Thursday, August 4, 2022

NoBrand Mooncake

On Thursday 4.aug.22, went out to Golden Chopsticks and 126 Kopitiam coffee shop to buy food for the Elderlies and ourselves.

*** Red Bean Double Yolk ***

3 pm - bought one red bean double yolk mooncake MYR 13 from 126 Kopitiam coffee shop and a mooncake dough pastry at MYR 3 and I saw a similar one at golden Chopstick coffee shop selling for MYR 2.40 nett. There is no brand name and no info on the packaging so I don't know who made the mooncake.

3.04 pm - cross section. I think the salted egg yolk is from a chicken and not a duck. I like the taste of the red bean fillings.

I just asked the seller, does this pastry have fillings and the reply is yes. I didn't ask what fillings. Turned out that the filling is shreds of coconut flesh with pandan flavour. Hahahaha 🤣😂 I am not used to this type of fillings in a mooncake dough pastry.

*** 126 Kopitiam Sri Petaling ***

11.38 am - bought some veges only from the chap fan stall at 126 Kopitiam to be eaten with the the previous day remaining biryani rice : brinjal, okra, celery, cauliflower and one braised egg at MYR 6 net.

Also bought:
1. Wanton noodles small portion MYR 7.50
2. Hainan char drink hot MYR 3.30
3. Soybar cold soy pudding x 2 x MYR 4

*** Ho Family Kitchen eatery ***
1. Egg tart x 2 x MYR 2.50
2. Siew Bao x 2 x MYR 2.50

*** Golden Chopsticks ***

11.30 am - his lunch of the chapfan veges he just bought and from the fridge, the siew yuk and basmati rice. He bought 3 packs of chapfan at a total of MYR 20 for the Elderlies and himself and a pack of iced cham at MYR 3 nett.

Also bought:
1. Two slices of papaya MYR 2 each
2. Two slices of pineapple MYR 2 each
3. One pack of 5 jackfruit seeds MYR 3.50 per pack


  1. You started on mooncakes already. :)

    I saw them at TK bakery at over rm20. Didn't buy any yet.

    1. Hahahaha, yes, impulse buy when I saw it. This year I will just buy budget mooncakes.

  2. Not sure going to buy any mooncakes this year. One piece is so expensive. Wonder anyone sending mooncake gift this year?? Lol.

    Good to see you were enjoying the mooncake. Red bean mooncake is the cheapest, I noticed. Other like mixed nuts, etc over RM23 here

    1. This is unbrand mooncake so MYR 13 is supposed to be budget price already. I am sure you will receive mooncake gift. Yes among all the different fillings, red bean has the lowest price.

  3. Yes, I have seen mooncakes on sale. Yesterday I was tempted to buy a mooncake to try but resisted.

    1. Good that you can tahan from buying the mooncake.