Monday, October 31, 2022

Traveling Duck Pavilion Bukit Jalil

On Monday 31.oct.2022, went to Pavilion Bukit Jalil to buy a remote controller for the elderlies' astro device because they need to watch it everyday and one of their remote controllers has broken down.

*** Countdown to Christmas ***

Advent calendars for Christmas countdown at The Food Merchant supermarket., Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

*** The Traveling Duck ***

12.15 noon - quarter upper portion London Roast Duck MYR 30++ so it has one wing. The duck breast meat is tender and has the nice fragrant taste of creamy livers.

12.17 noon - also ordered one portion of soup of the day which is chicken soup with apricot seeds. The noodles dish is mihun stir fried with shredded onions, spring onions, a few slices of red chilli, beansprouts, slices of prawns and slices of fish.

12.15 noon - this portion MYR 28.80 nett is enough for two pax.

12.24 noon - my portion with two slices of duck breast meat and cucumbers. Kept the remaining mihun for the next day in a container I brought from home.

Done eating at 12.48 noon. They accept card payments and  shopeepay too.

*** Kwong Wah Ais Kacang ***

1.39 pm - my two bowls of iced desserts: abc and cendol.

Total price is MYR 15.80 nett.

*** The Food Merchant ***

2.41 pm - Nice find in the food merchant supermarket. Fresh button mushrooms for self selection.

White button mushrooms at MYR 41.90 per kg. Brown button mushrooms at MYR 45.90 per kg.

4.06 pm - Jaffa cakes which I used to eat but seldom see them being sold in ubiquitous supermarkets. Today I saw them at The Food Merchant supermarket so bought one pack MYR 15.90 nett.

Jaffa cakes. Too view. Size is like a biscuit. Texture is like kuih bahulu.

Bottom view. One side is coated with chocolate.

In between the chocolate and cake is a thin layer of orange jam in jelly form.

This cake has more orange jam jelly in between the cake and chocolate.

Also bought 3 types of duck eggs.

4.32 pm - 3 types of LKH - Lau Koon Hing duck eggs: classic duck eggs, century duck eggs and salted eggs.

5.12 pm - our dinner of nai pak vege with 3 types of duck eggs.

*** Mr diy pavilion Bukit Jalil ***

1 pm - selling Xmas decorations items now.

12.53 noon - store front.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

No rice No rice

On Sunday 30.oct.2022, went to Tuck Tuck Tei for chapfan lunch takeaway and 126 Mixed Rice Sri Petaling for chapfan dinner takeaway for the Elderlies and ourselves.

*** Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop ***

12.19 noon - I bought chapfan dishes no rice for his lunch for one day and my omad for two days. Total price MYR 27 with no break down:

A1. Chicken thigh
A2. Two braised hard boiled eggs
A3. Okra
A4. Pumpkin
A5. Eggs bittergourd stirfry
A6. Napa cabbages

B1. Yin choy
B2. Long beans with a piece of very hard aged siew yuk 
B3. Marmite pork chop

C1. Egg tofu
C2. Soyknots
C3. Potatoes wedges

*** 126 Mixed Rice Sri Petaling ***

4.49 pm - he bought 3 packs of chapfan dinner for the Elderlies and himself.

*** Very ripe avocados ***

5.43 pm - we bought 3 very ripe avocados at MYR 6.90 each from Jaya Grocer Midvalley Mall and ate two on Friday. This is the last one. Luckily all 3 taste good despite being very ripe. We purposely select very ripe ones because we want to eat them on the same day.

This is avocado no.2 which we ate on Friday.

*** Choy Kei ***

6.10 pm - my dessert of egg tart MYR 2.5 bought on Thursday. It was in the fridge for 3 days but still tastes good when cold. Also ate pack 2 cut pineapple MYR 2 bought on Friday from mou Tak ding kiosk midvalley mall.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Rocher Ice Cream

On Saturday 29.oct.2022, went on a hunt for chapfan lunch near our place but not found:
1. Two chap fan places do not sell chapfan on Saturdays
2. One chap fan place sold out almost all the dishes;
 so bought one pack of meat salted egg century egg congee for one elderly from Tim Won coffee shop and went to 126 mixed rice Sri Petaling to buy chapfan lunch for Elderly 2.

*** 126 Mixed Rice Sri Petaling ***

1.20 pm - he bought 2 packs of chapfan lunch for Elderly 2 and himself.

*** Inside Scoop Sri Petaling **"

4.30 pm - he waited in the car for me while I went quickly to redeem foc two scoops of ice cream using 3 of 3 promo card which expires end of October. I brought my own container to store the ice cream and ate the ice cream in the car while waiting for him to buy takeaway dinner for the Elderlies from Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling.

