Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Zun Express

We ate at EYS (Eu Yan Sang) restaurant (the Zun Express) in Feb this year and then it closed for renovation. Last week on Thursday (10 April 2014) the restaurant opens for business again with a new look and has a few promotions to celebrate its reopening.

For the first 4 days after opening day, for each MYR20 spent, they will give a free bottle of bird's nest drink. For the first 10 days after opening day, for each bowl of soup ordered, if you chose one dish from a list of four dishes from a special menu, that dish will have 50% discount on its listed price.

The new look

Revitalizing Herbal Soup (MYR11.80) and Abalone Sauce Yee Fu Noodle (MYR14.80 - but with 50% off, it only costs MYR7.40). The Yee Fu Noodle dish has many ingredients in it such as shrimps, carrots, mushrooms, bak choy (under the noodles), fish slices and the noodle is very firm.

Bak Zhan Dark Chicken Soup (MYR11.80) with the two bottles of bird's nest drink (FOC) as we ordered above MYR40 worth of food so we were entitled to two free bottles of bird's nest drink. The drink is sweet and the bird's nest tastes like firm thin jelly strips.

Fish Sauce Mee Hoon (MYR14.80 - 50% off so it is MYR7.40 only). The fish sauce was not mixed thoroughly so some parts of the mee hoon were overly salty.

This place is famous for its BBQ pork puffs so we ordered a serving which consists of 3 puffs for MYR5 (that makes it MYR1.67 per puff). The BBQ pork puffs are on the sweet side.

Close up of my Bak Zhan Dark Chicken Soup. I heard this soup is good for ladies' well being. After 10% service charge and 6% gov. tax, the total bill came to MYR50.35 and both of us were full to the brim.