Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dine In Niu Niu

Late lunch for two pax - MYR 23.90 nett at Niu Niu, OUG. The noodles cost MYR 9.50 nett each, the iced cham at MYR 2.7 nett and iced barley without sugar at MYR 2.20 nett. It lasted me until breakfast the next day.

Before that, in the morning, we shared a plate of chap fan - MYR 9 nett for 3 vege and 1 meat with rice.

Friday, August 30, 2019


This plate of quarter roast chicken costs MYR 1.80 nett only. We topped up MYR 1 nett to get chicken leg but my friend at another table did not top up but still got a whole chicken leg.

Total price is MYR 15.45 nett because we also ordered prawn wanton in soup and one plate of chicken rice.

This promotion is available on the 18th of every month till further notice.

The T&C says strictly no takeaways for unconsumed food for this promotion.

The Chicken Rice Shop at Midvalley / Gardens Mall.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

WG Bunch

I was back at Bunch, PJ when my friends wanted to have lunch there. My order of salmon set with iced coffee at MYR 25 nett. Now they accept cash unlike the previous time I was there where they operated a cash free system where we have to download their payment app or buy a prepaid card from the centralised customer service counter. Customers can choose to get back the balance from the prepaid card at the same counter before they leave. Now they still use the payment app but no longer operates the prepaid card system and they accept cash payments too. I think they realize that many people would not eat there like me the previous time if cash is not accepted. I would prefer if they accept debit or credit cards too.

This is the lunch menu where every set is MYR 25 nett each. I have been to Nippori at Empire Damansara for lunch once.

A very good price at MYR 25 nett.

One scoop of teh ice cream at MYR 6.80 nett but my tongue tells me that there is assam boi taste in the ice cream and no teh taste. I wonder did the seller make a mistake about the flavour.

Ice cream is from this stall - BAAAM x Forty Licks.

The plants do add some refreshing green to the area but can't they use real plants and rotate them out for sunlight instead of using plastic plants?

Railings have been added to the short bridge to the main entrance since the previous time I was here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Bye Saboten One Utama

Tonkatsu Loin with Grated Radish set with refillable soup, rice and shredded cabbage at MYR 30.50++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 32.38 nett). Tasty but the loin has a strip of solid fat at one end.

Tonkatsu Tenderloin set at MYR 31.90++ (MYR 37 nett). I prefer this because it is all lean meat with no fatty parts.

Two pieces of tenderloin with 2 prawns at MYR 37.90++ (MYR 43.96 nett). The prawns are fresh and tasty.

The piece at the left is tenderloin. you can see that the meat is less dense. The two pieces of loin on the right have a section of solid fat as can be seen in the photo. We are not aware that there is a small container of mustard on the table so we miss out. The tonkatsu would be super delicious  with a bit of mustard on the loin.

Refillable shredded raw cabbage with sesame seeds that we have to grind and then add the sauce provided on the table to it.

Drinks that are included in the sets and a serving of yuzu sorbet at MYR 4.90++ (MYR 5.68 nett).

Total bill is MYR 159.05 nett for 4 sets and one sorbet.

Saboten, One Utama. My friend ate at one of  the Tokyo branch in Japan and she highly recommends this eatery to me but sad to say that they are closing very soon as announced by the notice below.

It will be closed for good on 8 Sep 2019 after being here for only about  one month and one year. I wonder why.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

WG Sambal Inc

Dry curry chicken drumstick yellow noodle mix hor fun at MYR 10.90 nett.

Finished everything except the yellow noodles because they are hard, almost raw and I don't think they are worth bringing home so I just left them.

Their nasi kerabu or nasi lemak should be better.

Sambal Inc at The Starling mall food court.

Then I saw this poster. With my yellow mee receipt, I bought an ice cream for MYR 1.20 nett.

From this beverage kiosk at the same food court.
My green tea soft serve ice cream = delicious!

Monday, August 26, 2019

WG Kluang Station 1U

Nasi Lemak Pandan Chicken Rendang Combo at MYR 15.90+ (10% service charge = MYR 17.40 nett) with a drink of either Celery Apple Honey or Bandung Gula Melaka from the special Merdeka promo menu.

My friend and I both chose the Celery Apple Honey drink which is very tasty with strong celery and honey taste. The apple should be green apple.

Ala carte orders will get 15% off if Watson Card is shown.

The special Merdeka promo menu.

Kluang Station at One Utama.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

WG 15 for 15 promo

Went a bit overboard and bought this whole lot. The 2 piece original chicken lunch set which includes a pack of fries and a drink costs MYR 13.20 nett. I asked for hot tea instead of soft drinks, kept the chicken thigh for another day and ate the drumstick with fries. Since the promo deal of MYR 15 nett for 5 chicken tenders and 10 nuggets will end on Aug 26, I bought them as takeaways which lasted a few meals.

The Jelly Ice Cream looked tempting on the menu so I got it as an add-on for MYR 2.90 nett.

Unfortunately, the vanilla ice cream has a weird plastic taste and the jelly is not agar-agar but is soft and gooey so I just ate half and abandoned the rest because I think it is more detrimental to health to try to finish it. I must remember not to order this next time no matter how tempting it looks on the menu.

Total bill costs MYR 31.10 nett. They forgot to enter the jelly ice cream order so they did it after the first receipt was printed.

Ala carte prices for the Tenders and Nuggets.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Weekend Meals

A meal shared by two pax at Wonton & Pho eatery.

Total price is MYR 30.30 nett.

When we are at Midvalley Mall and cannot decide on what to eat, our backup plan is to share this meal at Ah Cheng Laksa eatery.

Total price: MYR 15.70 nett.

Friday, August 23, 2019

WG Chicken Tenders

We ended up at Nando's in 3 Damansara Mall (formerly known as Tropicana City Mall) for lunch. My friend and I shared a chicken tenders set with two side dishes for MYR 18.90 nett. As both of us love to eat potatoes, we chose Peri Chips and Peri Wedges as the two side dishes. Taste good.

Chicken tenders set with 1 side dish costs MYR 15.90 nett making our extra side dish MYR 3 nett.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

WG Go Sui Gao

I notice a new item on the menu of Go Noodle so I ordered it to try. A bowl of Sui Gao (dumpling Beijing style) in soup at MYR 14.50++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 16.82 nett).

The skin is thick so I like it. The minced pork and chives fillings reminded me of the fillings of Siew Long Bao sold by Esquire Kitchen. There are about 8 dumplings in one bowl. I recommended this dish to my family and they like it too because they like Beijing style dumplings.

My friends ordered noodles as usual at Go Noodle, Jaya One. Only cash payments are accepted.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tong Yat Sum

A half eaten bowl of mini tong yun in ginger sweet soup at MYR 8.70 nett. My friends wanted the normal sized glutinous rice balls with fillings in ginger sweet soup but I ordered the wrong one for them.

Tong Yat Sum is a play on words. Tong is sugar and sounds like together. Yat Sum is one heart. So this sweet soup (Tong Sui) eatery has a name that could mean Together with one heart or Sugar one heart.

The kiosk at the top floor of Midvalley Mall, same floor as Mr DIY.

The seats/ open dining area is opposite the kiosk. Don't think I will eat here again as for this price, I could almost eat a slice of cake at SR.