Monday, August 29, 2022

One Delivery Each

On Monday 29.aug.2022, we stayed home and ordered two food deliveries.

*** 27 July 2022 Biscuits ***

Bought these biscuits, cookies and buns via pandamart a while ago and gave some of them to my friend. Once in a while, I will buy a batch of biscuits to replenish stock.

Discount of MYR 9.98 for all 10 items.

*** Chok Kar Chong eatery ***

3.02 pm - his grabfood Delivery order of pork trotter, pepper stomach soup and rice. He blanched some lettuce for both of us to share.

MYR 11.50 off by using grabfood subscription.

*** Ginza Sushi Sri Petaling ***

3.30 pm - my shopeefood delivery order of salmon Shioyaki and  a set tamago unagi sushi to share by both of us.

After all discounts and shopee coins redemption, the total price is about MYR 17 which is a good price.


  1. My favourite biscuit is still the plain cream crackers without oil and sugar.

  2. You make good use of all the discounts. I have only tried Lotus Biscoff spread and not the biscuits themselves.

    1. I try to but sometimes due to urgent requests I just pay the stated price without discount. I haven't tried biscoff spread. Do you like it?

    2. Not really. I prefer peanut butter.

    3. I like peanut butter spread too