Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Fusilli pasta with tangy avocado dressing with tomatoes, sweet peppers, spinach, rocket, peas, walnuts and feta cheese at MYR 23+ (10% service charge = MYR 25.30 nett). Added a grilled chicken thigh for MYR 6+ (MYR 6.60 nett). Total price is MYR 31.90 nett. Very tasty even without the chicken as I like the combination of spinach, rocket and feta cheese.

An open sandwich with mushroom, salad and fries at MYR 17+ (MYR 18.70 nett). A good meal for vegetarians.

Drinking water is provided foc so we did not order any drinks but we heard that the coffee here is good.

Gossypium opened in mid-April 2019 at The Sphere, Kerinchi/Bangsar South. I had to search online for the meaning of Gossypium and found the following: "cotton plants are of the genus Gossypium in the family of Malvaceae". I wonder why give an eatery this name.

It was a public holiday when I had lunch there so the special is not available so we order the open face sandwich ala carte.

Those items with poached eggs are out for me as somehow I could not train myself to eat runny egg yolks.

 They serve many vegetarian meals.

They even have gluten-free meals on their menu.

Drinks menu. We will be back when they have more items on their menu.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Opening when

On 12 May 2019, Sunday, I noticed that Isaac Toasts (very popular in South Korea) is going to occupy this space in the Midvalley Mall.

This space used to house Dokodemo which I mentioned in September 2018. Before that it was Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake in 2016 and Crazy Potato before Uncle Tetsu and Dusun in 2015 before Crazy Potato. I believe Isaac Toast will not be here for very long from what I observe at their kiosk in One Utama which does not have any customers whenever I walked by.

On the same day, I also noticed that Hui Lau Shan (the famous franchise from HK that sells mainly mango desserts) has also moved away. I love to eat their mango desserts when I was in HK. When they opened their initial store in One Utama a few years back, I was disappointed because it does not taste as good so I guess that is why they closed this branch. I wonder if the branch in One Utama is still in business or not.

Hoagies is taking over. In North America, Hoagies refer to a sandwich made of a long roll filled with meat, cheese, and salad. Here, they have a branch in Nu Sentral and the reviews that I read were not that good so I guess they won't be here long either. Oh dear, before these new shops even open, I do not forsee a bright future for them at this mall. Let's wait and see.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


On 11 May 2019 Saturday, I noticed that this Tappers eatery next to the Teh Tarik Place at The Curve was not opened. I wonder whether it is closed permanently or temporarily. I have not eaten at this branch but I have eaten many times at the branch at The Sphere, Kerinchi/Bangsar South in 2015 which has moved away when The Sphere was undergoing renovations. I wonder are the other branches of Tappers still around in other malls.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Medifoods, PJ again. Set Lunch at MYR 12.42 nett (after applying the 10% discount to the usual price of MYR 13.80 nett by using the member card). I like the mustard greens.

3rd time using member card. My friend gave me her bowl of soup because according to "TCM" the soup is too "cooling" for her and her body cannot take it. Bittergourd again because I like to eat the bitter taste.

4th time using member card. I just like to eat the slippery smooth Malabar spinach. After this meal, it means that I still need to eat the set lunch one more time to break even. 

To recap: this is because the 4 of us used MYR 5.75 nett each to purchase the life time member card which gives us 10% discount so for each set lunch, we save MYR 1.38 nett so we need to eat 4.17 set lunch to break even.

Friday, May 17, 2019

WG Sweet sweet potatoes

Seems that Weng Wah at Seapark, PJ is now one of my friends' favourite place for affordable lunch so we found ourselves there again.

I like the red bean sweet soup with sweet potatoes at MYR 3.60 nett so much that I ate it again. I also ordered bitter gourd, tomatoes, pork noodles at MYR 8.90 nett and selected yee mee as the noodles. I like the tomatoes, bitter gourd and the yee mee but find the minced pork lumps a bit fatty so I gave those to my friend and just ate the pork slices. Still could not get myself to order the rice wine chicken because I feel that I could not finish it.

Total bill for 4 pax is MYR 42.90 nett so on average, it is about MYR 10.72 per pax so it is affordable.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bye Original Cake Midvalley

Recently I noticed that the Original Cake kiosk at Midvalley Mall is no longer in business. The branch at One Utama has been replaced by a porky eatery chain. I wonder are there any other branches still in operations.

It will be replaced by Instea, a local brand, not one imported from overseas. Will there be a queue when it opens?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

WG Pasta Soba Swap

We are back at Catcher in the Rye, PJ and I ordered Pomodoro Pasta with Deep Fried Seabass - MYR 20 nett as planned. After a while, the girl who took my order informed me that the kitchen staff told her that they were out of pasta and asked me to choose another dish.

My friend and I did not want other dishes so when we noticed that they have a soba dish in the menu, we asked if they could use soba instead for this pasta dish. After she checked with the kitchen staff, she told us that they agreed to use soba in place of the pasta.

