Saturday, January 22, 2022

Two Har Mee

Saturday 22.jan.22 is a day to supply the Elderlies with both lunch and dinner.

5.35 pm - he cooked rice and lettuce and ordered two dishes for the Elderlies so that all 3 of them ate dinner together.

Grab the above items for dinner.

Prawn noodles, one pack for each elderlies' lunch.

11.40 am - we shared this lunch of remaining food from the fridge.


  1. Good tht the elderlies can eat well, no dieting restriction and allergy. From the items above my dad couldnt eat the fish, prawn tofu, har it's only rice & veggie for him😅. Getting food for him is very challenging.

    1. Your father has seafood allergies? But can eat pork and chicken, right? May your father eat nutritious balanced food. vegetarian food maybe? With Vegetables proteins and maybe need to eat supplements pills.

      So far the Elderlies can eat seafood in moderation is ok. Fingers crossed. 🤞

    2. Yes, seafood allergies, and nuts too. Can't eat pork too often, so chicken is the only choice left. Yes, he is on supplement pills.

    3. Good that he is already taking supplements.

  2. Look like healthy meal for the elderlies. Good for them to eat more fish and vegetables.

  3. Good that the elders have good food to look forward to. Are you still on social distancing mode?

  4. Delicious and healthy food for the elderlies and they would enjoy having someone to eat with them too.