Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Agedashi Tofu

On Wednesday 17.aug.22, we stayed home all day and did 24 hours water fasting from the previous day 5.30 pm to the current day 5.30 pm and then eat one meal of the day. He suggested salmon without rice and miso soup so I bought the following food items from Ginza Sushi Sri Petaling.

Salmon Shioyaki, chawanmushi, miso soup with lots of seaweed and agedashi Tofu.

Agedashi Tofu is deep fried tofu which is crispy outside and silky smooth inside with seaweed toppings served in a sauce made of mirin, dashi, and shoyu.

3.23 pm - received the food in good order, no spillage because they were wrapped nicely with cling film.

The packaging.

Ordered from Ginza Sushi Sri Petaling via Foodpanda delivery.

Used TEN promo code to get MYR 10 nett off the total price.


  1. Wow got strong willpower to complete the water fasting.

    1. When all we do is stay at home, it is quite easy to complete 24 hours water fasting.