Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Shrimps for two

My friend and I love to eat shrimps so we wanted to order "Shrimper's Heaven" at MYR65.90++ (10% service charge and 6% GST  = MYR76.85 nett) which consists of Breaded Coconut Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp, Crisp Golden Shrimp and Tempura Shrimp with Fries served with dips such as Tangy Asian, Cajun Marmalade, and Zesty Cocktail but we were told that the breaded coconut shrimp is not available so this item is off the menu for that day. We were disappointed but we decided to go for other shrimp dishes. They have shrimps so I guess they ran out of coconut flakes to coat the shrimps.

Fried Shrimps - MYR40.90++ (MYR47.70 nett) served with a wedge of lemon, coleslaw, fries and two dips. I counted the shrimps. There were 14 shrimps so 7 for each of us.

Yin Yang Shrimp Salad - there are two selections: crispy wanton strips (MYR30.90++) or chicken (MYR26.90++). I am not sure why the chicken selection is cheaper. Is it because if we choose chicken, the chicken would replace the shrimps? We did not ask but chose crispy wanton strips at MYR36 nett. The grilled shrimps were tasty with a bit of smoked taste and there were strips of mango in this salad. Both of us share this salad as well.

Total bill is MYR66.95 nett which means about MYR33.50 nett for each of us. We were pleasantly surprise to see that there is a 20% discount (lunch promotion). My friend ordered a glass of warm water which was foc.

I have been to Bubba Gump at The Curve twice but not to this outlet at Sunway Pyramid.

Ah, we did not see this notice about the lunch promotion when we walked in. 20% off for lunch on Monday to Friday from 11 am to 5 pm. Hope to be back for the Shrimper's Heaven.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Wai Noodle House

CharSiew Curry Noodle - MYR7.80 nett  - the curry is thick and full of flavours.

Curry Hor Fun - MYR8.80 nett. As we don't eat much for dinner, we took most of this home for breakfast the next day.

Fried Wantan - MYR4.50 nett

Total bill is MYR21.10 nett but they only collected MYR21 nett from  us because we don't have 10 cents with us.

Page 1 of its menu. Please click on it for a larger image.

Wai's Noodle House at Paramount Garden, PJ, same row as Ribs King but further down the road. This was a famous curry wanton mee stall in Seapark, PJ that opened late till after midnight but now has turned into a nice comfortable eatery with air-conditioning.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

In the List

I have yet to eat at GoThai although I have walked past this eatery at a few locations.

This branch is at SS2

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Curry mixed rice

The 2 plates of mixed rice (2 veges and 1 meat) above with a hot nescafe drink cost MYR15.50 nett. Nowadays I prefer eating these with curry instead of oily mixed rice. This eatery has changed their name but the people working there are still the same and the food tastes the same too.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Next Station

My friend heard about this popular noodles lunch place for office workers nearby our workplace so we went there to try the tomato soup noodles. There is a wide selection of noodles to go with the soup and there are other side dishes that we can order too. Here my friend ordered a small plate of bean sprout (MYR3 nett) to go with her Lou Xu Fen (short thick rice noodles with pointed ends) in tomato soup (MYR8.50 nett). She likes the taste of the tangy redish tomato soup.

I did not feel like having noodles so I ordered ginger wine soup at MYR7 nett. It has 2 fish balls, a few pieces of steamed chicken, omelette and some pork slices in it. The wine and ginger taste is not strong. I am afraid I did not make a good choice because somehow I feel that it is not worth the price.

This eatery is located on 19/3 road in PJ.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Twice a day

I visited Wild Honey, Pavilion again and noticed that the Barbary (duck leg confit) dish and Greek (Open faced omelette baked with fragrant lamb moussaka) dish have been removed from their menu and there were new items in the menu.

For breakfast, two of my friends and I ordered two dishes to share. Each of my friend chose 1 dish. 

This dish is called "European" - cherry tomatoes, two poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, mushrooms, turkey ham on brioche at MYR 25++ (10% service charge and 6% GST = MYR 29.15 nett).

Chicken Sandwich - MYR 34++ (MYR39.65 nett). 

Grilled chicken breast, lemon mayo, rocket, tomato on grilled ciabatta.

All these food for 3 pax.

I did not order any drinks. The cup of flat white coffee and a pot of hot tea are for my friends. We did not share the drinks. Total bill for 3 is MYR 99.10 nett.

I ended up at the same place for lunch on the same day with two two friends. This time each of us chose a dish to share. It so happened that the same dish (European) was selected by one of my friend.

