Wednesday, August 4, 2021


On Wed 4.aug.21, we stayed home and ordered 2 deliveries.

*** Wed 4.aug.21 ***

12.20 noon - lunch delivered from Ho Family Kitchen.

Pandabox MYR 10 nett off. Didn't plan on buying from Ho Family Kitchen but did buy after seeing it in pandabox.

12.12 noon - packaging.

12.24 noon - the final remaining curry from curry fish noodles. The curry has solidified in the fridge. One curry takes 3 meals to finish all of it.

12.27 noon - after microwave on high for 1 minute.

1.49 noon - I finished eating all the remaining curry with yesterday's steamed okra and today's roast chicken meat.

6.47 pm - his dinner of remaining pork trotter with brown rice and blanched iceberg lettuce. I only ate the iceberg lettuce. Glad to have cleared two food items from the fridge.


  1. You only ate blanched iceberg lettuce without any carb for dinner? I will be hungry before I go to bed.

    1. Sometimes I do that, just eat vegetables before going to sleep especially if I ate a heavy lunch. but yesterday I ate half of a slice of salmon quiche.

  2. Curries go with a lot of carb types - rice, noodles, bread. You didn't have any with it?

    1. I forgot what I ate the curry with. Should be bread because I always have bread in my fridge.