Thursday, August 11, 2022

Fruity Food

On Thursday 11.aug.22, went to Golden Chopsticks and 126 Kopitiam to buy chapfan for the Elderlies and ourselves.

*** Fruits ***

Topview. Both of us love to eat this fruit so I would peel off the skin and put the round fruit in a bowl.

Side view.

Then I would cut it up and both of us will share it equally. Refreshingly sweet and juicy.

We will always buy blueberries when they are available. A pack of 125g blueberries costs about MYR 10 and we would buy one or two packs.

*** Golden Chopsticks coffee shop ***

His chapfan with 3 vege dishes without rice costs MYR 5 and he also bought two packs of 2 veges and 1 meat with rice each for the Elderlies at about MYR 16 which is about MYR 8 per pack on average.

I bought one whole peeled pineapple MYR 8 and will eat it for 5 days. I found this article online but don't know how true it is:

*** 126 Kopitiam ***

I bought chapfan without rice from 126 Kopitiam because I like to eat their braised eggs. 2 braised eggs for the Elderlies and 2 braised eggs for ourselves with 2 veges: choy tam and celery+cauliflower cost MYR 13 nett.


  1. I love dragon fruit but hubby wouldn't even touch it. Coincidentally, I bought a peeled pineapple, medium size and I paid RM3.50 for it.

    1. Does he eat white dragon fruit?

    2. Your pineapple is so so affordable

    3. How long, many days, do you take to eat one whole pineapple?

  2. Only thing with these red dragonfruit, you end up with red-stained fingers.

    1. I peel it without touching the inner red flesh.