Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Boost again

On Wednesday 30.nov.2022, went to Midvalley Mall.

*** Bankara Ramen ***

11.34 am - ramen braised pork belly aka kakuni in bone broth and deep fried fish for two pax to share.

11.37 am - gyoza for me and he ate one only.

Total bill for two pax: MYR 100.35 including tax and service charge.

*** IHEAL Midvalley Mall ***

11 am - both of us went for dose 2 and when my friend asked me why, I replied the words whims and fancies come to mind. No scientific reasons because most people are waiting for the updated version that has been ordered and will be available soon.

11.04 am - chairs in orderly lines.

The main waiting area for specialists.

The date printed on the vial is 07/2022 and a search online found the date is officially given a 6 months extension.

*** Dinner ***

4.02 pm - his salad - quarter avocado from Jaya Grocer and salad from salad Atelier. 

4.03 pm - livers in remaining bkt soup from paramount 86 coffee shop bought on Monday.
Close up of livers.

4.28 pm - my dinner of quarter avocado and salad.

Ordered salad Atelier via Grabfood delivery because grabfood unlimited subscription for this month will end soon and will not be continued unless there is a need to do so.

*** Things Bought ***

Masks - 
Right: 50 for MYR 27.50
Left: 20 for MYR 19.90

Hass Avocado on offer at Jaya Grocer. MYR 5 off a pack of 3 so the final price is about MYR 5 each.

Imported by Khaishen Trading SB.

MYR 14.90 after MYR 5 off. One supermarket is selling a pack for MYR 20.90 and individual avocado is about MYR 6.90 for one. Bought 3 packs and gave one pack to my friend.

Raw pork belly Sakura myr 48.90 per kg from Jaya Grocer.


  1. I'm not following the vaccine developments at the moment. If there's a new vaccine, might as well wait.

    Masks I buy from Shopee, seems cheaper.

    1. Now is entirely up to individuals what they want to do. Some still prefer natural immunity so they prefer to get it and get well. I got many boxes of cheaper masks at home but still buy more comfortable ones.

  2. I have thought about the 2nd booster jab. I still have a few boxes of masks which were given by SIL.

    1. Most people think the booster 2 is not required because many people who kena got well too without booster 2. Now there are better quality masks being sold at a better price than previously. But then many people are not wearing masks already. Depends on your masks are of good quality or not and whether you want to upgrade them or you prefer not to wear masks.