Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Brew House Salmon Rice Bowl

Tuesday 31.aug.21 is Hari Merdeka and we went to do our weekly commitment so we ordered 2 Foodpanda self collection orders and picked them up as dinner and the next day's meals on our way back. Ordered 3 Foodpanda deliveries too.

*** Tue 31.aug.21 ***

12.28 noon - why is the container so tall?

Because the top part is the salmon rice. The bottom part is the soup. Quite a decent salmon rice with 3 types of pickled vegetables: ham choy, yellow pickled daikon and red pickled ginger.

12.32 noon - pork curry rice from
 TY Tea 2gether eatery. The portion is small but with lots of pork slices and curry leaves.

Brew House uses a nice and sturdy paper bag for its food delivery via Foodpanda.

Thanks to NuxV who mentioned points, I explore the app a little bit more and found that I do have points so I redeemed MYR 15 by using 1200 points. Lucky for me that she highlighted the points or else my points would just expire after the stipulated time frame because I didn't know about them.

Use up the voucher from points. MYR 6 from 500 points.

Food from Ty Tea 2gether eatery.

10 Kopitiam at Jalil Links.

Tue 31.aug.21 nasi lemak dinner for two from 10 Kopitiam. This time, the siew yuk is too fatty.

Wed 1.sep.21 6.41 pm - pork chop rice with mushroom gravy from 10 Kopitiam shared by 2 pax.

Food from Good Taste at Jalil Links. After pick up discount, the price is MYR 32.22 nett.

Wed 1.sep.21 2 pm - lunch from Good Taste, duck wanton noodles with red dragon fruit as dessert.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake

On Monday 30.aug.21, we just stayed at home and eat the food in the fridge.

*** Sun 29.aug.21 ***

4 pm - Teatime with a slice of Pandan Gula Melaka cake from McCafe. He ate 80% of it, leaving behind the top and outer layer of the cake which is coconut flakes on coconut cream for me to finish up.

1 pm - Apple Crumble Cheese cake from McCafe as my dessert after lunch. 😋 Tasty!

There are raisins and apple pieces in the cake. The top crumbles remind me of apple short crust pie.

12 noon - received these two boxes of McCafe's cakes. They are made by Secret Recipe.

Each slice of cake costs MYR 11.31+ 

This is the advert that made the cakes look so tempting.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Ma Zi Pan Mee Sri Petaling

Sunday 29.aug.21 is a rainy day, cool and wet. During gaps in the rain, ordered McDelivery and 3 food panda deliveries where one food panda rider sent my order to the wrong house. 

I didn't receive my order so I reported it and the case was escalated to another team who called me to confirm that I didn't receive the order and cancel my order so that I wouldn't be charged for it. So now I need to monitor that the transaction does not appear in my ccd statement. 

I wonder who will bear the cost. The rider? Kind of sad for the rider but I have no idea why he sent it to the wrong house when so many food panda riders have delivered items to my place successfully.

*** Thu 26.aug.21 ***

11.30 am - two noodles dishes from Ma Zi Pan Mee Sri Petaling for lunch for two pax. Both dishes are acceptable.

We chose hand torn pan Mee noodles. The noodle pieces are chewy and doughy which we like. The texture is very smooth, too smooth for us so we suspect that they added in flour like tapioca flour to the wheat flour to make the pan Mee dough very smooth and more chewy. 

The soup is cooked using anchovies without any MSG because I wasn't thirsty after drinking it. I kept half the pan Mee for dinner.

The pan Mee pieces all stuck together into one lump so we have to separate them in the soup.

11.29 am - The Cantonese wat tan deep fried Mee suah has too much gravy so I kept the remaining gravy in the freezer.

MYR 10 off is from PandaBox.

*** Sunday 29.aug.21 ***

4.40 pm - stir fry egg tofu, bunapi mushrooms, bunashimeji mushrooms, and broccoli with the remaining frozen gravy from the Cantonese wat tan dish from Ma Zi Pan Mee eatery from Thu, 3 days ago. I just ate this dish as dinner because it is a lot. Shared with him but he ate 30% and I ate 70%. A tasty Vegetables dish. All the items are bought from Pandamart.

