Saturday, July 2, 2022

Nyonya Chang

On Saturday 2.july.22, he went to buy chap fan lunch for himself and the Elderlies. He also blanched some lettuce for the Elderlies dinner to add on to the grabfood delivery dinner.

*** Lunch chapfan ***

1.12 pm - he added a few walnuts to the chapfan he bought for the Elderlies from a chapfan eatery a few doors away from Choy Kei coffee shop Happy Garden. The name of the chapfan shop is Hong Mei I think. I need to take a photo of the shop sign board and add the photo here later.

11.26 am - his lunch from the same chapfan dishes that he bought:

1. Two portion of rice
2. Spinach
3. Egg tofu
4. Sardines
5. Pieces of pork

They put each dish into individual plastic bags and the two portion of rice into individual plastic containers. Total price is MYR 25 nett. Accepts tng payments.
11.30 am - I also bought food from the same eatery:

1. No rice
2. Potatoes to replace rice
3. Sardine
4. Brinjal
5. Broccoli and cauliflower
6. Spinach

Price is MYR 11 so I think they charge MYR 2 for each vege dish and MYR 3 for the sardine.

*** Chok Kar Chong dinner delivery ***

6.36 pm - the Elderlies dinner. He blanched lettuce to add to their rice.

He ate the food above too as his dinner.

After discounts, the price is MYR 37.30 for 3 pax.

*** Nyonya Chang ***

3.44 pm - saw a bak Chang makeshift stall opposite choy Kei coffee shop which is only there on weekends so bought two dumplings.

3.45 pm - nyonya Chang MYR 6.50 with fillings that taste like those fillings in pulut panggang - dried shrimps, a bit of belacan I think so is a tiny bit spicy but on the sweet side. The glutinous rice is savoury. Tasty. It has a chestnut embedded in the glutinous rice too. He ate a bit of this nyonya Chang.

3.47 pm - savoury bak Chang. It has fatty bits of meat in it that I spat out. I was surprised to see the white glutinous rice because i was expecting the glutinous rice to be mixed with 5 spice powder so will be brown in colour but it tastes good too. The ingredients are dried shrimps, pork, chestnut, salted egg yolk, mushrooms and mung bean. I think it costs MYR 6 because I gave a MYR 20 note and received MYR 7.50 as the change. So I ate 1.5 changs around 4 pm and was super full so no dinner for me.


  1. Normally nyonya chang is blue from butterfly pea flowers and bak chang is brown from added dark sauce. My latest purchase of nyonya chang also tasted like pulut panggang, which I think is not how it's supposed to be. Can eat lah but I thought for the price I might as well just buy more pulut panggang! Hmm yours has a chestnut.... never encountered one of these in a nyonya chang. Looks like nowadays all rojak already!

    1. I think need to buy many pulut panggang to reach the weight of one nyonya Chang. I don't mind it not being authentic nyonya Chang as long as it is tasty.

  2. the picture made me crave for bakchang now....

  3. I love nonya chang and bak chang too. Usually I can eat two in one sitting and will be full for the whole day.

    1. Ya, two will definitely keep you full for the whole day and night.

  4. Now I am waiting for Friday to come to buy some bak chang. Don't know how much it will cost now.

    1. I think for price increase, if it does increase, would be around 50 cents to 1 ringgit.

  5. I took wanton noodles this morning 5.50 per packet.. looking at your bah chang, I wanted to steam one... but after eating, sure I will be full the whole day!

    1. Ya, true. Bak chang keeps us full for much longer

  6. Now can easily find Chang, no need wait till the festival to enjoy it.