Sunday, December 23, 2018

Minute 150g

Bearnaise Minute Steak 150g with side salad and fries at MYR 25+ (6% SST = MYR 26.5 nett). If you want to know what Bearnaise Sauce is, please refer to the wiki article here. For this price, I do not expect much of it. Just that I would prefer the beef taste to be stronger.

A cup of Cappuccino for my friend at MYR 10+ (MYR 10.60 nett). This is illy coffee so it tastes good. We just do not like the saucer for the cup because it has a protruding inner middle circle where the cup should be placed so we had to be very exact when placing the cup on that spot or else the coffee would be spilled.

The "Food Court" for Jaya Grocer is now known as "The Grocers Canteen" instead of El Fresco.

If one prefers black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce, one needs to pay an extra MYR 4.50+ (MYR 4.77 nett).

The Grocers Canteen, Jaya Grocer at The Gardens Mall.


  1. I would love to try the sauce. For that price, that sure was a generous slab of beef!

  2. The price looks pretty decent.

  3. I notice these places are doing quite well overall.

  4. Minute indeed, just nice the portion for a small eater like you!