Thursday, December 1, 2022

Water Heater

On Thursday 1.dec.2022, the Elderlies' instant water heater shower broke down - the water is not hot even though the light is on so bought a new sharp water heater at MYR 280 for them and the shop recommended a person to install it for MYR 130 nett. In the morning, he went over and fed the elderly one whole avocado because of shaking hands, it is difficult to scoop the avocado so he has to do it.

Then buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies and himself from Golden Chopstick coffee shop. In the evening, went over again to facilitate the installation of the new water heater.

*** Thursday 1.dec.2022 ***

11.25 am - 3 packs of chapfan lunch from Golden Chopstick coffee shop.

4.26 pm - my portion of avocado he kept for me from his breakfast.

4.41 pm - I bought a bag of cauliflower and broccoli MYR 6 from 126 Kopitiam coffee shop and a pack of cashew nuts MYR 8 ish from Speedmart.

4.58 pm - I finished up the remaining rice from the Lei Cha bought on Monday.

5.15 pm - his dinner of salmon, egg and bread after he got back.

5.15 pm - my piece of salmon eaten with bread. Bought pieces of salmon are bought on Tuesday.

*** Tuesday 29.nov.2022 ***

4.54 pm - bought two pieces of salmon Shioyaki from Ginza Sushi via Foodpanda and kept them in the fridge.

PestaPanda promocode MYR 12 off. Total price including delivery fees is MYR 33.60 which means one piece is about MYR 17 rounded up.


  1. The water heater in my bathroom has not been functioning for years and I never bother to replace it because I dislike showering with hot water. My partner is now used to bathing in cold water. LOL!