Thursday, August 18, 2022

De Fresh Market Sri Petaling

On Thursday 18.aug.22, went to Golden Chopsticks coffee shop and 126 Kopitiam to buy lunch for the Elderlies and ourselves.

11.53 am - his chapfan lunch MYR 6.50 from Golden Chopsticks coffee shop consisting of a little rice, broccoli+cauliflower, potatoes chicken and omelette. Two packs of chapfan lunch for the Elderlies cost MYR 15 nett.

11.53 am - I bought 4 braised eggs, celery+cauliflower and okra MYR 9 from 126 Kopitiam and one brandless double salted egg yolk red bean mooncake MYR 13 nett because the previous one that I bought tastes very nice. I finally finished eating the mutton Varuval received on Sunday 7.aug.22 which is 11 days ago.

I wanted to buy a slice of pineapple but the fruit stall is closed so I bought using Foodpanda from De Fresh Market Sri Petaling.

Total price of about MYR 23 after discount because free pandapro delivery needs the order to be above MYR 25 nett.

Price for each individual item. Used Allday promocode to get about 25% off. Salad B is supposed to be strawberry, honey melon, blueberry and kiwi but they replaced the kiwi with green grapes.

All the packets of fruit which we will eat for 2 days. Quality is acceptable although the two bananas are over riped. I am surprised to see a small tub of lemon syrup with salad B. I don't need the syrup because the fruits are sweet.

The packaging. There are separate bags inside this red plastic bag.


  1. I seldom buy pre-cut fruits. I prefer to buy whole fruits and cut the fruits myself.

    1. Ya, better to cut at home but for people who lives alone, it is difficult to eat a whole watermelon by oneself so that is the main function of pre cut fruit stall, to cater for people who cannot eat one whole fruit by oneself for one whole week. Or for those who would like to eat a cup of many types of fruit at one time.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I do. I am eating eggs for protein since I don't eat that much meat.