Saturday, January 31, 2015

Midvalley Mall

What does this look like to you?

Or this?



Friday, January 30, 2015

Sticky Lunch

I ran out of bread one day so I bought this prepacked meal from a portable stall with a smiley lady who always wish me good morning when I walk past her every working day on my way to the office from the LRT station. It was only MYR2 so I guess she makes very little profit from it.

Glutinous rice  (Lo Mai Fan) with a little dried shrimps (har mai) and a tiny packet of peanuts. I ate this for lunch just before noon because I had to attend training from 12noon to 4pm so I did not have time for a proper lunch. It was good enough to stick my stomach walls together until dinner time.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Other dishes

Veal sausage with sauerkraut  (small portion - one sausage) - MYR21++ with mustard dip - I had a small piece of the sausage, not sure whether I like it or not but I did not want another bite.

Honey Mustard Chicken - MYR20++ - I did not taste this at all but looks decent enough. These two dishes are what my friends ate at Maria's SteakCafe since they did not want to eat steak.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Golden Egg Crunch

Deep fried chicken coated with salted egg yolk - 5 of us wanted to try this but they do not sell ala carte 5 pieces so I ended up with the most-value-for-money package:

KFC Golden Feast - MYR40 ++ (MYR42.40) - 9 pieces of chicken, 1.5L pepsi (keeping this for CNY to make pepsi ice cream floats), 1 large coleslaw and 1 large mashed potatoes.

Everyone ate one piece and left me with 4 extra pieces for lunch and dinner the next day and the day after next. Very crunchy, a bit spicy, the taste of curry leaves is very strong which I like and just a little bit of salted egg yolk taste. I think I can stay off deep fried chicken for the rest of the year now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prune cake

I have been reading "Phong Hong Bakes & Cooks!" blog for quite a long time now and everytime I see her cakes, I wanted to eat cakes. Just look at one of her cakes, who wouldn't want to eat cakes after that.

So when I saw that Maria's Steakcafe serves cakes too, I ordered the following cakes:

A slice of Prune Cake - MYR9.50

A slice of Banana Walnut Cake - MYR9.50

Both slices of cakes are not too sweet so they are just right for my palate.

Hot Peppermint Tea (please ignore that coffee branded cup) - MYR6

Fresh Orange Juice with no added sugar - MYR11.50

Monday, January 26, 2015

Garoupa Fish

After reading this post entitled "Millenium Eighty-Six @ Paramount Garden" on "Eat what, Eat Where?", I wanted to try the garoupa (sek pan) fish dishes as I like to eat fish. Last Sunday, at about 9.30am I reached the shop to see almost no customers in it. I must be too early but luckily the fish stall has started business for the day so I placed my order.

Garoupa slices mee hoon - MYR7.50 - instead of slices, there were 4 chunks of garoupa meat with mee hoon in clear soup which I like.

Steamed Garoupa Slices - MYR14 - as can be seen in the photo above, there were about 7 chunks of garoupa fish meat. My expectation of this dish must be too high because I was disappointed when I could not detect any rice wine in it but when I tried harder, I could detect a very faint aroma of rice wine. Perhaps they were running out of the wine so were using it sparingly on this day only.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

At long last

240gm Wahyu 7 (MYR95/100gm) - MYR264.50 - Medium Rare - HorseRadish Dip

I have only ordered steak once when I was 15 years old. After that it was just eating a bite or two off someone's order as I am not really into steak. But when I hear about how wonderful Wahyu steak is, I have to try it but keep putting it off due to its price.

Now I keep reading about a value for money Wahyu steak served by Maria's Steak Cafe's new outlet in Bangsar so I thought after all these years, let's just try it once and I did. I ordered medium rare because I read that it is the best way to enjoy this steak. I ate half of the steak without any sauce or dip and was full so shared the rest with my friends.

Verdict: Very tender and juicy steak with deliciously seared crusty outer layer with no beef taste until I chew for a  long time and then only I get a little bit of the liver taste that I like. Objective reached, wahyu tasted.

Pink but with no red liquid oozing out so this is all fine with me.


Take note of its tagline

Saturday, January 24, 2015

No noodles

Since they have this item on their menu, I ordered it - wantons soup - MYR7.9++ (+6% govt tax = MYR8.40) - not too bad since there are a fair amount of vegetables in the soup too. The wanton fillings are basically solid fish paste unlike normal wantons with minced meat and prawns fillings. Bought from Uncle Lim eatery near Central Market.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ipoh Big Tree Noodle

Buy 1 Free 1? Ok, deal!

So the two of us walked in.

Uncooked Yong Tou Fu (A variety of food stuffed with fish paste) for us to choose from. A piece costs MYR1.40 but with the promotion on, we get 2 pieces for MYR1.40 so we selected 6 pieces for a total of MYR4.20 only.

