Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ori Udon

Ori Udon is a new Udon eatery in the Gardens Mall. It says "Fresh Handmade Udon" on its menu. To me, the udon is a bit on the soft side. I prefer it to be a little bit more chewy. Will come here to eat again if I want to eat something light in soup.

Two sets of udon:
Set 2 (MYR12.90) : Kitsune or Wakame Udon  (7.90) + Karaage (5)  + Green Tea (1.5)
Set 6 (MYR13.90): Chicken Char Siew Udon  (9.90) + Mini Salad (4) + Green Tea (1.5)
By adding up the ala carte prices, this means that by ordering from the set menu, we get the cup of Green Tea free of charge. The set that saves the most is Set 8 (please refer to the menu below).

Chicken Char Siew Udon close up. Ala carte price is MYR9.90. Very clear soup.

Karaage (deep fried chicken)  close up. Ala carte price is MYR5.0 - Just this once I ate a whole piece of deep fried chicken with skin and all because I couldn't see where the skin ends and where the meat starts so I ended up consuming the whole thing. Fortunately it was very very crispy and only a small piece. My spouse ate the rest but removed a whole piece of fried skin and did not eat it.

Kitsune or Wakame Udon. Ala carte price is MYR7.90 - as can be seen above, they provide a lot of vegetables but only one piece of fried bean curd sheet with some seaweeds (I think).

Ala carte price list for desserts and drinks 

The price of extra toppings 

 Ala carte price list

 Set menu price list

Open layout


  1. My hubby would like to try this. He loves udon. Nice open concept.

  2. Don't know why I just interested in the fried chicken not the udon, hahaha!!!

    1. Maybe you are not a noodle-person.

    2. I'm a noodle person, just like different type of noodles, like I like Wantan noodle very much, hehe!!! =]

    3. Wantan noodles I like too.