Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy Prawn Mee Delivery

On Monday 31.jan.22, he went over to the Elderlies twice to provide them with lunch and dinner.

9.40 am - all 3 of them ate this Penang prawn Mee for lunch. Good value for money because there is a lot of ingredients in it, including lots of Kang kung.

Many eateries are closed due to this day being Chinese new year Eve so found this eatery in Foodpanda. I used OngEats Promo code instead of extraong by mistake so I got MYR 8.85 off instead of MYR 10 off. 

Later I searched online and found out that this eatery is just a stall underneath a shed by the roadside. The address provided online is:

next to 74a, Jalan Rukun 4, Taman Continental, Happy Garden, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

All daily promo codes have been redeemed at 2.40 pm so I use a verysorry voucher to get MYR 6 off when I bought snowflake ice for his tea time. On two occasions when Foodpanda was late in delivering food, they automatically gave a verysorry voucher for MYR 6 off for each time. Took me a while to figure out what the voucher verysorry is for.

6.35 pm - 3 of them ate reunion dinner. He cooked the napa cabbages with one mini scallop and remaining siew yuk from Good Taste eatery. The beef tendon and pork trotters dish is bought from Rue Ee eatery one day ago as on this day, the eatery is only serving food from their cny set menu. As for me, I ate a whole tub of IDC bailey coffee ice cream 473 ml for lunch and dinner to celebrate CNY!

How was your reunion dinner? Happy Chinese new year! 

新年快乐,万事如意, 心想事成,虎年吉祥!


  1. Now that you have set a precedence, I shall one day indulge in a whole tub of ice cream! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    1. Gong xi fa cai! Not recommended though, may get diabetes.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to u & family!

  3. Penang prawn mee looks good. Snowflakes ice sounds tempting. Happy Chinese New Year dear Mun.

  4. Nooo... you had reunion dinner alone?