Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Menya Musashi Ramen

Both of us shared a Ramen Set during lunch one day at Menya Musashi, a Ramen Specialty Eatery that has outlets in Singapore too. This is because I couldn't handle a bowl of Ramen by myself as the portion is large.

Lunch Set for MYR35 : A bowl of basic Ramen (There are 4 choices of soup - original, black garlic, red chilli, yellow mustard), green tea (choice of hot or cold), salad, a medium bowl of teriyaki pork rice, a plate of 3 gyoza. The egg is not included in the lunch set.

Gyoza : included in the lunch set. It is the normal Japanese gyoza and is not oily.

Green Tea : included in the lunch set. We chose hot green tea. This green tea is very thick with green tea powder. If you like thick green tea, you will like this.

Ala carte: Egg for MYR2. I think the yolk is too runny so I did not eat this but my husband seemed to like it.

Condiment provided: Chilli Pepper mixed and Fried Garlic (not oily at all). Both are covered of course, we just uncovered them for a photo session and we took extra care not to breathe or talk into them.

Close up shot of the Ramen. We chose black garlic soup which is very flavourful.

Put some fried garlic in the bowl.

Close up shot of the Teriyaki pork rice. Although this is a medium portion but there is a lot of rice and meat  in this bowl. We were very full after eating this set meal that is meant for one person.



Ramen Set Menu choices

After 10% service charge and 6% gov. tax, the total bill came up to MYR42.90 and credit card payment is accepted. We like this ramen better than Ippudo ramen. This eatery is located in Eat Paradise Isetan, 2nd Floor of One Utama shopping mall (old wing) but there are two other outlets in the Klang valley. We highly recommend Ramen Lovers to try this.


  1. I just had ramen last night. cooked at home as a friend sned me a box of Ramen when he came back from Japan. delicious

  2. All of them looks yummy!
    But looks like very big portion?

    1. Yes the whole set add together is a big portion for small eaters.