Thursday, August 12, 2021

Swiss Roll and Kaya Kok

On Thursday 12.aug.21, we stayed home and arranged two food deliveries via Foodpanda and Lalamove. Tried out Lalamove Buy4U function.

*** Saturday 7.aug.21 ***

The best kaya roll for me is still this one that I mentioned in 2014 so I have been thinking of this elderly lady since mco back in 18.mar.20 and wondering how she is doing and thinking of how to buy from her in mco times but has no way of contacting her until my spouse told me that her hp number is online.

So last Saturday, I called her and arranged to buy some goods from her. Too bad she can only accept cash payment but Lalamove or GoGetter nowadays have this buying service so I managed to get Lalamove to buy the goods and deliver them to my place safely.

12.48 noon - The kaya swiss roll tastes so good, exactly as I remember it. The cake reminds me of Kai Dan ko aka the traditional egg cake and the kaya is rich with santan and egg taste.

It is pre cut so I don't have to cut it. 12 pieces in a roll at MYR 19 nett per roll so I bought two rolls.

6 kaya puffs at MYR 2 nett each so the total is MYR 50 nett.

Golden kaya puff with no thick rolled up pastry edges.

Crispy pastry with a bit of lard taste and very generous thick kaya fillings.

12.41 noon - the rolls are wrapped in paper. She wrote 50 on it because that is the total price.

She was recently featured in:

Google swiss roll and kaya kok, her push cart information will appear. She sells her products from 8 am until sold out or 3 pm whichever reaches first. If interested to buy, please call her beforehand to ensure the goods are available. Her number as shown online is:

Zero satu Dua - two 99 Lima 222


  1. I love kaya roll. Used to buy from 1 shop in town. These days seldom pass by there, so long time couldn't get to taste the kaya roll. The kaya puff has a lot of kaya filling. Yums!

    1. I know a famous kaya puff shop in Ipoh town center called Sin Eng Heong but the queue is always too long. I wonder how is that shop doing in this pandemic time. What is the name of the shop selling your favourite kaya roll?

  2. You are at pro level already in looking for food!

    I prefer the marble cake over the kaya roll at Yut Kee.

    1. Hah, thanks 😊. I have eaten both kaya roll and the marble cake at your yut kee. Hhhmmm, now u got me thinking, should I buy food from yut kee next, hehehehe.