Friday, January 14, 2022

Sik Bao Bao

On Friday 14.jan.22, we ordered two food deliveries. Sik Bao Bao literally means eat full full in Cantonese. In Mandarin, it is Chī bǎo bǎo aka 吃饱饱 but in Cantonese the words are 食饱饱 using 食instead of 吃 to reflect the sound of the word. Seems like unknowingly Friday is the day of the week that we eat a lot as the previous Friday, we ate food from Banana Bro and we were very full after that.

*** Lunch Brew House Sri Petaling ***

12.24 noon - our lunch of salmon teriyaki rice and Japanese curry pork chop rice. We didn't eat all the rice and kept a portion for dinner. The curry tastes more like herbal stew with potatoes, carrots and mushrooms in it. The pork chop is sinewy and quite thin until it was on the hard side after being deep fried so I guess we won't order this curry rice again.

Managed to use the OngEats Promo code to get MYR 11.90 off.

1.02 pm - I ate one strawberry ice cream stick after lunch as dessert. I like strawberry taste a lot but for this iNatural ice cream, I prefer the previous day's mango as it has real mango pieces embedded in the ice cream whereas this strawberry ice cream has only blended strawberry in it when I prefer to have pieces of real strawberry.

*** Late Tea Nasi Lemak Bamboo ***

4.54 pm - he wanted plain McD nasi lemak to eat with the remaining curry from Tradisi Kopitiam but the McD delivery app says nasi lemak is sold out so I ordered plain nasi lemak from nasi lemak bamboo eatery in Sri Petaling. I forgot to take the photo of the plain Nasi Lemak which he ate for dinner with the remaining curry from the fridge.

This one tub of cendol ice is enough for two pax with lots of red beans, cendol and frozen ice shavings. The sugar used taste like coconut candy that we used to eat as children. Those coconut candies wrapped in colourful transparent plastic. Tasty!

The deep fried squid is not salty at all so it is nice when eaten with the thin cucur udang which is very flavourful. I prefer fatter and thicker cucur udang.

The plain nasi lemak costs MYR 7.90 and I chose to add one cold Hainanese coffee to it so it ended up being MYR 11.40 after adding the coffee which costs MYR 3.50 making it MYR 31.70 in total as I couldn't use the OngEats Promo code because the daily allocation has all been used up at 4 pm. Lesson here is; in order to use these daily limited promo codes, we need to place our order early in the day.


  1. I prefer thicker cucur udang too.

  2. Curry tasting like herbal stew is quite unexpected.

    Yes agree, must be kiasu in using promo codes to avoid disappointment.

    1. Ya, it was not expected but luckily I can accept the herbal stew taste. Sometimes due to being in a hurry I didn't put in any promo codes.

  3. In this warm weather, I would love to have cendol ice.

    1. I would want to eat this cendol ice again too.