Sunday, January 23, 2022

Typical Sunday

On Sunday 23.jan.22, we went to Taman Desa as usual. Our turn to provide bread, lunch and dinner to the Elderlies.

Chee cheong fun with a brinjal ytf, a meatball, a tofu puff and a bean curd roll for MYR 8.70 nett from Tuck Tuck Tei eatery. Good enough but they gave me too much brown sauce so I had to throw most away which is a waste. From another stall, bought ling fish head mihun soup without milk for MYR 12 nett. He couldn't detect any rice wine in the soup.

Economy rice from Tuck Tei eatery at MYR 15 nett for one small portion of rice, soy knot, egg tofu, broccoli, pumpkin, a braised egg, napa cabbages and a piece of pork chop. The lady told me that the pork chop alone costs MYR 4 when I didn't ask her.

Bought two packs of 3jc mihun soup at MYR 7 nett each. One pack is for the Elderlies' lunch and one for his Monday breakfast.

Ordered these two rice sets for the Elderlies' dinner with extraong promo code to get MYR 10 off. Have yet to ask for their feedback.

The Penang jawa Mee hoon and yellow noodles is ok, portion is not too much with one piece of deep fried crispy fritter, a hard boiled egg, some bean curd pieces and some veges.

The curry chicken wanton noodles is for the Elderlies' lunch. Feedback is ok, can order again. Thick wanton soup noodles for our Monday lunch. Also bought a pack of nasi lemak Sepetang with a small portion of rice, no sambal, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, curry potatoes, curry pork slices at MYR 7 nett for two pax to share.


  1. Good price for the dishes from Jazz cafe.

    1. Ya, especially with the extraong promo code.

  2. The lady probably thought she had to justify the higher price.