I selected:
1. Ferrero Rocher ice cream which tastes exactly like Ferrero Rocher but colder with a different texture.
2. Strawberry Cream ice cream which is very milky and the strawberry taste is not sour.

*** Fatty Mixed Rice ***

5.27 pm - he bought 3 packs of chapfan dinner for the Elderlies and himself.

*** Lucky Alley **"

5.27 pm - both of us finished this zhar yuk Muk yee for dinner, bought on Thursday.

Friday, October 28, 2022

3rd foc quarter chicken

On Friday 28.oct.2022, went to Midvalley Mall to redeem the 3rd and last foc ala carte quarter Nando's chicken because shopeefarm for this promo has changed to a slice of foc cake from Secret recipe.

*** Foc quarter chicken ***

11.29 am - all 3 times, I ordered only one pita bread and took both items home instead of eating it in Nando's chicken at midvalley mall.

Paid MYR 2.90 for the pita bread. The menu says the foc quarter chicken is priced at MYR 17.90 ala carte.

*** Mak's Chee ***

11.30 am - 8 prawns wantons and 5 prawns sui Gao at MYR 16.90++ for each bowl.

11.30 am - a small portion of beef brisket tendon dry wanton noodles MYR 15.90 for two pax to share. The beef taste is good because it is strong.

Total price is MYR 57.65 nett.

*** No rice dinner ***

4.44 pm - his no rice dinner of the Nando's quarter chicken. The kale and avocado MYR 6.90 were bought from Jaya Grocer.

4.35 pm - he stir fried King Oyster Mushrooms with garlic and eggs. Then added in raw cherry tomatoes. He likes the taste of garlic with the mushrooms a lot. All items in this bowl are bought from Aeon Supermarket.

I bought two packs of pineapple cubes MYR 2 per pack from the Mou Tak Ding longan drinks stall because I haven't eaten pineapples for almost a month now, I think. There are about 18 cubes in total and they are very juicy. Also bought a loaf of Yin's sourdough MYR 9 ish for my friend. Yin's sourdough bakery has a kiosk in midvalley mall now so I can easily buy their bread when I go to Midvalley Mall without having to go to Damansara uptown. Wanted to redeem the 3rd and last of the inside scoop foc two scoops ice cream but they are servicing the freezer so no ice cream for me.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

No Sauce

On Thursday 27.oct.2022, went to Hiong Mei to buy chapfan and Choy Kei to buy 3jc mihun soup MYR 8 because one elderly requested for it.

*** Friday 21.oct.2022 ***

12.18 noon - shared lunch at myburgerlab MyTown after eating grouper fish fillet mihun soup at Go Noodle. Salted Egg Yolk chicken thigh burger. I can't taste the salted egg yolk sauce. The chicken thigh is boneless and deep fried so the skin is crispy.

With fries and only one of us drank the bottomless soda because it is meant for one pax. Total price is MYR 26.90 so I need to check if I buy via delivery, what would the price be.

12.16 noon - redeemed foc two scoops of ice cream from Inside Scoop using card 2 so one more card still to be used. Mango sorbet for him and mango lassi aka yogurt for me. Yummy! 😋

The menu of myburgerlab.

Beef. They removed the Elvis jam and peanut butter beef burger. I was thinking of having it.

Chicken burger.

More items on the menu. Please click on the above photo for a larger image to read the text.

3.14 pm - I bought takeaway ALA carte single tribute beef burger without sauce at MYR 17.90 to take home for lunch the next day.

*** Thursday 27.oct.2022 ***

12.43 noon - his chapfan no rice with celery, cauliflower and broccoli from Hiong Mei. The two fried eggs and hard boiled egg are from the nasi lemak seller at Choy Kei coffee shop. He also bought one pack of chapfan lunch with a small portion of rice for one of the elderly.

Fried kembong fish from Hiong Mei.

Lucky Alley Happy Roast chicken thigh and siew yuk MYR 10 for his dinner since he is not eating rice. Also bought zhar yuk Muk ye no rice no gravy MYR 8 from Lucky Alley.

Lucky Alley 4 brinjal ytf and 1 bittergourd ytf at MYR 2 each for his dinner and my next day's food.

MYR 1 worth of potatoes curry with MYR 1 one hard boiled egg from the nasi lemak seller at Choy Kei coffee shop.

1.37 pm - my lunch of broccoli cauliflower no rice and sardine MYR 6 from Hiong Mei chapfan eatery.

2.05 pm - microwaved these two frozen Kart's yam wholemeal buns and I ate them because they have been in the Elderlies' freezer for far too long. Still taste good to me but it is better not to risk the Elderlies.

5.40 noon - his dinner of roast meat, ytf and lettuce no rice.

Going to give my friend these biscuits because I have too much biscuits at home.