Wednesday, December 19, 2018

WG Oriental Bowl

2 big prawns, green beans, mushrooms, one braised egg, a small portion of rice and a cup of hot chrysanthemum drink at MYR 18.50 nett. I managed to finish all including the drink by pushing on.

My friend had the same dish but hers was the value meal so she gets to choose a soup from the soup menu. Oriental Bowl is famous for their soup but I have no stomach space for soup so I did not choose the value meal.


Christmas decor at the stairs landing.

Entrance - Oriental Bowl is located on the 1st Floor so we need to walk up two flights of steps.


  1. I would go for the Value Meal. I'll take the soup while Ayden eats the rice and dishes. Your prawns look delicious.

  2. I would love the prawns and the stewed egg. Look real good.

  3. I like the interior and the decorations. The prawns and beans look good!

  4. I would go for value meal, coz I like soup

  5. I would go for value meal. The soup must be good as it is well known.

    1. there are many types of good and tasty soup to choose from.

  6. Looks quite good the meal you had especially so because you love prawns.

  7. Hehe you already had to push on to finish your food without adding the soup.