Tuesday, April 30, 2019

WG New Crack Pork Uptown

My friends and I went to the new Crack Pork eatery at Damansara Uptown for their weekday lunch sets which consist of a main dish and a glass of hot or cold lemon tea.

Char Siew Rice Lunch Set at MYR 14.90 nett. My friend said that the julienned carrot and daikon are only slightly pickled so they are not very appetising and the raw lettuce could do with a dressing. I tested a piece of the char siew and found it acceptable - soft and sweet.

Siew Yoke Aglio Olio Lunch Set at MYR 19.90 nett. My friend's comment is that the pasta is undercooked, it is not al dente because it is not firm to the bite, it is hard, almost uncooked. She left most of it uneaten.

Salted Egg Yolk Pork Pasta Lunch Set at MYR 19.90 nett. Unlike the aglio olio pasta which is too hard, this pasta is just nice to the bite. My two friends who shared this pasta said that luckily they decided to share this dish because although the salted egg yolk gravy is tasty, it is easy to get satiated due to the creaminess if one ate more than a few forkfuls.

Siew Yoke Baguette Lunch Set at MYR 17.90 nett. I finished the fries for my friend who ate just one segment of the baguette and left one segment behind. She finds the baguette a bit on the hard side and the siew yoke inside oily.

Smoked Duck Breast Charcoal Baguette Lunch Set at MYR 24.90 nett. This is an option for those who do not want to eat pork.

This is my order - pork ribs (6 sticks) from the ala carte menu - MYR 22.90 nett. I did not order from the lunch set menu because after looking through it, nothing caught my eyes because I have been to Crack Pork in Kota Damansara in Nov 2017 twice before they closed down and much prefer the previous menu. Furthermore, I don't want to eat any fatty bits so pork ribs meal is the safest choice.

This is after I gave 2 sticks of ribs to my friend. I like the taste of the marinate (BBQ spice honey) but would prefer there be more meat on the ribs.

Total bill is MYR 120.40 nett for 6 pax. Average price of about MYR 20.06 per pax.

Interior which looks more like a pub with its dark colours as compared to the previous light and airy coffee cafe decor.

Dark Exterior - located next to dal.komm coffee cafe.

I ordered this pork ribs without adding any sides for MYR 1 nett.

Page 1 of the 3-page lunch set menu: Rice with four types of pork - porchetta, char siew, siew yoke or tung yang pork (whatever this is). 

Baguette and Mantou Lunch Set.

Pasta Lunch Set which includes Curry Siew Yoke and Prawn Laksa which may be worth a try but since it is too much for me alone, I did not order it.


  1. The char siew looks good, the tung yang pork is it Japanese pork, as tung yang sounds like 东洋

  2. Ribs look good - we have one good place here too but I usually buy from the char siew stall at a coffee shop near my house, cheaper and nice too.

    1. The ribs here have too little meat compared to other places but of course the price here is lower.

  3. The ribs you ordered looks good.

    1. but the meat is very little compared to more expensive ribs in other eateries.

  4. Thanks for the review and info on the set lunch menu! I haven't been back there because my partner was not keen. But I might drop in on my own one of these days.

    1. Welcome! I wonder which meal would you order from the set lunch menu.

  5. Not so good comments overall eh.