Saturday, August 13, 2022

Price Experiment

On Saturday 13.aug.22, went to Hiong Mei chapfan eatery to buy lunch for the Elderlies. Dinner for the Elderlies is their favourite steamed tilapia fish from Lan Je eatery in old Klang road.

*** Hiong Mei chapfan eatery ***

4.05 pm - previously when I use my stainless steel container to store the chapfan dishes, Hiong Mei charged MYR 3 per dish for each dish that I took. So this time I use their one-time-use plastic container to store 6 dishes to test how much they will charge me for:
1. Yin choy aka amaranth greens
2. Sweet Potatoes leaves
3. Spinach
4. French beans
5. Bittergourd
6. Pumpkin 
The price is MYR 11 so that means they tend to think that containers from home are bigger than their plastic containers and therefore they will charge more for each dish if the customer uses their own containers. Just for info, it is diy so the customers scoop the dishes into the containers themselves so they can take the amount that they wish. I took the same amount when I use my own container and when I use their plastic container. Conclusion is for this chapfan eatery, I need to use their container for the best price.

11.51 am - his chapfan lunch of a small portion of rice, nam Yue pork, yin choy and Spinach from Hiong Mei. He also bought two packs of chapfan lunch for the Elderlies and the total price for 3 packs is MYR 21, an average of MYR 7 per pack.

He fried an egg and put it into the previous day's remaining chicken wine broth and had that as part of his lunch.

I bought a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread MYR 3.6 for the Elderlies as usual from a nearby convenient store and a bunch of 6 bananas MYR 4.55 and a pack of little gem lettuce for around MYR 2 from the nearby grocery.

*** Ginza Sushi Sri Petaling ***

12.36 pm - bought just one salmon Shioyaki for both of us to share because I have shopeefood evouchers that are going to expire soon. List price MYR 19.90 vs the price I paid including delivery MYR 11.50 which to me is worth paying.

Redeemed MYR 2.90 shopee coins.

*** Lan Je eatery ***

5.26 pm - he ate this prawn omelette before going over to the Elderlies' place to cook little gem lettuce for their dinner.

Foodpanda delivery. Used allday promo code to get MYR 8 off the total price. Later when he got home, he cooked little gem lettuce in the remaining bak kut teh soup for his dinner.


  1. I like nam yee pork and prawn omelette.

  2. That's a fun experiment! I also think they charge more for home containers. Maybe sellers compensate for unfamiliar packaging by charging more, just in case these containers are bigger than they appear.