Monday, May 23, 2022

Kon Jin Har Lok

On Monday 23.may.22, went to collect some sg and pg food gift from my friend at about 3 pm. Stopped by Kopitiam 95 Desa Petaling to buy dinner. Only a few stalls are still open.

*** Friday 20.may.22 ***

12.30 noon - He mentioned wanting to eat Kon Jin Har Lok aka pan fried prawns a while back so when I saw that Yan Kitchen was having PestaPanda promo and it has a similar dish, I placed an order for lunch. Also bought nam Yue chicken and one portion of rice.

There are 7 prawns with their shells intact. The ginger, shallots, thick soy sauce gravy is very flavourful and a bit spicy so this dish is delicious. The pieces of nam Yue chicken are tasty too with a bit of chicken skin deep fried until chewy chewy QQ. It took us 2 days to finish these two dishes.

MYR 10 off by using PestaPanda e-voucher.

2 pm - He ate 4 prawns and I removed the shells of the remaining 3 prawns before keeping them in the fridge. The next day, I mixed the gravy with Mihun and ate all of them. The gravy is quite spicy in some parts so I got into a coughing fit as the spiciness stung my throat but the dish is tasty.

*** Monday 23.may.22 ***

5.40 pm - we shared this braised pork knuckle rice and watercress ribs soup for dinner. I brought two containers to place the food when I went to buy this pork knuckle rice at MYR 13.90 nett and this watercress ribs soup without rice at MYR 10 nett at about 3 pm. They are from different stalls in Kopitiam 95 Desa Petaling. A good dinner.

1.18 pm - my lunch of my portion of mihun that he kept for me from his 3jc mihun breakfast. I added the remaining celery Cuttlefish with its gravy from Saturday Lan Chey eatery into the 3jc mihun soup and the taste turned into seafood mihun soup. A nice way to clear remaining food that is 2 days old.


  1. Both the prawns and chicken are some of my favourites. Feeling hungry now.

  2. Can see the prawn dish looked flavourful. So nice to take with rice, I bet.

  3. Flavourful dishes can repurpose as sauce/soup for your mihun.