Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sweet Potatoes

On Wednesday 10.aug.22, stayed home and ordered just one food delivery for the whole day.

*** Steam Sweet Potatoes ***

On Sunday 7.aug.22, bought two types of sweet potatoes from Pandamart because I felt like eating steamed sweet potatoes. The purple sweet potatoes have pale yellow flesh when cooked and are sweet with a fragrant ginger taste. The orange sweet potatoes have orange flesh and is just sweet with sweet potatoes taste. There were 5 each so we steamed them in 3 batches of 4,3,3; one batch per day for 3 days. Which type of sweet potatoes do you prefer?

There are 5 sweet potatoes for this discounted price so it is About MYR 1 for one. He prefers this purple sweet potatoes.

This orange sweet potatoes also cost about MYR 1 per piece as there are 5 pieces. It is healthier to steam them to eat as rice replacement than to boil them in watered down syrup as tong sui.

*** His Lunch and Dinner ***

Used Shopeefood delivery to buy nasi lemak chicken rendang for lunch and ala carte chicken potato curry for dinner from tradisi Kopitiam. He added okra into the chicken potato curry and ate them with rice.

10.38 am - the packaging. I ate some of the rendang gravy and felt that I prefer the taste of mutton Varuval and Methi Baingan to the sweet and creamy taste of rendang.


  1. i also prefer mutton/chicken varuval than the sweeter taste rendang.

  2. Ah I also felt like eating sweet potatoes and justtt ordered from Lotus's. I find the Japanese type is usually good while the orange ones depend on luck. But why yours has ginger fragrance? Haha.

    1. Lotus is previously Tesco, right? It just have a bit of nice ginger fragrance when freshly steamed. After put in the fridge, no more ginger taste. Guess it is a genetic thing for that purple skin sweet potatoes.

    2. Ya ya Tesco. Lotus's is so difficult to say.