 So this dish is Pomodoro Soba with Deep Fried Seabass at MYR 20 nett. The very small piece of fish has a very crispy coating. The soba is soft which I like. The flavourful gravy has onions, baby tomatoes and seaweed in it.
My friend and I were billed separately.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

WG Semi-Buffet Brunch

We were looking for a place to have lunch at The Starling Mall when we saw this "All you can eat" salad bar, bottomless soup and dessert with one's chosen fixed main meal at MYR 19 nett - good value for money - so we decided to eat at this eatery.

There are 10 choices for the main dish. Which one will you order? I could not decide.

The salad bar and soup counter. The black pot contains potato soup. The middle silver container holds all the salad leaves and the last container has bread pudding as the dessert.

I start of with raw purple lettuce leaves and half a piece of bread pudding with a bit of potato soup and iced coffee which I thought is not sweetened but it was sweet so I just took a few sips and did not finish drinking it.

This is my main dish - can you guess what it is? It does not look good but tastes ok though very soft. I took another full portion of bread pudding because surprisingly I like the taste of it because it was not very sweet and it was not soggy like most bread pudding I encountered previously. Can taste the egg in this bread pudding.

Total bill for 2 pax is MYR 38 nett.

Nicsmann at The Starling Mall.

The signboard that drawn us into this eatery.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Deep fried fish MYR 1

Deep fried red fish (small for 3 to 5 pax) at MYR 0.94++ (MYR 1.09 nett after 10% service charge and 6% SST). Crispy.

Source: Dragon-i website. This fish promotion is due to the reopening of Dragon-i branch at the Curve for the whole month of May 2019 for 3 diners and above. 3 to 5 diners will be served a small fish. 6 and above diners will get a big fish. 

An appetiser dish at MYR 9.43++ (MYR 10.94 nett) but it was served last. The brown pieces are gluten pieces. It tastes more sweet than savoury.

The default titbits dish (MYR 2.19 nett) that was served immediately after we were seated. We could have rejected this dish but I was hungry so I ate these soft braised peanuts while waiting for the dishes we ordered to be served.

My favourite dish - deep fried salted egg yolk prawns at MYR 35.85++ (MYR 41.60 nett with 9 prawns). The prawns are sweeter this time compared to the ones served at the branch at Midvalley Mall.

Fish slices and preserved vegetables la mian at MYR 18.87++ (MYR 21.88 nett). Every item in this bowl of noodle is not salty at all so I like it. I believe some other customers may find it too bland until they will have difficulty swallowing the noodles.

Lao Sar Bao (salted egg yolk custard buns) at MYR 9.43++ (MYR 10.94 nett). Taste just as good as before.

Hot water chestnuts, sea coconut and egg whites tong sui (sweet soup) at MYR 11.32++ (MYR 13.13 nett). I believe this dessert is good for heatlh. 

Another one of my favourite food here - Cold mango puree, mango pieces and pomelo dessert at MYR 10.38++ (MYR 12.04 nett). No added sugar at all so it may not be sweet enough for those with a sweet tooth.

Total bill is MYR 123.65 nett for 4 pax, not high due to the MYR 1 fish promotion.

Dragon-i at The Curve. They even have a terra cotta warrior (statue) standing outside the restaurant. Can you spot the statue?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Wishes to Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

A meal to celebrate mother's day for 6 pax with 4 dishes at Teak Kee. The half kampung (village) chicken dish costs MYR 55 nett, pork ribs in lotus leaf is MYR 32 nett and a plate of kai lan vegetable is MYR 18 nett.

When the 4th dish (tofu, toukan, broccoli) was served (MYR 18 nett), we have started digging into the chicken.
Total price is MYR 149.50 nett because only 3 of us had rice. An average of about MYR 25 per  pax.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Not soft

 Our favourite mee hoon (mee siam) is no longer as soft as I like it to be so maybe there won't be a next time as we will order nasi lemak instead.

The price is still the same at MYR 10.85++ (MYR 12.60 nett) as in Sept 2018 at Hailam Kopitiam, Jalil Link.

Friday, May 10, 2019

WG Purple Cane Set Meal

I have been to Purple Cane, Midvalley Mall 3 times for lunch. Before this they do not have any lunch set menu but recently they started one and my friend wanted to try it.

This looks nice doesn't it? It even has two large pieces of Huai Shan (淮山 - wild yam) which I thought was daikon until I bite into them.

My mini vegetable hot pot lunch set at MYR 26.90++ (MYR 31.20 nett after 10% service charge and 6% SST). I gave the bowl of rice to my friend. All items taste good except for the beancurd sheets roll which is too hard.

My friend's lunch set of noodles with minced mushroom at MYR 18.90++ (MYR 21.90 nett). There were so much noodles until she could not finish them.

The lunch set menu with 6 choices.

I ordered 2 tea eggs at MYR 3.90++ (MYR 4.52 nett) before I decided to also order a lunch set.

After renovation. Before renovation here.

The 6 lunch sets: which one attracts you?

I ordered this set.

Basil sounds good.

Could go for the petai.

For those who like to eat mushrooms.

My friend ordered this set.