Somehow I feel that this dish looks better this time when compared to the one I had during breakfast. From the photos, don't you think so too?

This is my choice - Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato salad - MYR 26++ (MYR 30.30 nett).

Baby spinach, chickpeas, toasted pine nuts, tomatoes and honey mustard dressing. So tasty!

Belgian at MYR 24++ (MYR 28 nett). One of my friend decided to have a sweet dessert lunch.

Waffles with coconut cream, grilled mango, blueberries, toasted coconut flakes with Canadian maple syrup.

MYR 115.43 nett for 3 pax. We shared the food but not the drinks. As with breakfast, I did not order any drinks but my two friends did buy a drink each.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Buy1 Free1

Quarter Chicken with 3 fixed sides: Mashed Potatoes with a choice of BBQ, Pepper or Original (Mushroom) gravy; baked beans and coleslaw. As this is a buy 1 free 1 deal, my friend got the exact same meal except that she got the lower quarter which consists of a thigh and a drumstick.

We were told that as half a chicken is used for this deal, one person will be served the lower quarter (thigh and drumstick), the other person will be served the upper quarter (wing and breast) so I chose to have the upper quarter as I prefer the firm breast meat. Of course I had to keep half the chicken meat for dinner as the upper quarter portion was big.

We were served two muffins so we had one each.

2 bowls of chicken mushroom soup with croutons. There are many small pieces of chicken meat in the soup.

This was the sign board that attracted us to have lunch here: Red Hot Meal with Kenny’s Mushroom & Chicken Soup for Buy 1 Free 1 promotion (dine-in only) from 23 to 27 October 2017 between 11 am to 3 pm. No drinks were included in this deal so we did not order any drinks.

Kenny Rogers Roasters outlet at Viva Home Mall

MYR25.40 nett for two pax so it is MYR12.90 nett per pax. Quite a good deal.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Taipei Taipei

I remember reading a post by Submerryn about the tasty pork chop at this eatery so when we were at Cheras Leisure Mall a few days ago, we tried it. I also remember PH trying the food at another branch twice.

Taiwanese Style Marinated Pork Chop with Rice (RM17.90 nett). 

The pork chop is thick unlike other eateries that serve a thinner piece. The preserved vegetables taste sweet yet salty. The whole dish leans more towards the sweet taste. As I have been to Taiwan a few times, I would say that this dish tastes authentic.

We also ordered a glass of Jelly Ai Yu Brown Sugar Lemon to share (MYR11.90 nett). Sourish sweet, very refreshing just like what I drank in Taiwan before. There were only 2 of us so I don't know why this receipt states pax: 4.

There are seats outside the main eatery. We sat in this outer area that looks a bit bare with white hoarding on two sides.

A closer look at the eatery. As we seldom visit Cheras Leisure Mall, I don't think we will get to visit this place again in the near future.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Spicy Sawadee Crunch

1 set of Spicy Sawadee crunch 3 pieces chicken with 1 whipped potato and 1 coleslaw (which I exchanged at no extra charge for 1 whipped potato) and 1 cold ice Lipton lemon tea (MYR16.90 nett). The chicken is very crispy and spicy but I still can stand the spiciness so it is very tasty and I don't mind having it again. Just need to be careful not to take a deep breath after taking a bite of the chicken because breathing in the spicy coating on top of the chicken will cause coughing fits.

So tempting looking, right?

1 set of original chicken (1piece) with 3 tenders with sour cream dip, fries and a cold soft drink (MYR12.60 nett). I upgraded the soft drink to milo but I failed to mention the word hot so I was given cold milo with ice cubes and charged a upgrade fee of MYR1.50 nett.

Shoryuken rice bowl (MYR6.30 nett) with a request to omit the sauce. Taste like chicken rice. I saw the add-on menu on the countertop so on impulse I added on vanilla pudding mango peach at MYR2.90 nett.

A closer look.

Could be considered a mistake ordering this because it has the artificial cordial drink mango peach taste but I finished eating it all after sharing some with my friend because it is easy to eat, just need to swallow no need to chew.

Could not resist this so added on cheesy balls at MYR6.90 nett for 5 balls. Expensive but yummylicious!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Overnite Oats

My friend let me try the oats and chia seeds soaked with soy milk that she prepared. The baby bottle there is for size comparison. 

It was cold and very tasty with fresh strawberries, bananas and dried cranberries. Thank you, my friend. :)