Saturday, May 21, 2022

Celery Cuttlefish

On Saturday 21.may.22, ordered two shopeefood deliveries for the Elderlies' lunch and dinner.

5.50 pm - our dinner from Lan Chey SteamFish. The two eggs dishes are shared with the Elderlies. He took half of each egg dish for the Elderlies when he went over to their place after his dinner. He requested for the celery Cuttlefish dish which is only available on shopeefood and not Foodpanda delivery and didn't share this cuttlefish dish with the Elderlies. There are many pieces of cuttlefish in the dish so half portion is kept for another day.

Steam Fish for the Elderlies so didn't open this container.

This photo is from Saturday 15.jan.22 for the Elderlies' dinner. The fish should look the same. The Elderlies love to eat this fish so we will buy it from their dinner once a month. We didn't buy this fish for ourselves because we don't want to manage the remaining soy sauce and the fish bones.

MYR 70 for a 4 pax dinner.

For the Elderlies' lunch, ordered the above two types of noodles using shopeefood. The Elderlies say they are ok with these two types of noodles so they went into the approved list.

Buy wholemeal gardenia bread from pandamart.

For offer items, the prices shown here are prices before discount. The offer price is lower.


  1. There was one Lan Jie steamfish here but closed even before the pandemic.

    1. So sad. Lucky for us, this outlet here is still open because their steam fish is really affordable.

  2. Oh this is the same as Lan Jie? Eating fish with bones is ok if you have a lot of time to appreciate it.

    1. Yes, is Lan Jie, just spell differently.