Saturday, November 26, 2022

FOC SR Cakes Ended

On Saturday 26.nov.2022, he cooked a dish and bought two dishes from Yan's Kitchen using Foodpanda delivery for the Elderlies' lunch. Dinner is chapfan from Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling for the Elderlies and himself.

*** Foc SR Cake ***

Shopeefarm FOC secret recipe cakes has ended. Now is FOC Dunkin' Donuts. So far, I have redeemed 3 slices of FOC SR cakes.

Mon 14.nov.2022 2.48 pm - SR moist choc cake. Chocolaty and sweet.

Foc for a slice of MYR 10.80 cake.

Wed 23.nov.2022 2.28 pm - chocolate cheese cake. Chocolaty with a bit of cheese taste. Not that sweet.

Can choose these cakes for the foc cake. Looking at the cakes now, I feel like eating cakes. 😋

Can choose these cheese cakes too.

Premium cakes MYR 12.90 a slice are not applicable.

This cake is only available per cake by order. Not applicable for the foc cake.

*** Saturday 26.nov.2022 ***

I was still sleeping at 9 am when he finished cooking this turmeric cabbage onion capsicum dish for lunch. Gave a portion to the Elderlies.

He also made these juyaozhar to get the oil. He was impatient so he used high heat until they are too brown. Next time he will use low heat.

Two dishes from Yan's Kitchen for the Elderlies' lunch.

6 pm - he bought 3 packs of chapfan from Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling for the Elderlies and his dinner.


  1. U can order fatty mixed rice from Foodpanda. Now tht it has evoucher, the discounted price is way cheaper than buying frm shop. Downside is customer can't choose the dish from the app, only can specify chicken, pork, fish, vege.

    1. Ya, that is why he doesn't want to use Foodpanda because he wants to choose the dish for the Elderlies himself. I also cannot buy for the Elderlies because kena he complained the dishes I chose Tak boleh.

  2. Yep the Secret Recipe seeds didn't last long. I managed to get 4.

    Not bad your hubby got semangat to make juyaozha. They don't look that burnt.

    1. Oh good, you got 4 foc SR cakes. I got only 3. The juyaozha is the byproduct. He wanted the oil from the lard.

    2. I have 2 accounts so average is only 2 per account, so your record is better!