Friday, October 27, 2017

Next Station

My friend heard about this popular noodles lunch place for office workers nearby our workplace so we went there to try the tomato soup noodles. There is a wide selection of noodles to go with the soup and there are other side dishes that we can order too. Here my friend ordered a small plate of bean sprout (MYR3 nett) to go with her Lou Xu Fen (short thick rice noodles with pointed ends) in tomato soup (MYR8.50 nett). She likes the taste of the tangy redish tomato soup.

I did not feel like having noodles so I ordered ginger wine soup at MYR7 nett. It has 2 fish balls, a few pieces of steamed chicken, omelette and some pork slices in it. The wine and ginger taste is not strong. I am afraid I did not make a good choice because somehow I feel that it is not worth the price.

This eatery is located on 19/3 road in PJ.