Friday, September 30, 2022

Pulled Beef Brisket Burger

On Friday 30.sep.2022, went to Desa Petaling coffee shop to buy lunch because dropping off some food to my friend.

*** Myburgerlab ***

1.39 pm - the chuck Norris burger from myburgerlab set - top view.

Side view. I do not want any sauces so I paid extra for the sauces to be provided separately in small tubs. I have stated before that I don't want the small tubs of sauces even though I paid extra for them to be put separately but they still gave me the sauces. I guess I need to walk in to buy takeaway from them if I don't want any sauces. In this sense, McD burgers are on my preferred list cos they have a selection for no sauces at all via every online delivery platform.

I believe the two tubs of sauces are:
1. Honey mustard sauce
2. X+ sauce

Remove the top burger bun to show the pulled beef brisket seasoned with bbq sauce.

Below the pulled beef brisket are strips of deep fried battered onions.

The beef patty is beneath the strips of deep fried battered onions. A very meaty burger too.

Shopeefood delivery. Redeem shopee coins to cover the delivery fees so the burger set costs around MYR 28 only.

I will continue to order shopeefood delivery for myburgerlab everytime I have collected about MYR 8 worth of shopeecoins because I like their fries too.

Can buy via this platform also.

Ala Carte burger with price from their official website.

*** Salad Atelier ***

Self selection salad: I selected kale vege, beetroot, pumpkin, mixed capsicum, cherry tomatoes, smoke duck with no dressings. I like the self selection salad because I do not want any dressings. Used PestaPanda promocode to get MYR 13.48 off.

7 slices of smoked duck breast meat. I ate one slice and kept 6 slices for the next day. Taste good. The pumpkin is mixed with a sweetish butter.
*** Desa Petaling coffee shop ***

11.07 am - duck breast meat and siew yuk rice from LongFongRoastKing stall in Desa Petaling coffee shop MYR 12 and a quarter duck, top portion MYR 24 to get the duck breast meat.

As before, whenever we are at this coffee shop, will buy the pork mihun soup at MYR 8 for his dinner.


  1. The burger looked good.

    Oh, long time didn't have roasted duck rice. I like it!!

    1. Yes the burger is very flavourful even when I didn't put any sauces into the burger. Ya, roast duck breast meat is tasty. Got a bit of nice liver taste.

  2. The pulled beef brisket burger looks yummy. I think I want to buy roast duck tomorrow.

    1. Yes the burger is very flavourful. May you enjoy eating the roast duck.

  3. Burger looks so good. I don't add extra sauce to my burgers, but I'd dip the fries into the sauces.

    1. My burgers are without the sauce because I paid for the sauce to be put separately since they don't have an option to say no sauce. If don't pay then they won't give extra sauce. No foc sauce for fries.

  4. If don't pay for sauce to be put separately, the burger by default has more than enough sauce on the patty so definitely don't need any extra sauce. No foc extra sauce. I don't put any of the sauce into the burger as I don't want the sauces at all.

  5. The pulled beef brisket burger must be a new item.

    1. Wow! You are very familiar with myburgerlab menu cos u r right. I looked at my post dated 28 April 2019 which shows the whole menu and this beef brisket chuck Norris burger is not Listed in there.

    2. I just went to the eatery and this Chuck Norris burger has the word limited next to it so I guess it is in the menu for a short duration only.