The ingredients for the vegetables dish are bought from Pandamart.

This is the raw vegetables order that was delivered to the wrong house and a man in the wrong house accepted the order without letting the rider know that they didn't place the order. I hope they do eat all these vegetables and not throw them away. 

Next time I will need to closely monitor the Foodpanda app to track the movement of the riders and chat with the riders throughout the ride to ensure that they deliver the order to my place. Today I placed my order and went to do my own things. 

When I checked the app, it says delivered but I didn't receive anything so I immediately contacted the customer service via the app and was told a man has accepted the order. They couldn't tell me the address of the house that the order was delivered to. 

So frustrating. I wonder why did the food panda rider make such a mistake when so many food panda riders have made successful deliveries to my place. He must be not in his best element today. Hope Foodpanda didn't deduct this cost from his account and he be more careful about the address next time.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Afternoon Tea Sets Delivery

On Saturday 28.aug.21, we continued to stay at home and ordered one food delivery from our regular coffee shop, Lucky Alley that covered our 3 meals for the day.

*** Afternoon Tea Sets ***

Afternoon Tea Sets from hotels make lovely gifts for friends and families.

Grand Hyatt KL's Summer Exclusive: Teatime in the Woods Full Set Afternoon Tea at MYR 168 per set. Now there is a promo code STAYSAFE with 15% off when placing an order via their webstore below:

The St. Regis KL's Classic Afternoon Tea Set at MYR148++ per set and can be ordered via the link below:

Both sets are exquisite and taste really good. Friends and families would be very happy to receive these afternoon tea sets knowing that they are in your heart ❤️

Friday, August 27, 2021

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bits

Friday 27.aug.21 is another stay at home day with 3 food deliveries: Madam Lin, AMAH and The Drawing Room Classic Afternoon Tea.

*** McD McFlurry **"

Thu 26.aug.21 4.49 pm - Top view of Salted Caramel and Pretzel Bits McFlurry. The salted caramel tastes exactly like all the salted caramel that I have eaten before; salty, yummy rich caramel taste, sweet. 

The pretzel bits serve as the chewy bits instead of almonds or macadamia that usually go with salted caramel to give the chewy texture. The solid heavy taste of the salted caramel covers the sweetness of the base vanilla ice cream so they go well together. A must try for those who love the taste of salted caramel and don't mind the stickiness.

Thu 26.aug.21 4.49 pm - the McFlurry is still in pristine condition after being in the freezer for about 32 hours. I found out that frozen McFlurry is still soft enough to be scooped out easily by a spoon.

On Wed 25.aug.21, I bought 2 Chempedak and 1 Salted Caramel Pretzel McFlurries so now I still have one remaining frozen Chempedak McFlurry to enjoy. Most likely will eat it on Sun.

The advert on mcd ig. Limited time flavour starting in 21 Aug 2021. Not sure when it will end though so if interested, can go buy and try.

*** Fri 27.aug.21 ***

11.51 am - the packaging.

12.06 noon - I made a request for no sambal but they still include the sambal by putting it in a small plastic bag. The curry tastes good. The ayam berempah has less rempah bits coatings compared to previously but still is yummy. Remaining curry kept for next meals. I ate 6% of this meal only because I was eating my tea items so basically this is his lunch.

No promo and no vouchers so total price is MYR 28.64 nett from AMAH.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Phoenix Talons

Thursday 26.aug.21 - stayed home and ordered one food pandabox delivery from Ma Zi Pan Mee Sri Petaling.

11.aug.21 - my friend's lunch. Wow, the noodle dish has 5 chicken feet.

All 5 chicken feet are polished clean. Must be delicious 😋. Do you enjoy eating this food item?

*** Fri 20.aug.21 ***
*** Choy Kei Food Panda Delivery ***

Fri 20.aug.21 12 noon - was surprised to see some stalls in our regular coffee shop, Choy Kei appear in Food Panda so order to try out their service.

