucumbers from this pack of rice to be eaten immediately.

This is a pack of steamed chicken drumstick rice with lots of sauce and ginger paste. This pack of rice is for dinner. My dinner is bread with kaya and milo cereal with bread at 7 pm because I don't like having sauces all over the rice like this.

12.04 noon - shared the 3rd pack of char siew and siew yuk rice for lunch together with some meat from the percik chicken. This is my portion. Can you spot the siew yuk?

So messy. I don't think I will eat chicken this much again because after eating this chicken, I am very sure that I prefer strong mutton taste to strong fresh chicken taste. Just a note to say that kaya and red bean paste are cleared on this day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

HP Sauce and Big Ben

I got a request to buy this bottle of HP brown sauce from Aeon Big Supermarket at MYR 6.40 nett.

It is a UK brand but made in the Netherlands. It has Tamarind (Assam) and Malt Vinegar in its ingredients so it is a tiny bit sourish. I tried it on my fried egg sandwich and it was so flavourful and appetising that I wanted to eat more food after I have finished eating my egg sandwich so I don't use it anymore because I don't want to eat more food. Have you tried this HP Brown Sauce before?

Oh, so Big Ben won't be ringing out until 2021.

*** Monday 13 July 2020 d118 ***

10.54 am - my breakfast of 4 sugar apricots bought on the previous Saturday.

11.11 am - His after breakfast snack of the remaining 4 sugar apricots so all of them are cleared. Sweet and tasty.

12.41 noon - my lunch of fried rice with mixed frozen vegetables (finished up the remaining Kawan mixed frozen vegetables), duck gizzard and waxed sausages. I added a piece of duck meat from the fridge.

13.35 pm - I still feel like eating so I ate a few scoops of red bean paste from the fridge. 500 grams of red beans sure gave a lot of red bean paste. I have been eating a few scoops every day since the previous Thursday. Dinner will be 3 frozen sui gao in Pan Mee soup.

Monday, July 13, 2020

MW banana Walnut muffin

Yesterday it was Mighty White Banana Loaf, today it is Mighty White Banana Walnut Muffin priced at MYR 1.60 nett each.

Top view

Side view with pieces of Walnut embedded in the muffin.

The texture is fine and dense. It is moist and sweeter than the banana loaf. This is a quick snack for a hungry person because it does not require cutting like the banana loaf. Both taste fine with a slight banana taste but I guess the loaf wins on the price point if one is looking for an affordable budget banana cake with a nice taste.

*** Sunday 12 July 2020 d117 ***

7.53 am - Breakfast for two pax, reheated the previous day duck egg ckt and added two fried chicken eggs for one each.

8.10 am - my portion of ckt and fried egg.

12.30 pm - Dine in 6 - at friendship cafe, taman esplanade. Roast chicken thigh, siew yuk rice at MYR 7 nett, cham hot at MYR 1.80 nett and dry 3jc at MYR 7 nett. Not as many people as before mco. We sat inside the non air cond coffee shop where they did enforce everyone to leave a blank seat next to them so not that crowded but not exactly 1 metre away either but we were hungry so just dine in since there is an empty seat between each dine in customer.

3 pm - ate red bean paste.

I bought 3 deep fried nian gou and 1 deep fried banana at MYR 1.30 nett each so the total is MYR 5.20 nett. From the roadside duck stall next to this stall, I bought half a roast duck at MYR 30 nett and 5 duck gizzards at MYR 1 nett each giving a total of MYR 35 nett.

3.30 pm - I waited till it is no longer hot before eating it so that the melted nian gou will not ooze out. Felt like eating this deep fried nian gou after reading Nancy's post.

Half a roast duck at MYR 30 nett. We haven't bought roast duck after the previous time (Tuesday 2 June 2020 d77) when we kept them too long in the fridge and they went bad.

6 pm - took out some pieces for dinner for two pax.

6.30 pm - two of us shared this instant noodles roast duck little gem lettuce dinner.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Mighty White Banana Cake

We are on the search for acceptable banana cake with an affordable price and decided to try this long loaf of Mighty White Banana Cake. The normal price is MYR 7 nett but Aeon Supermarket is selling it at a promo price of MYR 6.50 nett.

The texture is fine and soft. We prefer this to the previous banana cake that we tried because this did not taste too sweet due to having a bit of savoury taste to offset the sweet taste.

Close up

Bought this big pack of Nescafe latte mocha to try at a promo price of MYR 10.90 nett. The reviewer's feedback to me is that it is like NesLo with a heavier Milo taste and on the sweet side.

