Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Ruth Coconut Tarts

On Tuesday 18.jan.22, we ordered 3 deliveries and he took the food over to the Elderlies for lunch and tea.

5.49 pm - Hakka noodles as dinner shared by 2 pax. Taste is acceptable. 

12 noon - bought an assortment of pastries.

12.17 noon - coconut tart. Not too bad but I prefer egg tarts more than coconut tarts.

11.53 am - shared brunch. I like this lo Mai Kai because the glutinous rice is soft and flavourful but not too salty.

11.25 am - there are two pei Dan aka century egg siew Mai dumplings, one each. The fillings taste like chicken meat.

The above food are bought from Ruth coffee shop.

He gave two egg tarts to the Elderlies for tea time. The siew Bao has small cubes of meat in it so it is tasty. I like the taste of the kaya puff kaya fillings so I can buy more kaya puffs next time.

1.49 pm - bought 2 daikons and a bag of 11 carrots because I have remaining beef broth from pho Vietz in my fridge.

3.57 pm - cook them in water using a rice cooker without any seasonings, no salt. Didn't use the beef broth to cook and I just drank the beef broth after putting in cooked Daikin and cooked carrots into it.

Wed 19.jan.22 12.57 noon - ate them cold the next day. Naturally sweet from the carrots and daikons.

Bought a box of 6 mini nestle la cremeria chocolate ice creams to reach MYR 22 to use extra35 promo code to get MYR 8 off.

Ordered 4 packs of chicken thigh hor fun for the elderlies lunch and his lunch to reach MYR 35 to use OngEats Promo code to get About MYR 10 off because the total price for 3 packs is the same as the total price for 4 packs with the promo code. He ate pack 4 as breakfast the next day.


  1. I prefer egg or cheese tart than coconut tart more.

  2. Yes, I also prefer egg tarts to coconut tarts, just too filling for me. But I dont mind coconut bun or pau... they are my favourite!

    1. Coconut fillings are mostly similar I believe. Just the difference between bun skin, pau skin and tart crust.

  3. I also prefer egg tarts. But a coconut one once in a while is nice too.