Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Nando Chicken Delivery

On Tuesday 11.jan.22, we provide lunch to the Elderlies and I bought extra food due to PestaPanda discounts are here again so I didn't go out at all, just bought everything using Foodpanda app.

12.22 noon - I bought a half chicken set with two side dishes from Nando's because I can use PestaPanda promo code to get a big discount.

What is this?

Corn on the cob. One of the side dishes that I chose. Taste naturally sweet.

Side dish - Peri Peri Wedges. Potatoes are yummy to me.

It is almost 46% off the listed price. So worth it!

7.37 am - his breakfast of hot salted egg, century egg, minced meat and deep fried intestine congee. He kept some for me.

Congee via delivery: MYR 14 nett.

Lunch for the Elderlies. Their favourite beef noodles from Yang Kee coffee shop. We also bought two packs of beef noodles for our lunch and next day's dinner. On average, it is about MYR 15 per pack of beef noodles.

As the Elderlies needed a loaf of bread, I bought it using Pandamart and included items that are on promo for maximum savings. The Head and Shoulders shampoo is about 700 ml and costs about MYR 25 after discount which is a very good price.


  1. We planned to order takeaway from Namdo's on Christmas Eve but last minute we decided not to. Because the chicken wasn't available then so we ended up with roasted chicken from Aeon. Lol. I do enjoy its peri-peri chicken.

    1. Roasted chicken from Aeon is just as tasty if not more.

  2. The corn is wrapped like a Xmas cracker!

  3. Long time never had Nandos, the corn looks good. Good deal with pestapanda. Happy weekend Mun.