Fri 20.aug.21 12 noon - ordered just 3 food items at about MYR 37 after discounts. Both wanton Mee with list price as MYR 17.90 nett includes a drink and for both, I selected cham aka coffee mix tea as the drink.

Sun 22.aug.21 8 am - shared breakfast of chicken feet mushrooms wanton Mee from Fri, 2 days ago bought from Choy Kei and Guang Xi stuffed tofupok from Thu, 3 days ago bought from Canton Kitchen.

There are only two chicken feet so we had one each.

I like to eat napa cabbage especially when it is used to boil soup.

Sat 22.aug.21 12.10 noon - Chee Cheong fun from Fri, 1 day ago as lunch. Just microwave the gravy to heat it up and mix everything together in the gravy.

Fri 20.aug.21 1.17 pm - shared the siew yuk wanton Mee as lunch immediately after receiving the order from Choy Kei. Must say I am impressed that they did read my notes that say no straw please because they didn't put in a straw. I wonder who coordinated it as the food on the menu are from two stalls in Choy Kei.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Cempedak McFlurry

Wednesday 25.aug.21 is dessert day!

12.30 noon - Top view of McD Cempedak McFlurry.

It has real Cempedak in it. Perfect for those who love the taste of vanilla ice cream and Cempedak. It is so easy and enjoyable to eat.

It is delivered in good condition.

Current promo: 2 Cempedak McFlurry for MYR 8.99 nett from 19 Aug to 15 Sep 2021. It is available via the McDelivery app too.

8.12 am - I ordered this list of desserts early in the morning at around 8 am and it was delivered very promptly. Going to last me a few days!

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Yeah Cuisine Ampang

On Tuesday 24.aug.21, we just stayed home and combined all remaining food from the fridge to eat as our meals for the day.

*** Friday 20.aug.21 ***

We ordered the following 4 porky dishes from Yeah Cuisine, Ampang and ate them for 4 days.

6 pm - shared dinner of nasi lemak 3x with deep fried pork skin and two items which we kept for the next days. They are deep fried lard sambal and pork rendang. We couldn't detect santan taste in the rice.

1.40 pm - two small bags of deep fried lard on the left in the above photo. On the right, the items are sambal, peanut gravy and pork rendang.

6 pm - compressed rice aka nasi impit from ketupat with raw onions and cucumbers. We ate all the raw onions, cucumbers and half the compressed rice. I like the taste of the rice, soft and all the grains melted into each other.

6 pm - pork satay. We ate two skewers so there are only 3 skewers in the photo above. One of the better pork satays around. The satay marinate tastes good.

Sat 21.aug.21 - shared dinner of the pork rendang with home cooked rice. The pork rendang tastes quite similar to the pork satay. Not that spicy.

Sun 22.aug.21 5 pm - pork patty from Yeah Cuisine eaten with instant noodles, remaining compressed rice, lettuce and frozen chicken sui gao Nikudo brand. The pork patty is made from finely minced pork that is compacted so it has a firm texture and do not fall apart easily. Texture and taste is acceptable.

Tue 24.aug.21 12.30 noon - our shared lunch of pork patty from Yeah Cuisine, Guang Xi Chicken from Canton Kitchen and spicy sour mustard leaves from Hong Kong Roasted. So this lunch is to clear remaining food from 3 different places. Eaten with home cooked basmathi white rice. The Guang Xi Chicken gravy is quite oily and the spicy sour gravy is sweet so we discarded the remaining gravy for both.

We ordered the above food items online using oddle platform:

The menu on oddle has tasty photos! This is the nasi Lemak 3x.

This is the pork satay dish in the online menu.

We ordered dried squid and salted fish pork patty, one each but when we ate them, we cannot tell from the taste, which is which. Both are acceptable. The pork is minced finely and compacted so it is firm with no fatty bits. Just right for me because I don't like to eat fatty bits in any of my food.

Tue 24.aug.21 12.30 noon - basmathi white rice to go with the dishes.

Tue 24.aug.21 1 pm - my share of small choy sum vegetables. Blanched without any sauce, my preferred way of eating vegetables.