*** Saturday 11 July 2020 d116 ***

Saturday is takeaway day. The wat tan hor stall I went to is closed so I had to change my plans. The ytf stall increased the price of ytf by 10 cents to MYR 1.6 nett per piece so I bought 2 brinjals, 2 bitter gourds, 2 okras, 3 fried tofu and 1 fried tofu puff for MYR 16 nett. From another stall, I bought Hakka pork belly rice MYR 7 nett. Then moved to another shop to buy ckt duck egg MYR 8 nett, pork Yee Mee MYR 6.50 nett, hand torn pan Mee MYR 7 nett, and pasembor rojak at MYR 7 nett. I was surprised to find no hard-boiled egg in the rojak. These food will last us for two days. The coffee shop is bursting to the brim, no social distancing at all. It was just like before mco. Good business. I wouldn't dine in this coffee shop in this condition.

From the supreme fresh van, I bought 6 oranges for MYR 10 nett and a box of Aksun sweet apricots for MYR 10 nett. The apricots are sweet as stated. More health benefits of eating apricots at

5 pm - a few sips of Nescafe latte mocha and a slice of banana cake. No, the nescafe latte mocha doesn't taste like NesLo. It taste like cocoa drinks with a strange fragrance and sweet too with a bit of coffee taste. I don't quite like it but I am ok to drink it.

6.10 pm - piping hot pan Mee with ytf in Yee Mee soup after being reheated for 2 pax.

6.30 pm - my portion of pan Mee with ytf. I didn't want any soup. After this meal, I ate one scoop of red bean paste.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Julie Le-mond Lemon, Cheese, Hazelnut

Biscuits for my breakfast on Friday 10 July 2020 d115 at 9.20 am. 3 types of Le-mond biscuits with lemon fillings, Cheese fillings and Hazelnut fillings. One pack has two sets of sandwich crackers so one pack has 4 pieces of crackers.

3 packs.

Size comparison with one Lexus peanut sandwich cracker at the left top corner. It is a little bigger with sharp corners. Taste wise, I like Le-mond lemon fillings the best.

Although I have not finished eating all the biscuits that were delivered to me on Thursday 2 April 2020 d16 which I bought on Saturday 28 March 2020 d11, I bought these 3 big packs of Le-mond biscuits with 16 individual packs in them because of the promo price at MYR 7.99 nett from the original price of MYR 11.41 nett from Aeon Supermarket.

Promo price is too attractive to ignore.

4 pm - a slice of banana cake.

5 pm - ate 3 scoops of red bean tong sui which is now red bean paste. To have it as tong sui, just need to add drinking water to it.

6.30 pm - 3 sui gao pork with chives and a few leaves of little gem lettuce. Today, I did not eat any main meals, just bits of this and that.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Two Rooms

Still on Thu 8 Nov 2018 Day 3 in Taipei - 6.30 pm - the free for all snacks in the hotel common room.

The hotel common room with free flow self service coffee machine and free for all snacks which are replenished daily.

This was room 1 - the entrance is facing the entrance of the bathroom.

Frosted glass sliding doors for the bathroom.

With windows and mirror.

Two double beds because there were 4 of us.

Basic but clean room.

Each bed has its own bedside unit.

This is how the entrance to almost all buildings in Taipei looks like - with a counter where the security guard sits at. He sits so low that only the top of his head can be seen in this photo.

This is the room that we checked in to rest for just a few hours from 3.30 pm to 9.30 pm but I think we pay the full price for the use of this room.

A smaller room.

With just one big bed. Bye bye room at 9.20 pm.

The check in and check out counter. An old fashion weighing machine to weigh luggage. So we took the MRT to the airport and just sit and rest on the chairs in the airport until boarding our flight back home in the wee hours.

Fri 9 Nov 2018 - 12.30 noon - back and waiting for luggage. Home sweet home and bye forever Taipei!

*** Thursday 9 July 2020 d114 *** 

10.40 am - my portion of takeaway breakfast from a nearby coffee shop - wanton noodles with siew yuk with green chilies. I bought a big portion at MYR 8.50 nett for 2 pax sharing and we just eat directly from the plastic bag.

11 am - continue to eat half of this chee cheong fun (1 roll, 2 slices ccf) with 1 slice of bean curd sheet and 1 okra stuffed with fish paste (ytf). I asked for the brown sauce to be poured directly onto the chee cheong fun because I intended to eat this ccf immediately when back home and I did not want another bag with brown sauce. Two of us shared this pack of ccf that costs MYR 5.50 nett. We also bought century egg, salted egg and minced meat congee for 1 pax for lunch.

Still not comfortable dining in coffee shops seeing that some countries had to lock down certain areas again so had to continue to buy takeaways and continue to practise the 3Cs - avoid crowded places, avoid confined places (go open air places) and avoid close conversations; and 3Ws - wash hands with soap, wear masks and warn oneself to do the following: don't touch other people (no handshakes), cover mouth when cough or sneeze, clean and disinfect common places, stay home as much as possible and seek treatment if one has symptoms.

6.30 pm - my portion of congee.

7 pm - a bowl of home cooked red bean tong sui with 90% red beans and 10% water so it is like eating red bean paste which I like.