More choices

They cooked our choices and brought them to our table. I got a shock when I saw that they deep fried the beancurd, long bean, bitter gourd and fish paste that I have selected.

I thought they would just cooked them in soup like this broccoli and green pepper (capsicum). Maybe next time I will ask them to just cook all of them in soup for me and not deep fried them.

We also ordered a bowl of seafood curry noodle - MYR12.90 - quite spicy but no fake crab sticks like the other shop.

Chee cheong fun with special soy sauce - MYR3.50 - this is one of their signature dishes so I did not request for the sauce to be served separately because I wanted to taste it in its original way of serving but what did I expect, of course it was too salty for me. So I must request the sauce to be served separately next time.

Egg custard? The name in the menu is cream brulee - MYR4.90 - not as light as the one I ate in Ipoh.

Ipoh white coffee - MYR3.90 - very creamy and thick - I like it as I only drink iced coffee and no hot coffee for me. Prices are nett and total bill came up to MYR29.40 and I think we ordered a little too much food for dinner as we were very full. We were told that this is a new place, since 2 months ago, in Sri Petaling. Not sure whether it is a franchise of the real Ipoh Big Tree Yong Tou Fu or not.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oily Greens

These days, I am having difficulty deciding what to eat for lunch during working days since I don't want to venture too far from the office due to the heat and dust so I just walk over to the nearest eatery and see what I can takeaway to eat in the comfort of my seat facing my PC monitor for a eat-and-work session.

I ended up with this - 3 types of vegetable dishes from the mamak (is this word an offensive word? Google says Mamak means Indian Muslim) shop next to my office for MYR4.50 and there is a bit of rice underneath the greens. A bit oily but taste better than Cantonese style stir-fried vegetables due to the spices like tumeric and mustard seeds used in the cooking.

My constant companion container already has some other food (from home for tea) in it so I ended up using the o-so-evil non recyclable polystyrene container, sorry folks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yee Mee

That day I don't know what noodle to order so I chose yee mee (MYR7.90) since I have not eaten it for a few years now. The noodle has the alkaline taste which I like. Since it was cooked and served in a claypot, I had to wait quite some time for it to be cool enough for consumption. Since when were fake crabsticks considered seafood?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Not so tasty

I bought a bag of deep fried sweet potatoes with plum powder sprinkled over them to try at about MYR5 a bag after reading someone's post that this is just so tasty. They were deep fried upon order so I have to wait for quite some time for them to cool down before eating them.

They were crunchy to the point of being hard and I think maybe they were not deep fried long enough so the insides were still a bit raw. Taste ok only, I wonder whether the person who raved about it ate something totally different from this but I did buy the correct item. I ate only two pieces and let my family have the rest of them.

Bought them from this Shihlin stall in Midvalley. Deep fried chicken pieces and oyster mee suah are their best sellers. This Shihlin stall has outlets in most of the shopping mall.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bread for Breakfast

Bought this for breakfast one day (I have forgotten how much it costs)

Whole wheat bread

with strawberry and cream (only a bit)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Food court

Roasted duck leg wanton noodle - MYR15.80 - 2 of us will share this dish so that our stomach space will permit us to eat other food.

This is one of the more popular stall in the food court at the highest floor of Midvalley Megamall. During lunch time, there will be a queue here.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fresh Lychee

Canned lychees in syrup are very popular during Chinese New Year because many people like to eat it with ice cubes as a dessert. Fresh lychees on the other hand, are not that popular because some people say that after eating fresh lychees, they are prone to sore throat and cough. I wonder whether this is true or not. I just find fresh lychees to be very sweet.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Vietnam Kitchen

Rice paper prawn rolls

Beef rice roll 

I don't know the name of this dish 

Pork chop set

Beef pho

Slice beef pho

Vietnam Kitchen at One Utama

Sorry, no prices shown this time because this is a treat by a friend so I did not get to see the bill and I could not remember the prices stated in the menu. I used to eat at this restaurant back in 2008, before the renovation so it did not look like the above photo then. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dare you.. this?
Whenever my friends go to Singapore, they would bring back these so-called famous century eggs for us. 

The egg is wrapped in rice husks (hull) and mud to preserve it.

It is kind of difficult to remove the compacted mud and rice husks

Done - I could smell the overpowering mud odour

Washed them

After removing the shell, oohhhh so glistening

The soft yolk looks so tasty

Goes well with pickled spring onions. The above amount I bought by weight from the pickled food section at Aeon Supermarket in Midvalley for MYR1.55.

Also goes well with pickled young ginger. I bought the above container of pickled young ginger for MYR1 from Aeon Supermarket Sushi Counter. Bon appétit!