Thursday, January 31, 2019

Top up for Sets

We were back at Kura, One World Hotel to celebrate a birthday. Dragon roll at MYR 40.28 nett with a deep fried prawn in the middle. One piece each and my friend prefers a similar roll at Yuzu - the .Ebi Avocado maki.

Unagi set (small) - MYR 50.88 nett.

Salmon shioyaki at MYR 29.68 nett and add MYR 10.60 nett to turn it into a set meal (MYR 40.28 nett)

Total bill for 4 pax: MYR 171.70 nett.

As with last year's super dining ang pow packets, it also has the words "super dining" written at the bottom.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ikea Cafe

Light breakfast for two. 

MYR 10.40 nett only.

Ikea Cafe - Clean and tidy - adjacent to MyTown Mall.

Too many delicious pastries.

Price is reasonable too.

The local bakeries do not have maple pecan pastries so we are happy to see them here as they are one of our favourite pastry.

Ikea has only one design for the CNY 2019 ang pow packet unlike last year's ang pow packets that have 3 different pictures at the back of the envelope.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ang Pow Design 2019

My friend gave me these 2019 red ang pow packets that she collected from two banks - HLB and OCBC.


Front - in 3 colours.

**** Sushi Zanmai lunch for 3 days in a row ****

Day 1 Lunch - sushi zanmai at the Starling Mall - salmon shioyaki (salt grilled) at MYR 23.80 nett and Midori Roll (with deep fried prawn in the middle) at MYR 17.80 nett.

Mini california maki - MYR 8.80 nett.

Total bill for 3 pax: MYR 62.55 nett.

Day 2 Lunch: Sushi Zanmai at the Gardens Mall - Tempura soba at MYR 14.80 nett.

Day 3 Lunch: Sushi Zanmai at the Starling Mall - Beef soba at MYR 16.80 nett. I can eat at Sushi Zanmai every day but my pocket begs to differ.

Monday, January 28, 2019

8 Colours Set

4 of us celebrated a birthday with the Palsaik 8 flavours pork belly BBQ set at MYR 128++ (10% service charge 6% SST = MYR 148.48 nett). This is a must try for pork belly and K cuisine lovers.

Raw fresh vegetables to wrap the BBQ pork belly. This set includes a soup and we selected the clear clam soup.

The other two soup choices: seafood miso soup and kimchi soup.

Codonopsis lanceolata root, also called deodeok (spicy) at MYR 33++ (MYR 38.28 nett).  It is somewhat related to Codonopsis pilosula (党参 / dǎngshēn / a lower priced alternative for Ginseng).

Other choices to add on to the set.

The staff cooks the food for customers.

The recommended must try dishes - we tried item 1 (Palsaik 8 colours set) and item 5 (Deodeok).

Total bill for 4 pax: MYR 186.75 nett

We received a pack of red ang pow packets. Left: The envelope that contains the red packets on the right.

Golden oink oink ang pow packet: front and back.

Palsaik Korean BBQ at MyTown Mall.

**** MyTown Mall CNY Decor ****

A pavilion with flowers all around.

Lanterns and flowers.

Last year, the MyTown CNY decor is all about snow and this year is about flowers - which do you prefer?

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Pablo No More

I  was standing opposite Hokkaido Sushi and looking across, I realised that Pablo (cheese tart specialist) has been replaced by a new eatery in One Utama.

Yun Bridge Noodle - One day maybe I will try the noodles at this place.

Moving on to the LG floor, I noticed this chicken eatery named KFry and it has a long queue too - meaning that the food is good?

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Wasabi Nuts

Recently the whole family developed a taste for wasabi nuts so we bought a few packs of different nuts with wasabi coatings such as wasabi broad beans and green peas.

There are even wasabi black soybeans. They are all very tasty and are healthy snacks. When the wasabi "hits" my nose, tears well up in my eyes and I will have to stop eating these wasabi nuts. Do you like to eat wasabi nuts?

Friday, January 25, 2019

Big Mom Beancurd

Tasty Dessert! My friends ate this delicious tofufa with red bean, grass jelly, special sweet potatoes balls toppings in Ipoh and sent the photo to tempt me so I must remember it by keeping it here.

The menu of Big Mom Beancurd in Ipoh. I must remember to drop by here when I visit Ipoh one day.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

3Q Biscuit

Two biscuits from Original Cake Shop at MYR 4.90 nett each.
I noticed this promotion buy 5 get 1 free and every time I ask the Original Cake branch at Midvalley Mall, they tell me that these biscuits are sold out so when the One Utama branch replied that they are available, I quickly bought 5 to get 1 biscuit free.

There are two types: Sun biscuit and 3Q biscuit. The 3Q biscuit has red bean, mochi and salted egg yolk as its fillings and is covered by sesame seeds. For this promotion, we can choose any amount of the two types as long as the total adds up to 5 and the free biscuit can be any of the two types too.

So I selected 4 3Q biscuits and 2 Sun Cake at MYR 4.90 nett with one being free so the total is MYR 24.50 nett.

Due to the mochi fillings, this biscuit is a bit chewy. The red bean is sweet and the salted egg yolk is slightly salty. Unfortunately some of the sesame seeds have an off-taste.

As for the Sun biscuit, it tastes strongly of milk so if you like the taste of milk powder, then this biscuit is for you. As I am not too fond of the taste of milk powder I won't be buying this biscuit again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Live and Learn

This is a traditional looking Ang Pow packet with flowers in many shades of red. The words on it are:
Sān fú kāngníng
Wǔfú línmén

I googled and found the following information (Source):
五福 meaning "Five Blessings" is an idiom from a book -书经洪范 (Shū jīng hóng fàn which is one of the Five Classics of ancient Chinese literature). The five blessings are:
1. 长寿 (Chángshòu) - Longevity
2. 富贵 (Fùguì) - Prosperous / Rich
3. 康宁(kāngníng) - Healthy with a Peace of Mind
4. 好德 (Hǎo dé) - Good morality (Kind, Generous, Serene)
5. 善终 (Shànzhōng) - Good end (Know own's death in advance)

So the words on the Ang Pow I take them to mean:
3rd blessing is healthy and may the 5 blessings be bestowed upon you.

Later I found out that there are 5 different colour combinations so since I only have one, this is for the record (sourced from the official website online):

*** Yuzu, the Gardens Mall ***

Cod fish bento - MYR 62++ (10% service charge, 6% SST = MYR 71.92 nett). It was a very small piece of cod fish but the tasty beef kind of make up for the fish. 

Grilled fish set - MYR 36++ (MYR 41.76 nett). The fruits were served in a tall wine glass which has been cut off by this photo.

Salmon Set at  MYR 36++ (MYR 41.76 nett).

Ebi Avocado maki - MYR 38++ (MYR 44.08 nett).  The deep fried prawn tempura in this maki is very crispy and tasty.

I think the discount is given for the ala carte item in the menu.

Exterior, Yuzu at the Gardens Mall.