Sunday, August 7, 2022

Methi Baingan

On Sunday 7.aug.22, went Taman Desa to buy food and drop by de Market to buy 5 boxes of Harada green tea selling at MYR 16.99 per box after a discount of MYR 8 from MYR 24.99 which makes it a very good price. In the evening, a food ordered and paid on Wednesday, 4 days ago was delivered as per schedule.

*** Five & Two Foods Homecooked ***

6.48 pm - just received.

Homecooked Methi Baingan and Mutton Varuval from Five & Two Foods recommended by PH in her article here:

Top: Methi Baingan - eggplant with fenugreek. I like the Herby taste of this dish. It is not spicy, maybe just a tiny bit spicy because my spouse finds it spicy; but is oily and a bit on the salty side. Very appetising. Goes well with rice and all types of bread. Fenugreek is supposed to give health benefits.

Bottom: Mutton Varuval. I requested this dish to be less spicy. All the mutton dishes on the menu use boneless mutton which is great for me. The mutton is tender and easy to eat.

One container is for 2 pax but for small eaters, the portion is enough for 3 pax.

Close up photo of the mutton Varuval after I have eaten almost a quarter or it. The mutton are more or less cut into cubes.

6.48 - packaging. For each dish ordered, there will be 3 containers so there are 6 containers here for the 2 dishes I ordered. I gave a box each to my friend and kept 4 boxes. They can be frozen up to 3 months.

*** Tuck Tuck Tei Taman Desa ***

12.38 noon - his chapfan of rice, okra, brinjal and curry vegetables with no meat. He also bought two portions of chapfan for the Elderlies' lunch. These 3 chapfan portions cost around MYR 23 nett.

4.30 pm - my one meal of the day consists of his fish wanton skin dumpling mihun soup from mountain Hill eatery that he kept aside for me that he bought on Friday, half an orange and chapfan dishes without rice that I bought from Tuck Tuck Tei at MYR 7 only which is a very good price for 5 dishes:

1. One braised egg
2. Soyknots
3. Okra
4. Egg tofu
5. Yin choy aka amaranth greens

*** Elderlies' dinner ***

He cooked dinner for the elderlies:
- two steamed chicken thighs with cloud ear fungus and huai shan aka Dioscorea polystachya aka called cinnamon-vine bought from de Market
- steamed 4 okra which is not their favourite food but had to eat for the fibres
- Rice
He decided to cook for them at the last minute so he didn't buy the chicken thighs in de Market. Solution is to buy from pandamart. Free delivery due to panda pro subscription.


  1. Glad you tried the food from Five & Two Foods.

  2. once in a while good to have homecooked food than tapao.

    1. Tapao food can be just as good as Homecooked food if tapao from good quality eateries. This home cooked food is also tapao in the sense that it is delivered packed in a plastic containers. Main point is the taste of the food. There are those who uses commercial pre mix spices or curry to cook at home compared to those cooking using the actual individual spices in good quality eateries.

  3. Hubby and I love mutton varuval.

  4. I was looking for a close-up pic of the mutton varuval. :)

    Homecooked and commercial good and bad la. Commercial is safer when you have a group to feed since their operations should be smoother. I do worry when food is delayed for homecooked especially when sellers aren't too prompt is replying and it's my first time ordering. Possibly commercial would have higher safety standards too. In theory there's a higher risk of home cooks using expired items.

    1. Ok, I have updated with a close up photo of the mutton Varuval for you. I like it because not that spicy and the mutton n spices taste is very nice together. 😋

      Ya Homecooked need to buy from reputable people. This one is recommended by PH so should be reputable. 👍

    2. Haha tq! I like those which are cooked till dry.

    3. You are welcome! This mutton Varuval I would consider as the dry type, right?

    4. I prefer them even drier than this.

    5. This is very dry already. If lagi dry then is like mutton jerky already.